Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Galaxy, Nothing Special Really

If you can get away from the light pollution of the city and allow your eyes to adjust to the dark which doesn't take long, you can see some things.  And if you can see this and have a small telescope you can see a lot more.  Take a red light with you as your eyes do not need to adjust between red light and darkness.  Don't worry about Roxanne, she'll be fine.

This is the visible section from our vantage point of the Milky Way galaxy.  Our galaxy. Imagine what early civilizations who had no light pollution at all could see and what they may have thought about these sights.  Many of the concepts we have today such as astrology and navigation came from early man studying the stars. Magellan - Columbus - navigated the globe on wooden sailing ships using the stars as a compass.  It seems people were a lot brighter back in the day.

As always, click the picture to go to the APOD site and read a description by a smart person.  In this case, clicking on the picture there won't get you a much larger version.

The Milky Way over Ayers Rock, the Big Red Rock, in Australia.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Note to obama Regards Being Elected A 3rd Time

That's right, you could be elected a 3rd time.  But you'd be elected by a majority of losers.  People who are paid via the Welfare system created by LBJ to enslave the black people for another 200 years, people who are enslaved by the public and private unions who would likely take a huge pay cut and/or have to put a lot more effort into the weekly paycheck and are parasites upon the valuable people of America who work hard and pay taxes, people who are paid to immigrate here from Mexico and the Middle East and also live off of the taxpayers, and people who have been uneducated in the communist public school indoctrination system created by another imbecile - Jimmy Carter and who are imbeciles as well.

So, yea, you could be elected a 3rd time.  Not by America though.  Dig it ?

Thank God for the Constitution.

Friday, July 24, 2015

If Athiests Can Protest Religion in the Public Square,

and make hay with it, why can't we protest having this LGBT crap shoved down our throats in the public square, the news media, the TV shows and everywhere else ?

It's the same thing.

Get the jenner pictures OFF of my news feed.  Hey, it's not just in articles where jenner is in the headline.  Those I can avoid, and yes you could make the argument that I just need to change the channel and not click on the article. But, I open an article on the F-35 program and a picture of jenner's ugly puss in a dress is on the right sidebar.  Gotcha.

Conservatives need to stop laying down.  People who are not interested in this lifestyle need to stop laying down.

And here's a tip for any lib progressives.  No one has to like you.  No one has to like LGBT people.  No one has to like or even accept moslem vermin. Got a problem with that?  Fine - convince me you have no problem with white (or even black) Conservatives.  You Love us right?  Yea, thought so.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Public Service Announcement - WAKE UP !

Hat Tip: Carols Blog

Here it is.  This is happening all over Europe and it is happening more and more in America.

Translations:  Asylum Seeker = moslem vermin, Immigrant = moslem vermin, Refugee = moslem vermin.

This isn't just Sweden, or Denmark.  It's happening in England (a moslem gang in the UK was found to be regularly raping 1400 English Teenage girls.  The Local authorities said they didn't do anything because they didn't want to offend the moslem vermin as I read in one of the many articles available on this subject.

This is happening in France.  The moslem vermin torch 100 cars a night in France.  They've been doing it for years.

This is happening in Germany.  Germany is importing massive numbers of moslem vermin who are living on welfare, then marching down the street with signs talking about cutting German heads off.  In the meantime, their criminal and savage activities are turning Germany into a Shit Hole. Germans like you and I are paying for this abuse.
With the global financial economy, we're also likely paying for it.

This is happening all over Europe.

Here is a letter a fellow blogger got from her stepson in Germany describing the horrible situation.

In the meantime, the USA is importing large numbers of moslems, and the immigration people freely admit they couldn't tell you whether any of these people are ISIS or not.  And it doesn't matter if they're ISIS or not. These people coming in are all criminal sadistic moslems with no regard for local customs or laws. What are these countries thinking?  What is America thinking?

Sounds incredible doesn't it.  The situation is actually Much Worse.

The time to start focusing on this problem was 20 years ago, so obviously now would be a good time.

Note that moslems have no intention of integrating into American society.  Their religion, which is actually a cult will not let them.  They'd be renouncing islam in order to accommodate the human rights elements found here in the USA.  They're not immigrants, they are invaders.

My prediction is that America will be a shit hole as well before most people notice and ask 'wha happen'

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Worth Noting

obama couldn't secure the release of 4 Americans held in Iran as part of a deal to give Iran everything they wanted in this Nuklar deal.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Proof That You Should Subscribe to Bill Whittle's Youtube Channel Immediately.

Here are a couple posts from his old blog Called Eject, Eject, Eject.

Bill had this figured out before most of us.

You can't go wrong subscribing to Bill's you tube channel.  See last post and go from there.

Today, a potpourri of items.  Nailed them all.

Seeing the unseen, Part 1

Seeing the Unseen, Part 2

Not that long of a read, regardless the intro warning. 

Bonus Feature - Tribes was about the Katrina Fiasco. 

Enjoy. Take your time.

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Thousand Pardons

I fixed that last post if you were reading it and having trouble with the out of sequence chapters and partial area bad text formatting.