Sunday, July 31, 2011

Google, Here is What We Need !


Google let’s you specify search terms for what you want included on the page. I added molten salt so I get the latest news about molten salt solar farms and super safe thorium G reactors for example.

What we need is a way to Exclude stories that include user specified search terms.

Here is what I’d exclude right off the bat:
kim kardasian, obama, justin bieber, harry reid, pelosi, barney frank, (what the hell – list all the democrats past present and future), martin sheen, paris hilton, lindsey lohan, casey anthony, debt crisis, bin laden, murbarak, libyan rebels, global warming, environment, endangered species, kim kardasian, lawmakers, obama, debt deal, federal budget, kim kardasian, angelina jolie, brad pitt, brangelina, kim kardasian, sarah jessica parker, alec baldwin, sean penn, polar bears, world’s population, iraq, afghanistan, haiti, iran, lebanon, palestinian, kim kardasian, NFL NBA, MLB, lockout, lockin, draft, team owners, kate middleton, pippa anything, prince, king, princess, bipartisan, kim kardasian, dancing with the stars, steven tyler, paula abdul, jesse james (what a scum), debt limit, OBL, national debt, baseline budget, SBO, mitt romney, saxby anything, steny anything, royal wedding, wedding, wedding dress, wedding party, kim kardasian and hillary clinton just in case the beast slips through the democrat filter.

It only took 2 minutes to come up with this list.

Did I miss anything or what would you exclude ?

Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Scannin For Life Forms !


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  2. Optionally click picture again, and thrice to obtain large version for personal examination
  3. Click on Video to hear short musical interlude to go with picture.
  4. Have an incredible day-night-morning-week-month-year-decade-life

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

John Boehner's Final Plan Revealed and Translated

Speaker Boehner, Can you tell us about your plan that the evil hairy reid is on board with and helped you cook up along with mitch mcconnel ?

Well, geedle geedle gobble debt. President Obama demanded 800 billion more but we’re not giving it to him. Instead, we’ve drafted a plan that cuts 1.1 trillion of spending from traffabell gobblydedork tralfamadorian fleebers over 10 years. The performance of the plan is completely impossible to measure which is Cool !

Speaker Boehner, Can you tell us exactly where these cuts will be made and when ?

Well, of course, the first cuts will consist of 24 billion in the first year starting in October, 2011, and will be taken directly from the fleeber gaddlemadder program envisaged by the bellacan Mookerbleerbers. 
Of course, one must realize than any zergs and meeergs have to be deducted and added back in to be reduced later. Also remember that these are cuts against a totally ambiguous ‘Baseline’ budget cooked up by the CBO – Congressional Budget Office and as we all know those folks spend most of their time watching pron on the interwebs. I mean porn. Their numbers, like the ramblings of the global warming committees have about as much to do with reality as al gore has in common with Mother Teresa.

But make no mistake, we are holding this spend crazy president’s feet to the fire, and in another 8 months, we’ll authorize another 1.3 trillion in the debt limit to be balanced against 1.5 trillion in spending cuts over a number of years so great that no one, and believe me when I say No One will be able to even remember this deal that will be impossible to measure or reconcile. Make no mistake !

In closing let me say that reeefdar middle oofta crands yearg idle blegaar smirpoo findle!!  And God Bless America!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So, I Look Into Speakers Boehner's Spending Reduction Plan

It goes like this.  
  • 1.1 Trillion of cuts Over 10 Years. Against a totally impossible to understand 'baseline budget'.
  • 24 Billion of unspecified cuts the first fiscal year which starts in Oct, 2011.
  • oblabber gets his 1 trillion debt increase which he can spend it all on Aug 3, 2011.

Sorry folks, This is worthless babble.

Monday, July 25, 2011

I Have To Say It Again.

 One F bomb contained within...

As part of the non-existent 'debt crisis Armageddon event'; we hear on a multi-daily basis, even if we aren't paying attention or listening, how we Must reform Social Security, Medicare and sometimes we hear about Medicaid.

It's bullshit.

I have never heard the words Welfare, Food Stamps or words and phrases that represent True Entitlement programs.  I know why of course.  No politician, and I mean None would commit such political suicide by suggesting we cut even free cell phones from welfare recipient benefits. I get that.

I'm getting real tired hearing about how -for the most part- productive, tax paying, self supporting bastards like myself are The Problem.

Before they cut My Future Social Security benefits, I want to see minority kids working in fast food restaurants trying to earn enough money to take their girlfriend to the movies, or the girl to buy a new outfit for said date.

How the fuck did we ever get to the point where we think it's OK for able bodied people to sit around breeding all day while being supported in Entirety by the rest of us ??

