Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dictionary Phrase of the Day - Guitar Shredding

Personally, I prefer the studio version found on the right sidebar, but also give weight to live performances.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

News From April 2, 2018

In a secret recording made by former and current clinton employee and fake FBI director James "pretty eyes" Comey at the double secret meeting site of the DJ Trump meeting with North Korea's head dude Kim Jong un on April 1, 2018, President Trump is heard negotiating with Kim Jong Un.

DJT: It's so nice to meet you Kim !
K: I'm knows it Great Tweeter !
DJT: I'm curious about your comfort women.  Are they all pretty? Do they have large breasts and do they come in different sizes? Will they spank you with fake news magazines if you want?
K: Donna Trump, I hook you up with best trained comfort women forces on planet.  They do anything you want. Just give me some money and turn on supply lines again.  I run very low on aged Norwegian Cheddar and Klipsy Klemes doughnuts.  I so hungry.  Generals too, I fear for life now.
DJT: Anything you need Kim, just delete all Nuklar related stuff in DPRK and make me look like triple alpha dog Hero who slay clazy, I mean Crazy Rocket Man !
K: Ok, I'm's good with it. My sister will spin local DPRK news to make it look like I beat you very badly at golf game twice times, and you give me everything I wants if I agree to stop shooting missiles into sky to God Knows Where.
DJT: Done, the art of the deal wins again.
K: Damn Straight. I bring in comfort women now. Be vely careful with Ho Lee Fuk and Bang Ding Ow.

-connection lost-

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

OK, We DO Need Gun Control

We Need a federal law that requires All Citizens (excludes illegal aliens and "others") to own at least one gun.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Very Dali-esque, Creatures, Diamonds, Galaxies, and Only God Knows What

Inhabits this tiny 200 light year (1,160 trillion miles) pin prick of space.

Click the pic to get to the APOD site, then click again to zoom in on fantastic details - if you dare.

A huge democrat inspired maw to the left, closing on the tortured and panicked Trump voters on the right.  Will they escape?  Who gets the diamonds? What does that stuff taste like anyway ?  

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Orion, Always Interesting, From a Larger Perspective

Orions Belt are the 3 stars in the center of the image.  In fall it is easy to spot them in North America as they are the center section of an hourglass shaped collection of stars with the large stars forming the top and bottom of the hourglass.

Click the dude and read about it.  Certainly one of the most favorite sky targets of Earth bound star gazers with small telescopes.  The Horsehead Nebula is in there for example though you won't find it with this far away view.

Monday, March 19, 2018

In The News !

President Trump appoints former female porn star to head CDC, stating that she will be very focused on social diseases.

All 7 billion people on Earth tell Elon Musk to GFY as no one is going to go to that POS planet Mars.

Chinese hackers gain access to all self-driving cars in America and make them hunt down and kill pedestrians.

Louis Farrakhan dies from a spontaneous human combustion event and takes the entire Congressional Black Caucus with him as well as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner who were both there desperately looking to get laid.

The entire democrat party and everyone associated with them, excluding Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Hank Johnson and Sheila Jackson Lee, are branded as a National Security Threat.  Those excluded were exempted based upon their exceptionally low IQ and deemed to not even be a threat to a potted plant, piece of lint, or bottle cap.  Also included as threats however are Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Susan Collins.

Impertinent and Mustang are working on software to cause self-driving cars to be able to identify and kill liberal progressives on sight.  Wish them luck !

Ms Z is still humming Afternoon Delight, but is working feverishly alongside Betsy Devos to straighten out our education system once and for all.  Godspeed Ms Z and Betsy !

DaBlade is providing cover fire for a Seal Team Elebendy Ninety Nine who are tasked with Really cleaning up the swamp.

FreeThinke is providing heavenly music and poetry to keep the wolves from catching on to the above activities.

Adrienne, Ed, AOW, Fredd, and all the other blog masters are in the situation room providing high level strategy.

** Breaking News !  Doctors report Jeff Sessions showing signs of entering Puberty.

Kid Reported seeing a good looking person in Cincinnati, but the excitement was over when it was discovered she was only here visiting her crazy uncle Otis, who by the way, can't drive a car worth a shit.

