Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day - Thank You All

It is going to be a most enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend in Cincinnati, OH. The Grill is ready to go, the pool is clean and chemically balanced and Webster's life jacket is ready. More importantly, this is Still America. Thank You and Thank You. We can't possibly Thank You enough...

Now You go out and have a great Memorial Day Weekend !  You Got That !?


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rand Paul Zeroes In

So, on my usual 10 minute  listen to Hannity radio, which I switch off when the endless commercials start, Rand Paul expressed that the Tea Party is a big problem and will split the vote.  He suggests people need to shun the Tea Party and restore our government to Republicans.

I have a number of problems with Rand Paul but this is the biggest one so I won’t bother with the rest, but he is both wrong abut what America needs and is wrong that voting for the Tea Party will leave us with a Democrat government.

First off the “Republicans” are worthless.  Outside of Ronald Reagan, who I view as an American, and not a Republican or even a politician (Can we say Reagan exemplifies Tea Party?) the Republicans haven’t accomplished anything.

They simply maintain the status quo, keeping all the failed liberal policies and departments in place so that when the Democrats regain power they simply start right back up where the left off.  That would be start right back up on the march to Socialism and Soft Communism and with Oblabber, we’ve even got a healthy sprinkling of Fascism.

Really Ron Paul?  Really?  What are “the Republicans” going to do for us?  Give is a bunch of useless lip service about fiscal responsibility?  We don’t care about fiscal responsibility.  At least I don’t.  If we end up in some socialist hell hole, who Gives a F if you’ve maintained some fiscal responsibility for 4 or 8, or at most 12 years until the Dems take over again ?

The Republicans are a Dead Party to anyone with half a brain.

Finally, I guess you somehow missed the part where the Tea Party Was Responsible for Giving Us a Non-Democrat Majority in The House !  Dipstick.

Too bad the Speaker of the House is a Useless Republican at best and more likely a RINO who yucks it up with Hairy Reid most evenings after sessions.

Please remember these kinds of comments folks, they are by the Republican Politic that are no better than the Dems outside of pretending to be pro-America and Capitalism.  In fact, they’re crony-capitalists, enriching themselves and their lobbyist owners and this, along with same old same old is their only interest.  They don’t give a rats ass about you.

Cordially Yours,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lover... Come Back to Me.

I don't see anything in the news or in American or world society or even the universe I feel like talking about tonight, so let's do some more Chet.

Another older version of Chet from his instructional video "The Guitar of Chet Atkins" playing Lover Come Back. He keeps all the strings humming in this one.
(By the way, he's not smiling at his own playing, he is smiling at how the composer put this tune together for him to play, which he mentions in the video as he describes how to play it, also noting the nice lick he got from Jerry Reed that he plays around the 1:33 mark)


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

When You Wish Upon a Star


By an older Chet Atkins, from his instructional video titled 'The Guitar of Chet Atkins' from 1986.

He plays a ton of harmonics in the tune. A harmonic on a guitar is payed by just touching the string above the 12th fret (octave) with a finger on the left hand and plucking the string with the right hand. To play a harmonic on a different note, you press the string down on the note you want, say the 2nd fret, then using two fingers on your playing hand, touch the string at the 14th fret (12 above the note you are playing in this example) and pluck the string with another finger. In this tune, Chet uses his thumb and third finger to pluck strings with and his index and second finger to touch the string above the proper position. In the video, as he describes playing it he says it's simple, just needs a little practice.

And he played the heck out of it earlier as in this recording.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Career DAY !


How would You like to make $100k or more looking at hot babes all day ?

High pay and benefits for lifeguards in Newport Beach is the latest example of frustrating levels of compensation for public employees. More than half the city’s full-time lifeguards are paid a salary of over $100,000 and all but one of them collect more than $100,000 in total compensation including benefits.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally Getting Warm in Cincinnati.

Hot actually. Couple days ago? 60 degrees. Today? 87. Which is typical of an extremely Short Spring season. So, a cool pristine Lagoon sounds attractive right now.

