Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Carl Sagan Told Us About This 25 Years Ago

and even before that.  I love it when they bottom line it.

I think the vid is self-explanatory but let me know if not.

Yes, the governments have taken huge advantage of our general ignorance.

Look what they did to the world over a virus with a 99.97% survival rate among all age groups, much closer to 100% with young people.

They say 1 million died of covid in the US.  They did not. Many of those reported died of other causes but tested positive in whatever medical facility they ended up in on their way to the grave. Many.  Well never know the number.  The survival rate is better than 99.97%.

Many died of covid who were vaccinated based on reliable reporting.

Many people died and are dying of the vaccine itself.  Heart disease, blood clots, strokes the biggest reasons. And we're just getting started.

This is not a post on Covid.

Look at how they raped and are raping the entire world over the false claim of man made global warming.

False?  If they were worried about CO2, they'd be building nuke plants all over, especially LFTRs which are 100% safe, and railing on China and India and other huge polluters.

These are unbelievable crimes against humanity and much of it done easily because as Carl explains, technology has surpassed the ability of 99+++% or more of the population to understand.  So, we're being raped, hounded, and stolen from constantly by these evil governments.

Just two of thousands of examples.

No end in sight. It will get worse.

Just bottom lining it.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Like Far Out Man !

Strange things even here on Earth besides people.

Like click on the pictures man.

Like do it man.

Then click again to get a really far out big version.


Sunday, April 3, 2022

Government Standing in the Way as Usual

According to research from the University of South Florida, psilocybin, the active component within psychedelic mushrooms, is able to grow new brain cells—potentially offering treatment for mental illness and improving cognition.