Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyone Will Like This. Green, Lib, Conservative. They'll Love It. Triple Guaranteed.

Thorium Fueled Molten Salt Reactor Produces Practically No Radioactive Waste. Meltdown Almost Impossible.

Very Short Easy to Read Article With All the Juicy Details.

But How About Solar ?  Ok, Here Ya Go. Another Molten Salt Based Power Plant that requires what seems like Nothing for infrastructure.  And certainly equal to or less than the footprint for traditional solar panels or wind farms.  What's not to like?

Why do I think the libs will find a way to be unhappy about these fantastic solutions?  I have no problem with Green.  I don't like pollution.  I think pollution is responsible for many cancers.  I think everyone I know who has died in the last 20 years has died of cancer.  What I don't care for are ridiculously expensive non-solutions or the idea that Jimmy Buffet may have to relocate from the Florida Keys.

Finally, some reasonable potential solutions.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Obama Has Fantastic Plan For the Economy !


Paraphrasing here, he says "We need to invent some shit...and sell it!"

In other news, even if we do invent some shit and try to sell it, the unions will cause it to be priced out of the market so China will make the shit and sell it to us instead.
I could do this all day.  Every day.  Every day since 1-23-2009.  But I simply don't want to put that much Imbecile into my life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I haven't posted much about obama and I don't intend to, but the man is the definition of pathetic.  He oozes pathetic.

I haven't compiled a list and I won't.  There is no need to.  I simply wait for something to show up in the accomplishment column and because it hasn't then it is easy to recognize everything else is a screw-up.

I don't even read things that come from the White House, the White House spokesman, or any of his idiotic, corrupt, criminal, evil, incompetent, or just plain clownish cabinet and administration members and appointees to the Supreme Court.  If I'm scanning the news, and I see White House or any connection to the White House, I just immediately move on.  It's 100% Bullshit. Guaranteed.  This is the first time I've ever felt this way about anything.

In fact, Obama is Bullshit and his entire life is Bullshit.  he has no accomplishments, his time at Harvard was an affirmative action Bullshit operation and he slid or was pushed through on minimum grade, did some time as a Bullshit community organizer (whatever that is), was propelled with Chicago money and a supporting cast into being a Senator where he voted 'Present' 99% of the time, and ran for President the entire two years he was classified as a Senator.  Is there anything here that isn't Bullshit?  he's never worked an honest day in his life.  his entire life is Bullshit.  he's plastic, fake, not real.

Not only does he not have any experience with the Military, he knows Jack Zero about the military.  Someone had to teach him how to salute because the first few times they had him on camera getting on Marine One, he looked like a stoned hippie trying to salute.  He doesn't respect the flag or any of America's traditions.  He goes through the motions for a few minutes on Memorial Day for example, which honors Millions of Americans who gave their life for America, me, you, him, his wife, and daughters, then runs off to play golf.

Apparently, none of this means anything to the: Blacks (who will vote for him again), the Dumbass kids who don't know the Progressive Agenda is the Communist Agenda, the Union people who are weak and dependent and in fear of losing their mob enforced parasitic raping of Capitalism, The Serial Dumbocrats, Some number of old people who are as dumb as rocks, and various assorted other weak and dependent parasites who cannot afford to care what kind of slime slithers in and out of the White House.  Or how about people like Jon Stewart who actually said he thought "Obama would clean up Washington!"  Mind of a Child !

Add to this, his cast of characters who almost never say anything righteous, true, or in America's interest such as Jay Carney the WH spokesman spouting a bunch of Bullshit, or 
Eric Holder denying that Radical Islam exists and that Maj Hasan of Ft Hood islamic mania mass murder while screaming Kahluha Snackbar Fame - Might have been motivated by it.  

