Monday, August 30, 2021

Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired Tired....

Unavoidable language within.

Wife had Fox on over dinner.  First one of the women presenters, then Tucker.

They went down the line through everyone at the top and everyone, civilian or military that totally screwed over America and patriotic Americans, many of whom, regardless of Jen saying no, are still in Afghanistan.  

At one point one of the feckless generals, after saying the Americans would all be out, then saying that they didn't make it to the airport in time for the "last plane".   Maybe it's because after biden's goon squad gave the taliban their names they've been hunted down and killed.  Seems Likely. Who Knows.  We will probably never know.

Meanwhile Afghans, one a documented prior deported rapist is back here for more party time, none of them with the ability to speak English as translators would be able to do, and free to disperse into America at will have been flown here as a priority.

The presenters frequently pointing out the legal courses of procedure that the democrats completely ignored with glee. 

We all know all the details...........  Is there any other single time in American history where it is obvious - IMMEDIATELY - to everyone with a brain that the democrats not only don't give a fuck about you, they tell you to your face 24 hours a day (thanks cable news) to go fuck yourself while lying constantly like a 3 year old with both hands in the jar.

Then to add further insult Tucker tells us America cannot stand for this.

Well to the point of this.. Who is it actually that is going to 'do something'.  Eh? And what might 'they' actually do?

Here is my message to the American Government until further notice.  This includes the feckless repubblekins.


Saturday, August 21, 2021

I Know a Young Lady, Living in California,

Who Must be Absolutely Flying in a Blue Dream after 2 women news anchors on CNN actually criticized Biden yesterday....

Let's Celebrate.

Joe's Rhythm Guy sure plays clean don't he.

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

News !

Finally, someone is teaching the important stuff ! 

After speaking to idiots in the Biden administration, Taliban agrees to include an equal number of females to males in their official meetings.  The females will serve as belly dancing entertainers.

CNN journalist claims taliban guys chanting "Death to America" are very friendly and handsome, looking forward to her date with Ahmed.   Taliban ravaging through Kabul collecting women and young girls to enslave and use for sex slaves.

Biden states thousands of Americans currently awaiting outbound flights from Afghanistan can go suck eggs while ordering Pentagon to pack aircraft returning to Afghanistan with body bags suitable for burial at sea.

DeBlasio to pay 1,000 a month to young men involved in lethal firearm offenses.  Also states that anyone without a criminal record transporting a firearm to a shooting range will be given a life sentence with hard labor.

IRS provides all personal details of any and all Americans who have filed a tax return to taliban so their identities can be stolen.

Biden converts to islam so he can legally marry an infinite number of females of any age.  Biden goes on personal tour of kindergartens and pre-schools and advises staff not to wait for him to come back.

Western US empties all rivers and lakes, including Great Lakes to remain hydrated, leaving Eastern US a barren wasteland.  People in the North and East understandably upset.  Black dudes switch from selling cocaine and fentanyl to running lemonade stands.

Every intelligence analyst and military person above the rank of Specialist, as well as everyone the world over cannot believe the speed at which Afghanistan fell to the Taliban.
Meanwhile, Chloe Sshwartz, a 3rd grader at "MLK-Diversity-Coexist-LGBlabla" grade school in Anytown, USA says she knew all along that the "Afghan Army" would immediately toss down their weapons and run for their lives.  "DUH, Whaddya Stupid?" she asked our reporter on scene.

I guess so Chloe, I guess so.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Just Some of the News Out There Today..

Micro-thin plastic bags being banned in stores everywhere. All products now required to be encased in heavy plastic for transport out of store.

CDC plans to use the names of Constellations for Covid variants once they run out of Greek letters. After that they will use the names of cars and trucks.  When they get to Winnebego, look out as that will be the granddaddy of them all.

Transgender sex robots, the newest and most popular items from Japan, are committing suicide by plugging themselves into 220 volt outlets.  Cause being investigated.  Owners advised to block outlets.

Social Media companies unable to define what community they are talking about when they cite community standards.

Major earthquake in Haiti.  EMTs called to clinton households.  Entire Clinton's family members passing out and falling over in anticipation of the huge amounts of donation money for their offshore personal accounts that idiots will send them.  Remember - Send Cash.

U.S. Citizenship no longer required for many LA County government jobs.  Biden expected to follow suit for all federal government positions, according to experts.

Social Security checks to increase by 38% in 2022.  (Gas, food, energy, and housing prices to rise 44%)

New Reality show: Supreme Court decisions now being made by Muppet characters.

