Sunday, June 30, 2019

Folks, Things Are OK

For me anyway, and I hope for you also.

Imagine that we are fed, watered, and loved.  We live on a planet that has a self correcting system to repair itself from any damage we might be able to do to it, from exploding atomic bombs and power plants to inventing things like plastic and other seemingly unnatural elements.  

The Earth just considers these things as more of its children.  All of this came from the Earth and some of it from mankind that the Earth allowed to exist in the first place.  Could be one of the reasons we are even here (-G. Carlin ref there [Language]).  Millions of years ago you had Dinosaurs.  Today you have communists and normal people. Millions of years from now you'll have something else.  Don't sweat it.  Live in the moment.  Live in the frame of your own lifespan and the lifespan of those you care about such as your descendent family.  Adhere to the responsibility that you put in a little effort into maintaining a good living environment for them just as many before you have done for you. (MERIKA! Hell Yea!) Outside of that - your job is done.

If you live in any civilized country, you can hop into your car, and drive within a 30 mile radius and buy whatever the hell it is you need or want for basic living, enjoyment, and entertainment.

You are surrounded by the joy that comes from interacting with the endlessly diverse plant and animal life.  The endlessly diverse physical environment - caves, rivers, lakes, oceans, canyons, trees, flowers, fields, deserts, etc. 

You enjoy the fellowship that comes from your local friends, possibly coworkers, and surely Internet friends and acquaintances.   You have it good.

Unless maybe you're this guy.

If only this hadn't happened..... but we can overcome.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Well, DUH !

Click the image to read the description of how this image somehow made it to your computer monitor from some of the most violent areas of Space and Time.

Subsequently realize what dorkified dipsticks the TDS and climate obsessed people are.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Not Thinking About Politics Much With All the Demons (Dems) in the News

So, what the heck, here is the man that taught Tommy how to play through his albums.

Notice he has a bass guitar string loaded up in the low E position which he has done a few times.

Suzie B is the singer Suzy Boggus.  They recorded some tunes at Chet's home studio and she was always late.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

So, You're the World Famous Guitarist - Tommy Emmanuel

and you have two daughters, one of them named Angelina, and you want to write a tune about her.

Here's how is turns out.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Now Playing

Back when Joe had hair.

Just a perfect tune for sitting on the front porch on a warm summer night, watching the fireflies dance, the hummingbirds feed and the beautiful Dahlia's bloom,  dreaming of... - well you tell me what you're dreaming of since I was about to go negative (Being Honest) and there is no profit in that, though this tune does have me reflecting on those I love as well.  You know who you are.

Longer version after Joe lost his hair.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Welcome to The Carina Nebula

Take your shoes off, set a spell.

Click the pic to go to the APOD site and read the description, then click again to get the high resolution image suitable for printing, framing, or just zooming in to explore by clicking again.

I sure see a ton of things in this one.

Some Audio Enhancement - Just Look Up.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Gee, I can't Wait To Read The News Coming out of Ireland In The Near Future

Is there a limit to the level of insanity? The answer seems to be Hell No!

‘Climate Emergency’: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration


They are asking Irish Citizens to take in some African Moslem Vermin Savage and put them up in one of their spare rooms....



Read all about it.


I think the American left should all move to Ireland as soon as possible.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ok, Time For a Feel Good !

Trump's Accomplishments in the first two years and without the help of Congress - evil dem or useless repub.  More Accomplishments for America than Any Other President in America's History in the first two years.  And I believe it's going to get better unless someone kills the best president we've had since George Washington.

Lots of sites for this but this is a decent one for an easy read on a quick search.

And if it's not mentioned here, let's recognize that one of Trump's accomplishments was keeping the hildebeast out of the White House.  That was dodging an ICBM (not a bullet), more like 100 of them.  Imagine above all the other stuff, we'd have not known about Any of the criminal activities of the highest levels of the most important agencies in America's Federal Government.  (NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS and more) ...  OOOFda as they say in North Dakota.