Or (sorry to bring the lesbian moose up) Janet, the most incompetent head of DHS that will ever hold the position, canceling travel to Mexico (until someone called and told her to stfu 5 minutes later) because of the swine flu, or telling us The System Worked when the underwear bomber Got Through Security and onto a plane heading for the US. WTF System would that be you freaking Moron?  Or that our borders have never been more secure !  Maybe she's talking about a different country, or Planet for that matter.  In fact, she hasn't said anything ever that made the least fucking sense.  Can you imagine working Under this Nobel prize winner of the excrement for brains moron award ?
How about Sotomayor, who has had 65% of the cases she ruled on that went to the SC for review, overturned.  And jeez .. kagan who has no judicial experience whatsoever.

It would be hilarious if it was funny.

obama has not said or did one thing in the 3.5 years since he came on the world stage that I find acceptable or agree with.  Nothing !

Point me to an obama accomplishment.

Needless to say, No One is going to prosecute this guy for his forged BC or any number of other things that he's done that might be grounds for impeachment.  So we're stuck with the sucker.

I mean it's insane isn't it?

Pathetic is all you can say.  It's the Nicest thing you can say about these jackals.


Monday, June 20, 2011

oblabber to Announce Troop Withdrawls From Afghanistan


Post canceled since oblabber didn't put out any hard numbers for Afghanistan troop departure.  Other than 2014 and he won't be in control then.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Debt ! The Spending ! Oh No !

All the standard issue republican seems to talk about is the debt. And the spending.  And what they call Entitlement programs.

  • Welfare is an entitlement program.  
  • Medicaid maybe not so much entitlement as humane activity.
  •  Wick amounts to paying lazy women to pop out kids like pieces of toast into zero opportunity crime infested, single mother, no father environments.  Paying for child abuse.
  • Social Security is Not an entitlement program when you're talking about sending checks to people like me who have been paying into it all their lives, and will never get a return on investment on it  if I live to be 90 something.
But these aren't my main points.  My main point is that the standard issue republican thinks all we need to do is reduce debt and spending.  To me when I hear them say these things it's like I'm hearing a coke addict say "I need to find a way to pay my rent.."  Don't buy coke for a week or so?  "Well, no, that's a non-starter..."

So what if we reduce debt and spending.  The Dems will be back in power before long if they even lose it and start right back up where they left off.  And it wasn't like GW Bush was a spend thrift.  Saddling us with Medicare Drug and the TSA, more useless than any liberal department ever devised and one that attacks our liberties when we have to walk past them to go somewhere.

Please, if you understand this, Don't write your lying sack of **** Senator and demand they do XYZ because they'll just say that's what they're gonna do.   Just hum the Battle Hymn of the Republic with a smile on your face until 2012 comes along and vote for Michele Bachmann.   She has the cure of rolling back Liberalism, not simply the drugs (reducing debt and spending) that mask the disease.

Now That's My Kind of Action !!!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Michele Bachmann Post Script

May I respectfully ask people to refrain from negativity such as saying "Gee, I wonder if she is electable" and putting doubts in the minds of fence sitters.  She IS electable.  By being elected again in 2010 after pelosi declared war on her, SHE IS ELECTABLE.  

Thank you.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Michele Bachmann !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just saw this at Conservative Girl

This is the comment I left there which I've spruced up a little.

I will vote for Michele Bachmann in a second. I wish I could vote for her 100 million times.

Michelle is the only one who has even suggested rolling back the liberal agenda. She wants to start by dissolving the Federal Dept of Education - An Abject Failure, just like all liberal departments and programs.

Folks if we don't roll back liberalism, which we haven't done Ever, the Dems WILL get in again in 4,8 or 12 years and just pick up where they left off. And that's assuming this large weak dependent percentage of population we have doesn't put Obama back in office. Not even Ronald Reagan (OK, Dem congress, but still) did not roll back a single abject failure liberal program or department.

In my opinion, this is our last chance.

I would LOVE to see Michele pick Allen West (or a couple others I could name) to be her Vice President.

Can you imagine Dumb and Dumber being replaced by an Ultra-American like Michele Bachmann and someone else with probably the best bead on reality that I've seen in a while - Allen West ? Wow.

Ok, I said I'm not going to blabber on about the election of 2012, but Michele Bachman entering the race is an obvious exception.