US Citizens everywhere are complaining about having too much freedom.  Makes them nervous they say.   Government agrees and is working on plans to alleviate the situation.

Mothers Having Fits Over Home Schooling All Across America

Lucille for example has two daughters 7 and 8 and decided it was time to start sex education so she got them attentive and started talking about the birds and the bees.  

She soon realized she'd have to talk about bees wanting to be birds, birds dressing like bees, bees dressing like birds, birds thinking they were frogs, bees getting changed into salamanders...
After a couple minutes, she just exclaimed "Aw Screw It !"

The girls said "Oh, we know what that is".

Lucille breathed a sigh of relief and continued on with a math lesson.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

Jackie Mason Left us Recently at 93.

Funny guy. 

Let me just say, I'm not Jewish but I've been accused of it.

If you think you might like his act there's lots of it on youtube.

Now that I've watched a bunch, I think Bill Burr got some of his ideas from Mr Mason.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Whas Up

Well in my opinion ....

First off, outside of certain individuals, I don't believe anyone gives a damn about anyone else.  I really don't think you'd find a single person who cares whether someone in Gary, Indiana gets Covid and dies.  The people I most especially am convinced that don't care about anyone are those on the left. 


Like sociopaths (most of them are), the only time they say anything that suggests they might care about someone else is when they want something.  In this case, there are many examples of them spewing their 'care' BS to push and support the left's agenda - which is communism when you get down to it.  Specifically, they want government in control of all business and very much more involved in people's personal lives - People Control, something their mental state allows them to think they'll be immune from.  Imagine.

This is what we're dealing with.  Giving them 'the truth' would be a complete waste of time, outside of some young people who are still receptive to information presented to them, the rest are goners.   They don't want to hear it and if CNN started going all conservative, they'd turn it off and go elsewhere.

2)  I have to reflect on my experiences over the last 68 years.  For most of that time, I remember it and believe it to have been very non-political.  I sure was so maybe a little bias there.  Sure, politicians were stealing and laundering money and spouting BS any time they had the chance.  Also this was the time of the 6 and 11 O'clock "news".  Only so much BS can be sprayed on the public in only 2 out of every 24 hours.  And no internet so you couldn't even browse to abuse yourself.

We morphed into 24/7/365 news and opinion that lots of people like to tune into.  

This has brought a lot more politics into people's lives.  Politicians see this and this has motivated them to spew BS at ever increasing rates and amounts for various reasons, mostly Self-preservation and getting re-elected in order to steal and launder more money   Honestly, how many times would you have heard - have shoved down your throat in fact, some politician spewing their BS at you in 1980. How many people in 1980 would have even heard what the senate majority leader, let alone individual congress critters had to say about Anything?

Not many. Americans were going about their lives, mostly unfilled or influenced by this constant political BS spewing environment we find ourselves in for a while now, building up to fever pitch over the last 20 years and especially the last 10.  

The politicians are afraid of us because they know how evil they are.  This is a feedback cycle that motivates them to want to have ever increasing amounts of control over us.

There is No Where to go to get away from it.  Everyone who is talked about in sports is making political statements.  Ditto education, entertainment, and any genre that lots of people expose themselves to.

This is not good.  It's not healthy and I believe it is going to have detrimental long term effects on everyone, most especially young people.  Only the individual geniuses who have solid upbringing will have any chance of surviving it.  

This is why the country is toast.  And if that wasn't enough, it is also clear we have no justice department, or government that must abide by the laws in place. Therefore, what Mechanism do we have in place to keep the government in Check ?  

This singular concept is the very basis for the foundation of America - keeping the government in check and we no longer have the means to make that happen.  It's gone.

They're forcing an experimental vaccine on the entire population against every legal definition of American Freedom and everything from the medical community to private businesses are hopping the bandwagon. "Get vaccinated or you can't work here." 

If they accomplish this, what next?  What will everyone have to do next? What kind of evil Simon says bullshit is next?  We could look like China in two shakes (I'm thinking 2 decades but who knows - when civilizations fall, they fall fast)

Again, Why all this BS?  If you are vaccinated I'm not a threat to you. If I'm not vaccinated, you don't care if I die or not so what's the problem?  And you (the government pushing this) Clearly does not care beyond a shadow of a doubt because they are bringing in millions across the border who likely have Covid and shipping them into the population.  In fact, while they're in custody, they being housed in close quarters to the point that Covid will almost surely spread to everyone there before the gov ships them out to anytown USA.

Well, let me leave you with this.