Friday, July 22, 2011

John Boehner - Equal Time Baby - Fair and Balanced

An exasperated President Obama virtually declared war on House Republicans in an angry and hastily called press conference Friday night, excoriating them for walking away from a deal to cut the deficit and raise the debt ceiling, saying the Republicans can't say "yes" to anything. 

Shortly after, House Speaker John Boehner called his own press conference to say that negotiating with the White House was like "dealing with Jell-O," and suggesting he intends essentially to cut the president out of negotiations going forward. 

-From the Christian Science Monitor.

Hey, let's see what the end result is, but that seems pretty ballsy on the surface.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Love Allen West !

No, it's not a bromance.

But keep on doing what you're doing Sir.  It's about time people with taste, class and intelligence start taking commanding positions on the stage.  The adolescent liberals have had it far too long.  Seriously, I became convinced over the last 10 years that the Republicans were unable or unwilling to defend themselves and in fact "they" still aren't.  The Tea Party Republicans are the ones defending themselves and they're doing it with taste, class, style and intelligence.  

I'm personally aware of Marco Rubio, Allen West and Michele Bachmann in very recent incidents.

If you fine folks keep it up, you will expose these liberals like D Wasserman to be the tasteless, classless, unintelligent adolescent boobs that they are.  This idiot who is a leader for her party in the house doesn't even know the house rules for debate.  Only the pathetic loser or moron will want to be associated with them.  One would think.

Anyone who has gone toe to toe with the rabid liberal on the interwebs knows how to deal with these tools. In the case of those who can actually put a sentence together - Calmly and unrelentingly expose their lies.  For the tools who just spew rabid nonsense, bill maher for example - the tactic of the day is Don't Feed the Monkeys.  Don't respond to them and give their brain vomit the slightest hint of credibility.

Keep it up folks.  We support you and I think We are many.

UPDATE: Carol-CS Made an excellent suggestion in the comments as follows:
let's put some pressure in the R elites -
call :
RNC -202-863 8500

NRSC- 202-675-6000

tell them to back WEST or no more $$$$$ backing for the Republican Party-
hard ball anyone!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011



This will allow oblabber to say he won because he didn't need to agree to spending cuts, and while he lost the tax increases, it was because the economy is too weak.  Boehner on the other hand has redefined winning from "reducing spending" to "avoiding tax increases".  He will use the same excuse - that spending must continue because the economy is so weak.

Result: No one does anything and the debt limit is increased.  Shocka! (Not)

In the meantime, the country has been mis-directed away from what these people were really up to. Check out Trestin's blog for some hints on that !

And the media kept themselves in business by broadcasting this kindergarten level dog and pony show about the "debt cris" that wasn't.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Speaker Boehner Abandons Comprehensive Debt Deal


Shocker !

It might be coincidence that the economic numbers sucked on Friday, except for the fact that the democrat media was blasting them from the rooftops to give boehner an excuse to cave.  Normally, they tell us how good the suck numbers were while reminding us of George W Bush..

Though, I can't imagine them not caving since they've yet to show any spine, just lip service as usual.

Tea Party people.  I hope you'll elect some.

As an Equal Opportunity Blogger, I translated this to Jive fo da Brothas..

Shocka' . Right On! It might be coincidence dat da damn economic numbers sucked on Friday, 'sept fo' de fact dat da damn democrat media wuz blastin' dem fum de rooftops t'give boehna' an 'suse t'cave. What it is, Mama! No'mally, dey tell us how baaaad de suck numbers wuz while remindin' us uh Geo'ge W Bush..Dough, ah' can't imagine dem not cavin' since dey've yet t'show any spine, plum lip service as usual.Tea Party sucka's. ah' hope ya''ll elect some. What it is, Mama!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Hate to be Negative. I'm a Positive Person. But...


Have you seen the story today about how the TSA (Those Standing Around) are worried about Implant bombs?

Actually, it's a valid concern...

I can see some islamic/robotic female with breast/butt bombs.  But..

Is that any reason to torture Americans beyond cruel and inhumane?  Let's just ALL stop flying.  What is it going to take to get people's attention!  I can only imagine what random totally Non-islamic looking women are going to have to endure to freaking fly somewhere now.  Like the woman who was given a pair of Pliers and told she'd have to yank out her nipple rings in order to fly. WTF? Take over an aircraft with nipple rings ??

And at the same time we're worried about the pain caused by sticking a needle into the arm of some man who just raped, tortured, and killed someone's beautiful 12 yr old daughter - some beautiful 12 year old girl???  I'd throw some profanity in here but it wouldn't even come close so why bother.

The descent into pukeland continues unabated.  I"m starting to wonder how far people can be pushed before they push back.  I don't think we're anywhere near the limit.

Where is OUR GOVERNMENT On this issue?   The people who ARE TASKED with Guarding OUR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS.  Nowhere to be found.  They're working their dog and pony show over the "debt crisis". But that's another story.

Or is it me?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011