Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

All the best to all our best on this Memorial Day weekend. Thanks to a whole lot of you, we had Ribs on the grill yesterday. Cole slaw, garlic mashed, corn, and an adult beverage. This is what you all fought for, and I want you to know you made it
happen for me and family, and everyone all across America, and some other places around the world actually - at least so far into 2010 here in the USA.

Thank You.

Russia Uses Small Tactical Nukes to Seal Oil Well Leaks

under the waves.

We should be doing the same thing like last month.

Now they're saying it may continue leaking until August. WTF? The bastard obama and his administration are purposely making this a disaster - for a purpose, which I continue to believe is the takeover of the entire energy complex so that this money is also routed through DC.

Think of all the punks walking around that vote for democrats because 'they're for the environment". Makes me want to puke into their open mouths.
Was that a little too strong? :)

Update: 6-1, Well geologists supposedly have concluded that the geology of the site combined with the nuclear option would create many more leaks since the rock structure would fracture. How convenient. Or maybe true, who the hell knows. In any case this situation is chock full of BS.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thought I'd Wrap Up This Current Chet Obsession

with a fun tune he recorded with Mark Knopfler of Dire Straights off of an album he made with Mark called Neck and Neck. Chet on his album - Almost Alone - wrote a song called A Little Mark Music which is dedicated to Mark.

They toss jabs at each other while Chet laments how he could have made tons more money playing in a rock band.

Chet, in his later recordings brought players he admired who wanted to record with him like Mark and George Benson and a few others, into his recording studio at home and cut some nice albums. Chet recorded most of his stuff at home in his studio in the morning from stories I've heard. There sure is a lot of great stuff that's not on youtube. Too bad.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chet Live in 1964 in Oslo, Norway.

If you don't have the time, slide it over to the 6.10 mark..

Notice all the guys wearing dinner jackets and ties.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Chet Snowstorm

If it's not classical it should be.
DeanO, talk about no flubbed notes.
This was played on a Gretsch 6120

Update: I can't find the exact album cover, even thought I own the album courtesy of inheritance from my Dad, but Fwiw, this picture is on the cover and the album was called Fingerstyle Guitar. There are some great old tunes on it. Moonlight Serenade, Petite Waltz, Malaguena and others all played flawlessly.

Yes, it's Adolescent

but one way we can fight back against these social misfit mental midgets being stuffed into our lives for their Lifetime! is to make them a victim of popular slang.

Like with Kagan. When someone does something really stupid, you point to them and say, Dude, You just pulled a Kagan! Or when someone gets kicked between the legs, you say "Man, he just got kicked in the Kagans". Or "Man I'll bet that hurts as much as being kicked in the Kagans".

Or if you observe anything being done in a really stupid fashion, it was done in the Kagan fashion. "What a Freakin Kagan!"

Or substitute the name of any of these assholes we've been stuck with.

Include obama, because just like jimmy carter, he has Kaganed up so much stuff, we'll be paying for it throughout our lifetime.
Update: IS it adolescent ? The obvious critique I would expect is "Kid, why do you want to stoop to their level?"
But are we doing that here, or are we simply entering the debate. Like the high level libs - like that head of DHS (Janet) creature that thus far defies description for incompetence says "Conservatives, Especially those giving their all in service to our country should be carefully watched as potential Domestic Terrorists". Conservatives in general should be considered racist, armed and dangerous, potential domestic terrorists and all around nasty critters.
Well, if we say nothing, then maybe the kids come along and say, well, they don't protest so maybe it's all true. Versus, tit for tat and some kid with brain activity wonders "Gee who is right here?" Kids with no active brain are going to be mind-numbed robot kool-aid drinkers regardless.
The specific strategy and tactic are up for debate but the need for the strategy and tactic is not. The RNC is business as usual as far as I can see, and that Ain't Gonna Cut It. I actually put LOLs and some real constructive criticism on their plea for money. They haven't sent me one in a long while now.

The Anti-Liberal politicians, regardless what they call themselves had better start defining the current events and dangers in terms even morons (aka liberals) can understand, because John McCain stating "We haven't done That since Herbert Hoover was in office" is less than a useless thing to say. Quite specifically, it requires your audience to know more than Jack about American history, and today's voters do Not. obama does not understand or know American history. He cannot possibly. His racism would never allow such information to get past 20 years of Rev "G-Damn America" Wright mentoring.
Mrs obama? Please...A joke in designer clothes at best. What message does she send blacks wishing to get ahead strutting around in $5000 tennis shoes and having 22 personal assistants. Michelle, can you not figure out what to say or do to have a positive impact on America after your years at Princeton? Do you really need 22 assistants to tell you what to think? Apparently.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

This is a Lot More than Socialism

When the Dems in Congress get up and give the rat bastard Mexican president a standing ovation for lecturing us on our resistance to take in all his trash free of charge, with the American people footing the entire bill, and many individual Americans the victims of heinous crimes as well as accusing us of being the problem with our insatiable appetite for drugs, there is much more going on than a socialist agenda.