We will maybe get back to the evil next post.  Plenty of it out there.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


See this is why much of America wants to have massive Hydraulic rams and levers installed into the San Andreas Fault and activate them until most of California is well out into the ocean, certainly beyond the international 12 mile protective margin claimed by any country that has a shoreline.  Here ya go, any country hungry for massive debt and insane cultural decision making.  Take California.  Please.

California Public Schools.....  Here is an excerpt from the required curriculum for our little treasures - starting in Kindergarten.

In early May, the state’s Board of Education approved a new “Health Education Framework” for kindergarten through 12th grade that should shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. From teaching children that there are infinite genders, to how-to manuals on sexual perversions so dangerous and obscene they cannot be described here, there seem to be no moral boundaries or taboos that are not being deliberately broken.

Nothing is beyond the pale. For instance, the indoctrination on transgenderism begins in kindergarten, with children being encouraged to question their “gender” and “gender stereotypes.” And it gets progressively more extreme from there: sexual relationships with multiple partners, anal sex, masturbation, “fisting,” “blood play,” sado-masochism, and much more. Even “education” on child rape as a “sexual orientation” was being foisted on children in the state, at least before a massive outcry shut that down — temporarily, no doubt.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex + (LGBTQI+) agenda is being infused into the entire curriculum from the earliest years. That is despite the fact that the respected American College of Pediatricians (ACP), a group of 500 pediatricians that offers a conservative alternative to the much larger American Academy of Pediatricians, has referred to exactly this sort of propaganda being foisted on children as “child abuse.” In California and beyond, this abuse is now being systematically inflicted upon children by out-of-control politicians, bureaucrats, and sexual deviants. And the consequences are going to be disastrous, experts say.

So, your sweet 7 year old Maxine comes home crying and telling you that her teacher wants one of the boys in class to shove his whole hand up her ass...

Rest the whole thing if you care to.

My conclusion is that obama let these perverse creatures out of the box and now they are exercising any and every possible angle to obtain more sexual partners of all ages for them to enjoy.  (Child Rape = sexual orientation)  Hell, Orwell didn't even see that shit coming.

Monday, June 17, 2019

What's Goin On ?! Why Did This Happen ?! What Can We Do About It ??!!

This should start at 1:33:02 or so.  If not crank it up to that time as this is where the real information starts.

Yuri told us this same thing in 1970.  This vid is 1983 and a presentation to some folks in L.A.

It is an extremely accurate description of how America ended up this way.  Further along Yuri explains how the process can be reversed.  IMO, we are at the stage where Yuri tells us the only course of action is military force.  I agree.

It's still a touch long starting halfway in but if you have an idea what has happened to America, you will get a lot of information quickly from where it starts.

Compare the information to all the things you see going on today.  They're all covered.

It is NOT just democrats coming after Trump.  Nope.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Now Let's Do a Not So Clean George Carlin

I'm a God Believing and Fearin Man, but the last part of this is darn funny.

If it doesn't start at 2:32, knock it up to 2:32, because the advertising part of this in the front isn't that interesting.

Believe the non-religion bullshit part.  Believe me.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

President Donald J Trump Got a Letter From Kim Jong Un

That he is very happy about. He tells us there is much love in this letter.  Well, that reminded me of a song by the Box Tops titled The Letter.

I think DJT and Kim Jong exchanged this letter to each other and they both sing it in the shower every morning.  In Kim Jong's case, it's the pond instead of the shower but still.  I also may have modified some of the lyrics....

Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain't got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home
My Kim/Trump baby, just-a wrote me a letter  I don't care how much money I gotta spend
Got to get back to my Trump/Kim again
Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home
My Kim/Trump, just-a wrote me a letter
Well, he wrote me a letter
Said he couldn't live without me no more
Listen mister, can't you see I got to get back
To my baby Kim/Trump once-a more 

Anyway, yeah!  Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain't got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home
My Trump/Kim, just-a wrote me a letter  Well, he wrote me a letter
Said he couldn't live without me no more
Listen mister, can't you see I got to get back
To my baby once-a more 

Anyway, yeah!  Gimme a ticket for an aeroplane
Ain't got time to take a fast train
Lonely days are gone, I'm a-goin' home
My Trump/Kim baby, just-a wrote me a letter, my Trump/Kim baby just-a wrote me a letter.
Songwriters: Polly Jean Harvey The Letter lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

KJ: I Roves you DJT  !
DJT: I love you Kim!  Lets do this !

