Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Different Angle on Mike Brown Phenomenon

Mike Brown was born to a low education woman and a deadbeat dad.  Mike Brown lived with his Grandmother.  I won't say raised by because it's obvious he was never raised by any one other than the street and in his case, the street is a gang banger environment which is typical in welfare neighborhoods..

Who is responsible beyond his parents?  LBJ's [not-so]Great Society   An experiment that began with LBJ stealing a perfectly healthy social security money chest and starting Welfare, while exclaiming "This will have those niggers voting Democrat for the next 50 years".   The words are important in quotes.  Social Security today is broke and getting worse right?

This experiment has failed miserably.  Or has it.  Maybe the Democrats got exactly what they wanted since none of them have expressed any interest in changing the situation.  Personally, I view the maintaining of the welfare state almost on a par to genocide.

Mustang has more on this, and it is clear that the Democrats have initiated every anti-black piece of legislation since the party began.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964, was passed by Republican majority vote yet the Democrats take credit for it and people believe them, especially the black folks.

People are born into these zero opportunity, drug and crime infested environments, largely because the democrats pay women to become career baby makers. In effect these women are democrat voter breeders, which is why the democrats keep these programs fully funded and going.  WIC is the program that pays them to pop these kids out like pieces of toast and the money is cut if the woman gets married so that ensures that these kids grow up in a single mother environment.  Single women, and certainly not a Grandmother as in Mike Brown's case cannot properly raise anyone successfully.

Destruction of the family unit is the worst possible thing that can happen in any country.   A Mother - Father home is essential to growing healthy minded, responsible people.  Exceptions for everything but we're talking the vast majority of people.  I'll tell you that I never knew a single kid who grew up in a Mother only home that wasn't screwed up in the head.  Seriously.  And these kids grew up in decent neighborhoods. Imagine the kid who doesn't even have anyone in their neighborhood who is responsible. They aren't exposed to any success.

The schools in these neighborhoods do a horrible job of teaching and given the kids have no discipline to start with, the job of teaching them would be impossible even in good schools.  The federal education system started by Jimmy Carter and staffed with Union teachers who have to about murder someone to get fired ensure that the education of these kids is the lowest level it can possibly be.  Remember that Trayvon's  senior high girlfriend could not read cursive.  They don't teach it.  They don't want these kids to have a chance at success.  If you can't read, if you can't communicate, you have Zero chance at success. They need to be kept in these environments in order to breed future Democrats.  This is on a par with moslems not educating women.  It's disgusting.

We're on generation 4 of the WIC mothers and given these women get more money the more kids they have (ask me a about a Detroit woman living in a Buick for 2 years with 8 kids and having the 9th while living in a car...), the female offspring simply don't know anything else and are not educated to be capable of reaching out in some other direction of self-sufficiency.

So, here are the Mike Brown's - uneducated, living in drug and crime infested environments, and given just enough money to keep their nose above water.  Like animals in a cage.  I don't have any problem understanding why they get violent.  I'm not excusing anyone for violence, but I can see where it comes from.  In none of these cases, does Sharpton, or the President of the United States - Obama, or the Federal Attorney General - Eric Holder even whisper to "Their People", that they might want to consider obeying the law and most certainly avoid trying to kill armed people bare-handed like Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown attempted to do.

And ask yourself why these communities hate Successful black folks.  In my opinion, they are taught to do so to further discourage the folks from thinking about a successful life.  Wouldn't want to go through life with an Uncle Tom, Cracker Lover label would you.

Who pays for these folks to maintain their Democrat breeder environments?  Working people, who by simple mathematical population % are White people.  We pay everything-house, car, computer, phone, clothes for these people to run around and call us racist.  Extremely Ironic, but then there is nothing about the Democrat Party that isn't.  They created, then maintained the Great Depression for 20 years,  They took over the education system and flushed it down the toilet.  They turned the EPA into a monster more powerful than government itself. Today, they should be destroyed as a threat to National Security.  They've taken over the majority of the media and pump out their progressive/communist message 24/7.  Now they've destroyed Health Care and though the costs of that that are still to come and inflation in general they're causing, they've destroyed the middle class and the American Dream.  The harder you work, the more they will take.  They maintain their climate change scam which will rob you of even more.

Where do Mike Brown's come from?  The Democrat Party.  Where do all the life sucking problems we are faced with today come from?  The Democrat Party.  Does this mean the Republicans are Great?  Of Course not.  That's why both of these parties need to be replaced by a political party that puts America and American's above their own lust for power and money.  A government For an By the people. It's still possible. In the meantime, I hope people will realize that The Democrats are full throttle destruction of America.

Finally, I read where "the Millennials" have no interest in marriage.  To them I say "You will be bred out of existence by the welfare state, the illegal immigrants and worse yet, the moslems who will turn this country into a hellhole like they are currently doing all over Europe.  They're all on welfare in Germany and they march down the street with banners talking about cutting German heads off.  Yea..

Saturday, December 6, 2014

I Like Star Formation...

Click on the picture to go to the APOD site and read a description. Clicking on the picture there will get you a high resolution version suitable for framing as a Christmas gift.