What kind of shit for brains do you have to have to get up and cheer some asshole like this who tears at your own country and its tax paying citizens in very real negative ways. Maybe if the family members of these congressional toadstools were victim. Unreal, but then they've been exceeding themselves in anti-Americanism and anti-Intelligence since Jan 22, 2009. They are completely gone.

This is a lot more than socialism. This is the destruction of America in progress.

(Yes, of course there are many Mexicans who simply want to work and make a better life for themselves. Fine, go through the channels.)

Seriously, Let's just go pick them up on buses and take them directly to DC, New Jersey and all the other illegal friendly spots. Let's take them by the tens of thousands. I just saw on the 'news' Princeton and the area are giving them some sort of kangaroo ID card. Fine, let's haul thousands up there and make sure there are plenty of rapists, murders, kidnappers, muggers, and hard core drug dealers.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scientists Create Cell Based on Man-Made Genetic Instructions


This can't be good in my opinion. It will lead to perversion of life on a massive scale. Liberals will love the idea.

As an aside, hypothetically imagine if life on Earth was created by assholes like us. You can bet once this technology is running and we are capable of colonizing other worlds, we will try our hand at it. It'll be a while.

In the meantime, it's the same story as clones. Are they really people ? Or will they be created just to be medical (and any other use) slaves for those who can afford them.

It'll be a while in either case, but I can't imagine anything good will come of it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For Opus # 6 and Family


Obladi Oblada

Life goes on.

(sorry about the youtube author's id, but I wanted the album cover that goes with the tune. The White Album.)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Well, Dis is One of Dee Sites Where We Finds Der Language

and we warn about the language in advance Like we are doing now.

Man I couldn't agree more with this rant about Eric Holder the Clown AG
make it stop..go vote.

911 Truffers - Yeesh

Local talk radio host Mike McConnell recently had as a guest one of the nutjobs demanding 911 investigations. Mike let him speak a while, then asked him 'What is you’re a number 1 case for why 911 may not have occurred as described' or words to that effect. Mike took him down pretty good. Mike's final point as you probably won't liten that long if at all is - If this was a controlled demolition, the number of people involved would be in the thousands. Literally in the thousands. And for not one to come forward with the greatest story since Jesus Christ is impossible. A word I actually don't like to use, but it would be Impossible for that to be kept quiet.

Look for this for 5-13-2010 on this page - McConnell

The dude started yapping about how jet fuel cannot melt steel/iron. It's on podcast at the 700 WLW website for 5-13-2010 Mike's show.

Honestly, for as many times as this has been brought up, I can't believe no one has hit these people on the head with a shovel and said -

Steel made from cast iron through oxygenation: The Chinese, who had been producing cast iron from the late Spring and Autumn Period (722–481 BC), produced steel by the 2nd century BC through a process of decarburization, i.e. using bellows to pump large amounts of oxygen on to molten cast iron.[495] This was first described in the Han Dynasty (202 BC–220 AD) book Huainanzi, compiled by scholars under Prince Liu An (179–122 BC).[496] The Chinese called this technique "the hundred refinings method," since the process was repeated over and over to incrementally strengthen the steel.[496] The back of swords were often made of more elastic wrought iron while the cutting edge of the blade itself was made of strong steel.[496] For steel, they used both quenching (i.e. rapid cooling) and tempering (i.e. slow cooling) methods of heat treatment.[496] Much later, the American inventor William Kelly (1811–1888) brought four Chinese metallurgists to Eddyville, Kentucky in 1845, whose expertise in steelmaking influenced his ideas about air injection to reduce carbon content of iron; his invention anticipated the Bessemer process of Henry Bessemer (1813–1898).[497]

From here

First there wasn't only jet fuel burning. The things burning on the floors impacted by those jetliners were everything you would find in fine offices; hardwood furniture, paper, construction materials, and most of all, this was the 100th and above floor levels. You can see from the videos of the event, that the smoke coming out of those buildings was going sideways at a rapid enough rate of speed as to indicate the wind at that height was sufficient to challenge any operator of a BELLOWS, which has the sole purpose of applying fresh oxygen to the flame to get it hot enough to melt iron or even high carbon steel ! Arg! Enough Already with the Jet Fuel Doesn't burn hot enough. Whoever the dude was on Mike's show today - Your Brain Doesn't Burn Hot Enough. Go get a job at McDonalds and will you idiots STFU !

The building was never designed to survive the impact of a 757 at 500 mph. The man that designed the WTC freely admits this. In fact, the building was done on the cheap. The longer this podcast goes on, the more this guy sounds like a babbling idiot. He's talking about how "98% of the building is found outside the footprint of the building. This is in conflict with the idiot's main point of this being a demolition event. Typical for Libs. All of their points are in direct conflict with themselves.