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Democrat Party Platform

  • Open Borders !
  • Import as many former IS fighters, African and other moslem vermin as humanly possible, deposit them in Red and Purple states
  • Raise your taxes through the roof, get ready to not being able to afford new underwear for decades.
  • 1st 3 grades of schooling will be spent entirely 100% on transgenderism, drag queens, and bull dyke studies and the dress code will be boys dressed as girls and vice-versa
  • Turn in your guns or the military equipment given to police forces will be outside your house with 35 mm canons ablaze followed by 'burner' Tear Gas canisters
  • Everyone will be issued a card that must be stamped at least 87 times per year or you cannot get a drivers license or vote again.  Your card can only be stamped by an approved gay bar after you've been there a minimum 2 hours.  This is a phased program.  After 5 years you must prove you've had gay sex at least 10 times per year
  • After turning in your guns, you will be required to turn in your Bibles.  Anyone caught with a Bible in the house will be given a 10 year prison sentence
  • Pedophilia will not only be legal it will be encouraged and enabled by using Child Protective Services to snatch kids from mainly Christian homes and relocating them to child sex brothels  (They're supposedly doing this already in Arkansas and 2 former Repub Senators reportedly sniffing around have been murdered)
  • Infanticide totally legal.  A woman can have her baby euthanized up to 3 years of age for any reason.
  • All drugs legal
  • All White people will be required to take in and care for either 2 moslem vermin or 5 Hondurans or Guatamaliens
  • White people will be subject to an additional tax that will go directly to the Chinese, Canadian, and Mexican governments
  • Hilrod Clinton, Andy McCabe, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and anyone else associated with the attempted Coup attempt on President Trump will be awarded at least 2 United States Medals of Freedom and receive a one million $ per year pension paid for by White people.  John McCain will receive 5 medals posthumously and every town in America will be required to have a minimum of 18 streets, roads, freeways, or boulevards named after the great John McCain
  • Nana Pelosi will be named as the new DHS and ICE Chief.
  • Paul Krugman, who hasn't made a correct economic call since he was born, will be put in charge of the Federal Reserve
  • Bill Nye the Science Guy as chief Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Alexandria (Sandy) O-Cortez will be the chief Science Advisor
  • Maxine Waters as head of Housing and Urban Development
  • OJ Simpson as Attorney General
  • In Short, all straight White people in the Federal Employ will be fired and replaced by dumbass minority and homosexual people
  • Anyone who voted Republican in the 2016 election will be disqualified for receiving Social Security or Medicare Benefits
  • Anyone attempting to post Conservative content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media platform will be hunted down and shot
  • The Federal Government will take control of all public and private businesses
  • Trust that your new Democrat Administration is ready to hit the ground running to accomplish much on ALL of these pressing issues in the 1st 100 days !  My Legs are Tingling!  How About Yours ?!
I'll bet this ain't far off.

Friday, June 7, 2019

The Media is at the Intersection of Bullshit Way and Rape Me Blvd.

The Media is the problem in our quaint quiet polite little village...

The rest of this contains some seriously bad language so don't proceed unless you really want to expose yourself to it.  I'm serious.  Close your eyes and get out now if you need to -

So, here's the fucking problem.  We are constantly bombarded by shit that people say that we would not be exposed to if it were not for the fucking media.  Fucking bobby dinero crying his eyes out all day long because he hates DJ Trump.  Fuck bobby.  Bobby also needs to take a bath or shower more than twice a year according to his soon to be ex-wife.   Fucking allysa millano spouting off all the time and featured almost daily in the fucking media.  Who the fuck IS allysa millano?  I sure don't fucking know!  Cher !  Fucking Cher. Ok, she has a mic because this 9th grade drop out married Sonny Bono and managed to survive in the music industry because Sonny had a voice to counter her boring monotone no interest voice.  Amazingly the bitch still was able to maintain a fan base after Sonny plowed himself into a tree on the ski slopes decades ago.  Thanks [not] Pollygram or whichever music execs kept her going !