Kid has started a GoFundMe page to get the water cleaned up in Flint, MI but secretly plans to keep all the money for himself.

President Trump uses a Colt .45 caliber semi-automatic handgun to murder Rosie O'Donnell on 5th Ave in New York and no one cares.  President Trump responds to reporters questions about the incident by saying, See I told you no one would care if I murdered someone on 5th Ave.

How about Melania's New Shoes !!!!

Vladimir Putin receives 99.99999% of the vote to retain the presidency in Russia.

Someone said Something Really rude to someone else, and that someone else had something really Shocking to say back.

Stephen Hawking teases on his death bed methods to determine if there are multiple universes.  Who gives a shit, we can't even get to Mars.

No One Really Cares, except maybe your spouse and Closest friends.

Black Mayors and other black officials across America blame all things bad on Jewish people, White People, and Trump

Sports News - Who cares.

Austin Texas Bomber found to be Michael Moore freaking out over repeating 10 minute hunger strikes. Expected to not be charged.

A Trillion seconds is 32,678 years.

A 2.5 trillion federal study concluded that domestic house cats will always sleep on the largest pillow available.

Scientists are stymied over cat language.  Does "Meow" mean Feed me, Brush me, or Let Me the Hell Out.  More funds are needed to resolve this quintessential conundrum. 

Today's music requires that singers cannot sing, band members cannot actually play instruments, and song writers couldn't put a tune or lyrics together to save their life.

Keith Richards takes out full page ad in New York Times that reads "I'm Still Alive! HAHAHAHAHAHhahahhahahaaaaaarrg "

Jersey Mikes Subs Donating proceeds of all sales for Wednesday March 28 to Kids Cancer Centers (True)

I just read that 132 puppies have been rescued from drainpipes and other deadly traps.

Goodnight Chet.
Goodnight David.

Friday, March 16, 2018

I Don't See a Seagull Or a Duck

I see a scary Halloween pumpkin creature in a choke hold by another scary Halloween pumpkin creature with some of the image containing what look like bullet holes in the tailgate of a Ford F-150 tailgate put there by frantic San Francisco police who also happen to be piss poor shots.

Rosanne agrees with me.  Click the pic and read all about it.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

A Kinder Gentler Horsehead

The Horsehead Nebula in Hot Pink Pastel.

I wonder if they'll ever make this into an amusement ride.

Clicking the image again at the APOD site will get you a high resolution image that is much more stunning than Joe Biden's pedophilic stupidity or Maxine Waters level 12 IQ.

Friday, March 9, 2018

From North of the 38th Parallel in a Little Town Named PingPong

Kim Jong:  General Wang come qrick !

Wang: I'm here boss !

Kim: You not looking well General Wang.

Wang: I hungry Boss, only eat spoonful of kimchi this week, not thinking my best either Dear Leader..  How can I serve you today?

Kim:  Call Domino's, order pizzas. 

Wang: I tried Great Leader, they say since we didn't pay last time, they no serve.

Kim: I can't berieve great friend Xi Jingleplink not sending me food and supplies any more.  I don't know how Trump got to him.  And why Trump not like last 4 weasels in White Castle?

Wang: Probably gave lots money Greatest Reader.  I'm afraid I not know what makes Trump tick tock.

Kim: I'm not thinks so Wang.  I'm thinks he promise not to mess up South China Sea with new islands packed with Chinese Comfort Women.  I'm think Trump has own harem in US of A and he get excited when I threaten to blow them up.  He don't like sending extortion money either, he want to keep all for self.
By the way, how is my favorite girl Kum Too Sun ?

Wang: Yes, you are genius Greatest Leader.  We keeping Kum fed well for you Great Reader.  She say be too long since Too Sun see you.

Kim: I'm knows it.  Put her in my closets tonight and tell her to suplise me.

Wang: Speaking of Comfort Women..  Comfort Women Forces girls starving and getting very thin.  Not attractive as usual. I know you like them Trump, er PLUMP, So Solly Dearest Leader !  I will go without desert tonight to make up for my diminished capacity !

Kim:  Yes I do like Trump, I Mean PLUMP !  Damn that great tweeter!   I hungry too.  Don't worry about desert Wang, I eat all last night anyway.   Too cold to forage for food right now.  Soon I will have to resort to my stash of Dinty Moore Stews and Chef Bloyardees !!