And you don't kill 3,000 mostly American civilians just to bring some buildings down or for any other clandestine purpose. Get a fricken Life you morons !

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Children in Charge


Just close your eyes and fade to grey, then Imagine children running the government and listen to them talk to themselves and each other....

If only WE were in power ! We'd make everything fair for everyone.
We'd get rid of all those nasty nuclear missiles. We don't need em anyway... The world just wants to get along and we make them afraid. THAT's why they do their violence.

We'll make everything like the Good Ship Lollipop !

And those rich people are taking everything for themselves and their friends.

Those rich people have too much power and they're taking All the money we need to accomplish all these great things. WE'LL take it and share it with everyone. We'll even take over some of their businesses. The Big Ones.

And what is with the Guns ?!? Kids running around shooting each other ! Just get rid of the Guns ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. NO Shutup ! Just make em go !

And those people talking on TV and radio always poo pooing what we want to do are Ruining Everything!! We need to make a way for them to be quiet ! If we Have to follow Rules, then We'll just put our Own people to make the rules.

And look, we spend a Trillion dollars a year to give to greedy old doctors that are just keeping old people alive and in pain and suffering.

We'll take over that health care business and we'll make those old people comfortable and let them die in peace by keeping half the money and not give it to the doctors to do these things. That'll show em. Then we'll make those doctors and hospitals and everyone else in this greedy health care business do things the way WE want them done.

And the dirty oil people with their filthy dirty oil. Look they're ruining the ocean and the beaches and the birds and the fish again ! And the FilThy DiRty CoAl people, letting workers die digging it up for them ! Because they're so Greedy ! They won't spend any money on safety at all ! And NO Nuclear ! There's No Where To Put the FiLtHy dIrTy Waste that comes out of it!!
We need to take this over Right Away ! We'll Make those scientists make everything run like the Good Ship Lollipop Runs ! Only on Clean Things !

And after we've done that, and while we're doing that, why Shouldn't we enjoy the spoils of power, why Shouldn't we. Why Shouldn't we have the best of everything.

And then we'll change all these stupid rules and make it so We and Our Kind can be controlling everything from now on and not let those greedy angry nasty people be in charge again.

Ok, open your eyes.

Time to send them back to the kiddie table folks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Today's Raaaaaacist Post. ;-)


Was Mel Brooks projecting into the future, knowing that America would eventually have a black President ?

PMS Update - Freddie Mac - A Government Run Entity - wants another 10 Billion bailout (After recently deploying many millions out to their executive staff in BonUsEs !) Lol. But hey, let's focus on Goldman (who aren't clean by any means but Hey).

My God, is there a limit on the Stupidity and Hypocrisy of liberals? I say No.

Socialism is a Parasitic Destroyer


Most of the countries in the EU are socialist. They tried to survive on their own but could not. In self-defense they formed a European Union. Now that some additional pressure, in the form of financial weakness has appeared, many are looking to feed on the newly formed host body (the EU). Greece blew up. Portugal is blowing up. Spain is blowing up. Reward someone for blowing up (Greece) and as many of the others will 'blow up' as can. To get the free stuff.

The UN, which outside of the US and in any seriousness, consists of Russia, the EU countries and China. China is ramping themselves into a communist version of capitalism and is growing like a weed Thanks to Bill Clinton. Russia is probably too damaged to move into some high growth phase but can support itself in the sucky manner in which it is accustomed.

The EU however is one sick dog and through the UN will look to stick a straw into the United States, the only other growth engine on Earth worth a damn, once it fails to survive as a collection of weak socialist countries.

The sad part is all the stupid dumbasses will never see this happening until the USA is dead - if it comes to pass- and I can assure you, the media will have brainwashed them into believing anything that went wrong along the way was the fault of us Racist, Hateful, Greedy, Planet Destroying Conservatives.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Whatever Money Spent On Hubble

was Infinitesimal. Probably 15 seconds of any liberal project could have inhaled the same amount of money and provided zero return on investment and already been forgotten.(Well, we'd actually be still pouring money down the gullet)

Anyway, Today's Pic

Though it should be noted that some of the ground based telescope arrays with their corrective software and mechanics can do -or I've read- better.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today's Raaaaaacist Post.

Because I'm in Solidarity with those Redneckin Arizona Raaaaacists.


Yep. Nothing Out There.


Nothing to see here folks, move along please.

Thousands of galaxies. Each with Billions of stars and uncountable numbers of planets.

At least it will take two and a half million years for transmissions of laser beams pointed in their direction by childlike idiots, calling themselves scientists, to reach even our closest galactic neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy.

Not to say they couldn't get the attention of some planet ravaging species here in our own galaxy to come and slice up the Earth for their own uses, employing us as slaves in the process. Though, it would take many thousands of years for laser beams to reach what might likely be inhabited planets in this galaxy. And even more fortunate, millions of years before reruns of the Green Acres TV show got there.