Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ok, I gotta Say Something

The Department of Defense released 146 more photos from the controversial Air Force One flyover that caused thousands of New Yorkers to panic in April.

Why would anyone panic, let alone thousands of them, at the sight of a 747 flying low over New York City.

I might be concerned that the thing might be piloted into some building, but if I'm on the street or even in a building and can see the aircraft, I'm not going to 'panic'. It's absurd.

The hinge pin of the story is that it was flying low.

- If it's flying low, you can surely see it is Air Force One. The fact that a fighter jet would be there should seem natural. And if you can't recognize Air Force One, you should be living in some other country.
- The aircraft that hit the towers were flying at 500 mph. This thing was going 200 at best.
- I would have laughed at anyone I saw acting 'panicked'.

I resist the idea that anyone should have 'informed the public' that Air Force One was going to be flying around for photo ops. If you're going to beat on Obama, great; he deserves it, but this nonsense will make you about as credible as 'panicked' Liberals during the Bush years.


  1. It was a silly story anyway.

    This one, however, is bound to stoke the conspiracy fires.

  2. Thank you Dr Dave.

    That's unbelievable. Yet it is believable.
    Wow. I'll sure be reading any terms of agreement on any .gov site from now on.

    But you know, you get right down to it; God knows what a variety of programs do on your PC that regularly access the net, like anti-virus.
    And as I thought when the whole PC thing went mainstream - 'Isn't it interesting how all these virus/internet security companies were ready to go from day one.'

    Though I can see how malicious software could have easily been forecasted, it is kinda hard to believe that these companies would be fully funded and staffed and with software written on the idea of sitting back waiting for pimple faced teenagers to start writing viruses.

    Point being, it wouldn't surprise me the virus folks are the ones who got the whole virus thing going to create that business model for themselves and the dysfunctional vandals hopped on afterwards.