Countless other mentally diseased hollywood personalities putting their satan-like thoughts on display.  jimmy carrey for example.  bette midler.  Why do these fucking people think they matter or that we're interested in their opinions?
See, this is the fucking problem !  Fucking Morons with fucking mental diseases constantly on fucking display by the fucking media who is only interested in inciting people to click on their fucking articles.

Lemme tell ya, I NEVER click on a headline that includes the words "Shocking" or " Stunned" in the headline.  Honest to fuck, Who is it exactly that is STUNNED by some woman wearing some piece of clothing?  Holy Fuck, has at least 5 items every fucking day that have a headline on the order of so-and-so STUNS in some fucking dress, or so-and-so STUNS or SIZZLES in some fucking bathing suit.  No, they don't fucking STUN or SIZZLE anyone over the age of fucking 7 ! IF That !  Good God, it's a female in some state of undress or partial dress.  We've all seen them!   I was looking at them in Playboy at 10 years old and wasn't even STUNNED THEN!  And in 1962, I didn't even have the internet to go at my leisure and look at thousands of them naked 24 hours a day!!!  All we had back then was the Sears Fucking Catalog Women's Undies Section!!! WTF !!!!!

No one is shocked or stunned !  Fucking STOP with this !

I'm chuckling.

I don't mind saying this felt damn good to get off my chest.


Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Earth Plus Plastic

George Carlin may have been exactly right.  The Earth wanted plastic for itself, didn't know how to make it, needed us.

Bees using plastic to make better nests/hives.

 Excerpt from this short article.....

In both cases, larvae successfully developed from the plastic-lined nests. In fact, the bees emerged parasite-free, suggesting plastic nests may physically impede parasites, the study said.

The Carlin reference is found in this video.  If you want the short version start at the 5:00 time marker.


Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A Candid Conversation With President Donald J Trump

In a special interview with Kid, President Donald J Trump had these things to say.

Mr President, What about Paul Manafort being sent to Rikers.....

"If they send brave Paul Manafot to Rikers, I will send in SEAL Team 7 to break him out and put Bob Mueller and Crooked H. Clinton in his place.  After they break Paul out I'll have them take care of some business at CNN's headquarters around the world."

What about Chuck Schumer telling Mexico you are bluffing on Tariffs?

"Oh my, when I see Cryin Chuck Schumer he looks just like a little diseased rat.  I can't stand to be around him.  He also smells.   His fat ugly no talent daughter Amy apparently has the same mental disease as her daddy.  Amy should get married to Bette Midler and the two of them and Meghan McCain from that total loser show the View can have wild crazy Hate Trump sex parties all day just like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were doing.  I may get SEAL Team 7 to meet Chuck in a dark alley one of these days just like I did with Hairy Reid and have them beat the crap out of him with a Boflex."

Well, what did you think of the Royal Family and your visit to the UK?

"The Queen was wonderful.  She had lots of "off color jokes" lets say. She wanted to spend the night with me, but there was no way to get away from Melania without being found out.  Prince Charles was very very very nice but I think he has some serious emotional issues.  I asked him why he married a skank like Camilla after being married to Diana.  He said she has some special talents.  I said well, she must... and we left it at that.

Most of the rest of the family walk around kind of snorting like pigs with bad colds and you really can't understand what they say so I just look at them and smile.  A lot of them have teeth that just go in all directions like a shark, and it looks like it makes it hard for them to speak plainly so I give them a pass.

I think they all adored me and Melania - or maybe that's Melania and me.  All the people I saw in England obviously love me. Believe me.  I hear some of them drove a thousand miles or more to be there.  All except that nasty Megan Markle.  I've never met her but I think she probably is nasty.  They say she said nasty things about me.  I don't care.  I don't care, I don't expect everyone to like me.  Whenever I saw Prince Harry though I just flipped him off.  I did that thing obama did on TV all the time where he pretended to rub under his eye with his middle finger.  As far as the fake news protests, I understand obama was driving around a bunch of punks in a bus to various locations to hold up some Soros signs and make us wonder what sort of vermin we're living with here.