Update: And Another great post about Michele at American Perspective. Michele is politically exciting. I hope she stays in the pole position.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Save The Planet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My personal take on global warming as an issue boils down to government’s (foreign and domestic) desire to create a new tax avenue. Because they spend money like drunken 15 year olds with no limit credit cards, a coke monkey on their back, and virtually no motivation to provide a return on investment because they’ll be out of politics at some point and set for life, they constantly need new tax revenue ideas.
If your name is oblabber, you even get bodyguards for life.
So, they raise the price on all things energy – to discourage excessive use of same so as to reduce the carbon footprints don’t ya know, which results in:
  • more money flowing to the federal government
  • an increase in the price of everything else, which has the added benefit (to afore mentioned bastards) of increasing the state and local taxes collected since retail sales taxes are a percentage of price
  • tens of millions of people starving all over the undeveloped and developing world because the price of food and energy becomes out of reach. This is already happening to some extent.
“Teh Science”
  • forget the science. None of it is provable one way or the other
  • since global warming hasn’t been proven to a level adhering to the Scientific Method it is a fools game to argue ‘teh science’ with GW believers about as much as it is to argue the science relative to 9-11 and the crashing World Trade Center towers
  • science itself has not progressed to the point that the Earth’s climate can be forecasted 6 months out let alone 20, 40, 80 or 100 years out like the GW people insist on doing and believing. Scientists have told us every year for the past several years that “this year will be a year resulting in many major Hurricanes”. Apparently, they’re full of crap because it has not come to pass for year after recent year.
  • it’s worth mentioning that the whole issue of GW has been politicized to the point that most liberals/dems have bought into it hook, line and sinker, and most conservatives/republicans reject it because of all the conflicts with logic. Why is that? I would offer that either intentionally or by accident the democrats have discovered that if they want to sell something to their followers all they have to do is associate it with the opposition. Hitler invented that btw. In this case, GWBush didn’t sign Kyoto, Kyoto is associated with the GW nonsense, therefore We (if we’re liberals with Bush Derangement Syndrome) Support Global Warming because it reinforces our defective behavior and feeds our delicious hatred for GWB. Anything they can associate with GWB or those domestic terrorist bastard Conservatives are Candy for us! Count us in! We are On Board ! Yum !
The endgame
  • Just for fun, let’s say these people are right as rain. All the ice melts at the poles, and the oceans do rise to the point of affecting people living near a beach. So What ! Massive numbers of people are affected All The Time by: Tornado, Flood, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, often without much if any warning. The people living near the ocean should bend down and kiss their own butt and say thank you for the decades of warning being given to them to move 20 feet higher above sea level.
  • What exactly will committing massive genocide by inflating food and energy prices have on global warming ? What could we spend our time, energy and resources on that would actually have a Positive effect instead of a Genocide effect?
  • In the end, a hundred years from now, whatever they do or don’t do will have resulted in ‘Saving the Planet’ from the evil GW Bush opposing global warmings. Hell, this is such a “beautiful SCAM”, they could keep this going for centuries.
    • the oceans didn’t rise because we taxed the shit out of everyone and distributed the loot worldwide.
    • the weather is freezing, cold, lukewarm, warm, hot, blazingly hot – because we beat global warmings
    • all those people died because... actually no one died as a result of GW activity. Nothing to see here folks, move along.
    • Even though the evil republicans stood in the way every inch of the way, the power of liberalism was too much for them to resist and We Won !

Monday, June 6, 2011

Fox News is Part of The Problem

Fox News claims to be fair and balanced.  Right there I’ve got a problem with it.   If we’re talking about simple differences of opinion, then fine, but we are not. We are talking Capitalism vs. Socialism as the issue at hand in America on a serious level since LBJ was in office.  Pick a side and get on it – Passionately and let’s see who wins this thing because both concepts cannot coexist and Capitalism remain healthy. 

I maintain Capitalism at the Micro level is working but at the Macro level in the USA, it is not.  It has morphed into Crony Capitalism at the macro level.