Here's one. A piece of the Lagoon Nebula.

This image is 20 light years wide. 20 times 6 trillion miles wide.

Click on it for a description and click again and again to explore a high resolution image.

And this image comes from this one:

And it would be a good idea to listen to the Chet and Ravi Shankar tune on the right sidebar while exploring. Good to be relaxed when perusing art.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

John Boehner is a Politician

And that's not a good thing. I was wondering how he was going to maneuver this and as it turns out, he's going to kill two birds with one stone. He's not going to default on the debt And he's going to hold republican voters hostage through the 2012 elections. 

Excerpt from this article:

In laying down his marker, Boehner signals to the White House that Republicans will exact a high price to raise the debt ceiling, to be paid off in spending cuts, not tax increases. With Democrats rejecting cuts to Social Security and Medicare, there's little left that could deliver the trillions in cuts. One alternative is to pass short-term debt-limit deals, each accompanied by spending cuts, until Americans weigh in on the issue in 2012 elections.

These people, starting with John Boehner because of his position Must go and be replaced with Tea Party conservatives if there is to be any hope of breaking the same old same old that we've had since LBJ.

If I had to slap down a $100 bill, it would be to bet that Boehner and Hairy Reid get along just fine when they're not blowing smoke up our butts. 

As an aside, I hear that Allen West is going to do an hour long segment on the Glen Beck show (to be scheduled).  I'm no fan of Glen Beck, (long before the media demonized him) but I have to wonder why a congressman is doing a long segment like that on a conservative friendly national show.  I think it is to really introduce himself to America, and suggests he might want to play a larger part in America's escape from Communism.  (The Progressive agenda is the Communist agenda.  No sense mincing words.)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The President

As I have observed and like to point out - "It is very hard to make things better in the country as a president, but it is really easy to fuck things up beyond recognition".

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Post Over at Blackfive Written by A Long Time SEAL Called Squandering Our Victory


There is one F bomb in here.  If you find it you can take something from the top shelf.

Here's a link to the Blackfive Missive.

I also call it an Unbelievable Clown Show.

If you'd have called me a month ago and said, I'll bet ya $100 that Obama will be announcing that SEALS have killed Osammi, that no SEALS or other Americans were injured and that within 2 days, the whole affair would be a complete and total Cluster Clown Show, I'd have had a hard time turning down that bet.

But they've done it !

Strictly speaking of "information" released from the White House.

Keep in mind, these people Watched what happened in real time.
  1. Osammi killed - wife is human shield, he has gun and is shot in head twice
  2. Wife charges SEALS, shot in leg, osammi resists and is shot in head twice
  3. osammi, a 54 yr old bag of crap threatens SEALS with mortal danger, SEALS defend themselves by shooting him in the head twice.
  4. Details have gotten jumbled due to fog of battle (the correct phrase is Fog of War btw)
    • This one really chaps me because now the White House is blaming their pathetic lying act on SEALs who can't manage to get a strory straight after 4 days of trying.  Please. These SEALS are probably the most professional people on the planet.  They spent a few minutes taking care of the inhabitants, provided medical aid to osammi's wife who they shot in the leg, then spent about another 30 minutes thoroughly going through the place gathering all the intelligence there was to gather, blew up a defective Helo on the way out, took osammi with them in a bag, left osammi's wife with Pakistan care and whistled on the way out.  All the while, a Pakistan military academy is 1000 yards down the street.
  5. obama say's They weren't watching the operation in real time.  He said they were watching and listening to Leon Panetta  who was watching and describing it to them.  WHAT?  The President of the United States Doesn't Get To Watch ?  But Leon does? Please !  This is even worse than lying about it.!
  6. Here's a picture of them watching.  You think Hilrod is watching Panetta? or the Operation in Real Time ?
Who knows when the story will stop changing !

The information coming from the White House on this is on a par with your young children who point at each other when you ask who ate all the cookies !