Then there's that punk Mayor Kahn.  I think he's homosexual.  His muslim buddies should take him up on a tall building and toss him off.  The world would be a better place.  This I will tell you."

How do you feel about Nancy Pelosi and the freshmen democrat women in the House ?

"I think she represents the democrats very well.  She is very anti-American, a complete moron, can't speak in complete sentences just like the last president, and she's drunk all the time. Completely wasted.  The last time she was at the White House, I almost got drunk from the fumes.  But it is her and Lyin Paul Ryan's fault we don't have any sensible immigration laws. Believe me. Believe me.

Cortez is a college graduate? She couldn't pass a 2nd grade math test.  Let's not even talk about the other one.  No doubt her great great great, I don't know how many greats,  grandmother inspired the creation of the burka.  Kind of explains why muslim men have sex with goats."

What about your 2020 Election chances ?

"Oh Boy do you see that freak show of candidates they have ?  Alfred E Newman Mayor of nothing, a bunch of really nasty stupid women, Some idiot who thinks he is Spartacus and a bunch of people who couldn't get hired as Greeter at Walmart so they became politicians.  This is where most politicians come from btw, this I will tell you.  Fired from Walmart.  Walmart didn't even give creepy Joe Biden a chance at the job so he moved into politics after moving out of his parents basement at 23 and hasn't accomplished anything in all this time.  Imagine, a totally incompetent pedophile who's only accomplishment was keeping his nose in oabama's butt for 8 plus years happens to be at the top of the heap of the democrats candidates.
There is no question I will be elected and hopefully a lot of worthless Republicans in Congress will be replaced by Americans."

Finally, where do you feel we are on Foreign Policy Initiatives?

"We're kicking China's ass.  We're kicking Canada's ass.  Can you imagine they elected Justin Trudeau?  Maybe I should call him Justine, but I'll wait until the USMCA is in place.  I kind of feel sorry for him. Total loser.  Couldn't negotiate at a lemonade stand.  I think it's hard for him to figure out which pair of stupid looking socks he's going to put on in the morning. We're going to be kicking Mexico's ass. Iran?  The only bomb they get will be dropped on them.  Russia?  Lets not talk about Russia.  Very good friends of the USA is all I can tell you.  Once I get through the next election we can talk more about Russia.  The rest of the world?  Who cares really.

Oh, One other thing that happened "Inter" "Nationally" yesterday.  Last week I had the USS John McCain deployed to Vietnam just offshore of Hanoi.  That's in the Gulf of Tonkin.  Very troublesome place for America in the past.  Apparently when the bucket, the ship got there it broke down immediately.   It's been captured by the Vietnamese and is now being tortured.   They're sticking sharp wooden spikes into its gun barrels and playing Madonna music 24/7 below decks.  I understand the ship is telling them whatever they want to know.  When they're done with it, it will be renamed The Songbird and will be transferred to the NYC garbage hauling fleet as soon as someone is willing to tow it back here.

The crew has been put up in very nice hotels though and is being treated wonderfully.  In fact my great friend Kim Jong Un has sent an entire brigade of Comfort Womens Forces Personnel down there to well you know, provide additional comfort.  The LGBTQRSTUV community has also deployed to take care of any service member with special needs.  It's just wonderful isn't it?"

Isn't it time to bring in the exotic dancers?"

That it is Mr President !  Bring in the MAGA Girls !

Monday, June 3, 2019

Now Hear This !

The democrats are working to shred the Constitution by:

- Canceling the 1st Amendment through declaring anything anti-left as Hate Speech
- Canceling the 2nd Amendment.  Obvious.

Carry On.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Wow. Curmudgeon over at Political Clown Parade

Put a new header together for me.  I love it.

Be sure to stop in at Political Clown Parade.  It is one of my fairly sparse Daily Stops.  Truly a class offering.