As an example of crony capitalism, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, supporting Barack Obama, the most far left individual we’ve had in a position of power ever.  For monetary and power based personal and company gain.  Banks don’t need liberalism or socialism, so why the big support.  Ditto GE and many others.

It is my opinion that Fox News maintains high levels of political and issue Hyper-Speak to maintain its ratings, add to the divisiveness in the USA, using that emotion to sell itself, it’s commentators, books, and all the rest.  It is playing us the same way the Dems do, under the illusion of presenting the Conservative side.  If they really wanted to do that, they’d spend some time looking at issues and explaining why or how a conservative approach to an issue would be helpful or a better solution.  People get No exposure to capitalist concepts in school and haven’t for decades.  If Fox, like any other medium, wants to call itself a news channel,  its job is to inform the public.  Seems there is little of that going on.  It all seems to be some adolescent side show of “he said this, they said that”, the liberals are squawk squawk squawk.   That gets through to nobody.

News is 90% opinion these days, and maybe has been since the news channels went 24 hours a day.  There isn’t 24 hours worth of news in a day, so what else could they fill up the rest of the time with?  If Fox wants to display the other side, then it needs to have calm, unemotional presenters who lay out the case on the issues of the day.   It certainly doesn’t do that.  No one does.  Hannity – emotional – O’Riley – emotional, Sheppard Smith – circus act.  Liberals brought on to the show are easy unintellectual targets and do nothing to counter the liberal case with the conservative case.

We’re all being played.  The media, the politicians, the organizations, groups and others asking for our support or money. The Heritage foundation – someone convince me sending them $100 will have the slightest impact on anything.  All nonsense, all used to control and shear the sheep.  That would be us.  Especially those of us working and paying taxes.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Should Medical School be Free ?


An opinion piece at the NYT by another women (Tara Parker-Pope) who just can't seem to decide what name she wants to go by. Hers? Her Husbands? Both? Yea, let's do both. Like driving in two lanes at once because We just can't decide.

Anyway, According to her and a couple brainless idiots who call themselves physicians, it will fix the entire health care system ! Yippeee !

But wait:
- Nothing is Free. Someone has to pay for it. I guess that would be those 'evil rich people' who spend all their time screwing up the environment and denying a fantastic life to people who just want to sit on their ass all day doing nothing.

- Why just free Medical School ? Doesn't this country have other problems that engineers and other highly educated people could solve?? Hmmm? Free College for Everyone ! Right ?

- And do we really believe that if some half-motivated hippie that can go to university for free will be just as freaking motivated as someone who is forking out 150k or more of their future hard earned money to become a medical professional ? How'd you like to have Joy Behr or Whoopi working on you while you are off in never-never land just because they had the opportunity to get a Free degree?  Yet, this is exactly what Oblabbercare calls for as an aside. Yep, they want to fill the medical profession with a diverse group of people.  That would be people who aren't Freakin Qualified btw, since if they were, they'd already be IN the profession.

And don't tell me that the 'standards' will maintain the capability of the people in the system because that is Already out the window!  Yes, public union positions such as Police Officers, EMT's and others responsible for your emergency welfare have been degraded by having Diversity forced upon them.  I listened to a police officer in Cincinnati testify that he had to promote 7 members of a "diverse group" into the force, and when he tried to explain that 7 out of the 8 he had to work with were functionally Illiterate, he was told to make it happen.
Don't think it won't happen in any field that deals with people's lives.

Ok, so the article is bad enough, but hey it's by one individual and 2 highly suspect 'physicians'.  Not a large deal.  But here's the problem.  Read through the comments. Most of the people commenting think this is a fantastic idea and none of the problems I've described above will occur to them for probably another 50 years or until they actually need medical service and draw the Whoopi doctor from the pool of freely educated professionals.

The intelligence level, and the totally Non-existent capacity for critical thought of people coming out of the education system of America (generally speaking) is nightmarish.

It's not going to get better anytime soon.  It's going to get worse. Much worse.

Ps - Buy Gold.  Especially you Fredd.