The world has Got to be splitting its sides over this unbelievable clown show.

Outside of this, I notice Scott Brown saying we shouldn't release pictures becuase "they shouldn't be used to Sell Papers". I wonder and doubt if it's occurred to Scott that maybe the many people who lost intimate family and friends on 9-11 because they were murdered by this piece of Garbage deserve more evidence of his demise than obama telling them 4-5 different stories and  then today saying 'He's not going to release the pictures.' Hell with the pictures - Americans deserve to see the video, sans any frames that could be used to identify any Americans or operatives of the mission.

Well Fuck You obama. You work for Us. We paid with 3000 of our lives on 9-11. We pay for the military. We paid for this mission. You arrogant incompetent buffoon.  Release the pictures And the video.

There is no reasonable way the pictures or video could be considered classified or national security. The world knows we shot him and dumped him in the ocean.  They know how, who, when, and where.  The more the story changes, the more people who are going to think it's fake.

Obama cannot even kill Osama and have it come out to be a positive.

What's more, since the muslim world has been screaming that they have nothing in common with osammi, and that osammi is not islam because this is not what Islam is about, why the freakin 40 minute Islamic ritual funeral aboard a US Warship ?

When they got to a suitable nondescript spot they should simply have chucked the weighted bag with him inside and that be that. If the Muslims complain, see above. Can't have it both ways.

I don't think there is anything in the business of the White House that these idiots could do properly. I haven't seen anything yet in 2 + years !

I don't want to talk about these idiots. I don't even want to think about them, but it defies description how bad they can screw up and the pressure has to be released somehow !

  • Eric Holder, who can't admit Major Hasan, killing soldiers at Fort Hood Screaming Aluh Ackbar May have been motivated by radical Islam, has given his blessing that killing osammi was legal.  Shocker!  Assclown.
  • Anyone else notice the media have now been spelling his name Usamma, because they've been screwing up and writing Obama in their stories.  Finally a chuckle in all of this.
  • I have absolutely no knowledge of any of this but I will bet that obama wanted to delay this as long as possible toward the election as he could.  We've known about osammi's location since July last year.  I'll bet someone had to threaten that if osammi skipped town and we missed this opportunity that this would come down on him like a ton of lead.
  • The other thing I have no way of knowing but I'll bet money on is that the Seals that entered osammi's bedroom said "Regards from George W Bush and Rudy Gullani" before they killed him.  I sure hope they did anyway.  These guys are good with details like that.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osammi Killed, Doubts?

I believe he's dead, as of last weekend, and I believe the Tuesday rendition of the story released by the White House (obama unarmed and wife charged the SEAL members), and Not the Sunday story released by the White House (obama pointing gun at SEALS with wife as human shield).

How pathetic is it they lie about that?

I believe the report put together by the SEAL team was impeccably accurate.

Plus obama, biden, hilrod, gates and others watched it on High Def in the Sit Room as it was happening via the helmet cams. So obama knew the real story immediately. Jeeesh.

All that aside, I think those intimately involved with those murdered on 9-11 deserve more than what has been offered up in physical evidence. I think they should see the same video that obama saw as it was happening.

I think WE as American's should see this video.

I hope it comes out.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Air France Flt 447 Black Boxes Found

Let's see if I'm right.  I think the tail came off the Airbus and that is what caused the crash.

I personally will not fly on an Airbus.

Two More Great Reads Added

Long overdue really.

The Conservative Lady, and just a conservative girl.  Clickable on the right sidebar.

Really worth the time.

There are probably many out there, but I only have time to read so many, and the ones I go to at least every other day I have to consider as Great Reads.

fwiw ;-)

Wow !


I don't usually do two in a row, but Wow.

Click the picture to go to the APOD site and read about it, then click the pic again to get a high resolution image.

Given we are all made from 'Star Stuff', and not in an unintelligent way :), all of this star stuff will become how many other planets and all they contain. The never ending cycle of life.