Call my new friend President Moon and setup meeting with Plump, I means TRUMP !  We must get sanctions removed.  I will just wait for next democlat president and can restart weapons programs and extortion routines then.

After Moon call, bring my favorite cheese and sushi roll.
And keep the wine and Soju coming too.  I very deplessed...
Wang: I'm on it like vomit Boss, I mean Dearest Greatest Leader !

Thursday, March 8, 2018


With all the evil in the world (Not going to list it) are you telling me that a made up war between men and women is a real thing?  Seriously?

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Three Words

It's All Bullshit.  (Maybe that's four)

If that is not enough to satisfy your craving for blog content, then here are 10 words.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Did Orwell Predict The Future or Did The Future Happen Because of Orwell's Predictions?

If the latter, I suggest we no longer give society our genius..

Well some Other Thoughts the last 30 minutes or so:

What did you have and what have you lost ?

Observers of the human condition are we
Naive to think we can save every tree
or that this is even a good idea, this interfering with nature.

I reveal my age by telling you I never saw or heard of anyone who looked anything like any image you will see on an image search of 'body modification'.

Road kill and solar panels are mostly responsible for the early death of God's creatures.

Out of political correctness this comment is both included and excluded.

The stray Calico who has lived on our back deck for a couple years, has by way of an exceptionally cold winter, found the delicious and sublime comfort of the good life on this side of the door.
It's raining and it's pouring and this old man is snoring.  That's what she says anyway.

Imagine how much better the Twilight Zone series would have been with today's video and graphic tools.

I watched most of the new Superman movie and have the opinion that it sucked.

Why isn't most of Congress in jail for perjuring themselves when taking 'the Oath'.  And isn't this the very exact reason for the 2nd Amendment?  Damn straight !

Why do we put up with moslems in our midst, the 'peaceful' ones are on a mission to breed us out, their main mission.  It's happening big time in the EU. Right. Now.

Why do we let less than 3% of the population control the narrative in this country the last 9+ years ?

If you're white and male you are now being racially and gender abused.

If you're female, Good Luck Gettin a Date as we move into the feminism era ! Unless you're a lesbian.

Who is putting all the plastic into the oceans?  I don't think the evolved civilized countries are doing it.  And we want to send billions of condoms to Africa ?  Imagine being a fish in that area of the world.

We probably are over fishing.  Is any resource sustainable ?

Everyone is probably dying of cancer because of all the nuclear bomb testing post 1950.  Would we even have nuclear weapons if it wasn't for Hitler?  Would we have Hitler if it wasn't for the severely oppressive Versailles treaty?  Would we even have a Versailles Treaty if it wasn't for a bunch of blow jobs reluctantly going to war (WWI) over the assassination of some butthead that no one gave a shit about?  Does that even matter?  Isn't mankind (or peoplekind as Justin Trudeau would say) always on a course of self-destruction?  After all, it is much easier to screw things up than to improve them.  How is it we have a few younger generations of people who are dumber than any of us were at the age of 5 ?  

Hasn't it always been this way (Screwed up)?  Does it matter? Should we focus only on the things we have control over ?

Is there any end to the ways food can be prepared ? 
ICE says sanctuary cities are the very reason for the large numbers of arrests of illegals in those areas - Natch !  Fisherman go where the fish are.

Players only love you when they're playing.

Don't think twice, it's alright.

Rush Hour Freeway in Cincinnati - let's just not go there.

Can all this be fixed with anti-anti-psychotic drugs?  Or how about no drugs or social media, discipline in schools and warm bottoms at home in a male female parent environment?  Yea, too much to ask.

There are So many beautiful places on this Earth.  None of them are in Oklahoma.

I have 2 step authentication on everything important (that provides for it) and have frozen our credit at the 3 credit agencies, have multiple sets of image backups and I am impervious to any kind of cyber attack now.  I'd be happy to give anyone details.

Man I love Meerkats.  Also called Siricats.

My favorite Salvador Dali paintings include Battle of Tetuan and Dream Caused by a Bee Flying Around a Pomegranate.

I appreciate the obsessiveness of Martin C Esher

Hope you're all doing well.  Those of you who know who you are and those like you.