Friday, December 28, 2018

Eta Carina, A Wild Place

Eta Carina may have gone supernova 7400 years ago, but it will be another 100 years before we find out about it. Damn !

Click the picture and get the info. Your life will be meaningless unless you do.

Note for noobies.. click again once you get to the APOD site to get a bigified version of the image.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Monday, December 24, 2018

Home Schooling Soars


I don't think enough parents are interested enough or have the time to make this a pivot point for our culture, but it is something.

Friday, December 21, 2018

The Supreme Court

Is there to decide squabbles based upon THE CONSTITUTION.  Not the perceived will of transgender, pot smoking, opoid taking, animal abusing, moron bastirds that somehow believe supporting islamic savages is being in favor of women's rights and that mutilating young children's sex organs before they even know that bees don't screw birds is somehow Enlightened.

John Roberts sides with the unconstitutional leftist pukes and rules against the President's Immigration stance on Asylum, which the President has 100% control over according to afore mentioned document - and which also clearly states people must claim asylum in the first country they enter into, or they have No Claim in the US.

Now we need to replace the cancer immune Ruth Buzzard to get to a semi-confident 5-4 Constitutional Court.  She actually survived Pancreatic cancer years ago.  No one does that.

But, Imagine if clinton had won.  (I don't do the H word, we all know who I am talking about.)

Well at least GWB was able to get one decent judge on there - one Samuel Alito.

Isn't the news so uplifting these days? :-)

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Holy Schamolie ! The Bloodhound SSC Project is Saved !


I Think a Lot of Folks Can Enjoy This Bit of History, starting in 1966. I Sure Had No Idea. I Was in 9th Grade.

You can stop around 44:19

Here's a short from Brian Shul, an SR-71 Pilot with a short story about flying the SR-71.

If you love this stuff as I do, Youtube has a LOT more content from actual SR-71 pilots.

Btw- Surface to Air missiles are known to travel at mach 5.  I've read where people testify to seeing Mach 6.7 patches on SR-71 pilots sleeves.  Let's remember that the X-15, a test bed for the SR-71 and the space shuttle, flew at mach 6.7. A Mach 3 plane is not going to outtrun a mach 5 missile.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Ok, Print This Out Thousands of Times and Use It to Light Your Fireplace This Winter

TrumpmuellerallysamillanobobbydinerocheradamschiffjeffflakeLGBTQSNLlatenightshowsjoyreidjoybeharmoslemverminsocialismalexocaseonutscortezrinorepublicanssinemathewallfundingAntifatardsSorosEUShitholesRussiaRussiamacrontheidiotJustinetrudeautheidiotfakenewfakemigrantsAnimalabusersObamascumPosshumerpelosihellallthedemocratsmikeflynnthehellyasayPosscomeyclapperbrennenwrayandmany moreeeeeeeeeeee newyoikcaliforniaadnthewestcoastprogressivesguncontrolnutbagsgunfreezonesmetooyoutoothemtooImoffendedabortionhumanrightnosuchthingassexchangefaceborkgooglytwitteringamazoncommuniststhefrigginwallactivistjudgescollegeanduniversityperfessorsracistantiamericaobamapossEuoutofitsfrigginmindshepsmithasshatsomeoneshutmarieharfthehellupspendingrapeAmericabillsmcchucklestheclownpaulryanthe poslibtardshutitdownBLMrapmusicpeoplewhoareconstantlyoffendedloserwelfarrequeensdaglobalswarmingsclimatechangers98%ofthemedialindasarsourposshutupandtakeyourmoslemverminpalswithyoutohellohandtakeaclintonundereacharmLindseygrahamstillgriftingforthemilitaryindustrialcomplexitsawaritsaballitsawaritsaballnewimmigrationlawyoubastirdsnoonecanaffordtolieincalifornialionstigersbearstheareonlytwogenders!getawayfrommeitsplasticsurgerynobradleymanningnoonewantstosleepwithyouyoueitherbrucejennerwoldwarthreechinarussiaarekeyandlindseygrahamandhispalstoowhatthehellwedoinginafghanistanafter17yearsJudgenapofftherailsnowhomosonthetvshowsandonyourcerealboxeswearenotallkashoggiyoumoronssomebodygimmeacheesburger!

One might say I've had enough of the news flow.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Melania Trump's Approval Rating Took A Huge Dive Yesterday

It must have been because she is beautiful, has 1000 times more class and maturity than the obama's, Loves America, and loves helping people.   Those people love her too.  Especially the kids.  Kids are excellent judges of character.  Believe me. Believe me.  Kids are not blinded by beauty or swayed by raging hormones, they only see a person's soul.

She also doesn't have Snoop Dog as a fashion consultant like michele did. 

That's the only reason I can think of that she has fallen from grace in America.  How can we help her to be more approved of. Maybe if she had elementary schools only serve broken glass and Flint MI water for lunch.  Maybe you folks have some ideas.

Friday, December 7, 2018

A Tribute to Impertinent

And a chance for those of you who appreciated Impertinent in the blogosphere to express their appreciation, feelings, or whatever they'd like his family and friends to know.

I will give it a little time, then forward the link to the family when I think everyone have commented.

My comment is that he was one in many millions and my life is much richer for knowing him.

h/t Franco

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Sunday, December 2, 2018

The Fairy of the Eagle Nebula

Only 58 Trillion Miles Tall and is evaporating.  Looks like a Dali painting..

I hope it's not the tooth fairy.  Think of those poor kids.

Click the pic to learn the exciting details and click again to zoom in on the Fairy.  If you dare.