Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Today's example of a Bold Faced Lie Regards the Health Care Bill

Obama stood in front of the camera recently and told the country, "You can keep you private health insurance option if you wish for as long as you want". BS.

I work for a company that has from 0 to 500 employees. The company kicks in easily more than 8% of wages on average to pay 'their chosen share' of health insurance costs for the plans offered to employees.

Therefore, when the government enacts this bill, and tells companies they must provide private health insurance option coverage for their employees or pay a $750 per year per person, or 8% of wages penalty (Which ever is greater), my company will jump up and down for joy, cancel the private insurance plans, tell us all to go to the government plan and happily pay UncleAuntie Sam their 8%. Happily.

It is that simple. The private insurance options will go the way of the Dodo in about a year.

This is all about the federal government directing all those health insurance premium dollars directly through Washington DC. Period. Can you Imagine how much money that is ? There is no way the new Communist party is going to leave that money on the table. No way. People better fight like their lives are at stake because they are.


  1. Lives are at stake. The rat politicians know what they are doing. America seems to be too busy watching Big Brother. Very soon Big Brother will be watching everything they do.

  2. I agree. Individuals are not important to this administration.

    Think of how many men of the greatest generation who fought in WWII will be tossed out like old toys. Think of their spouses, many who supported and waited for their heroes for years to come back home. Men and women who taught us so much and did so much for the world, now just an "Inconvenient Truth" on the toxic balance sheet of today's America.


  3. Kid, I am fighting. And I see you out there, too. I hope we can reach enough people with this message in time.

  4. You have great information on your site. I have an email that lists incredibly unreal things about the bill, but I'm still trying to verify it before putting it out.

    I talk to anyone who will listen. It's incredible the number of people willing to hand over the most important personal service of their lives to an entity that has ZERO historical ability to provide it.

  5. This is a great post, and this is just the information that'll undermine the juggernaut of Socialism.

    Kid, it's the right post at the right time.


  6. Thank You!

    I'll try to keep them coming.