Thursday, April 9, 2020

Yep. More News !

Some real one's in here, starting with -

Pope says Pandemic is Nature's Response to Global Warming.  That's as nuts as islamists saying that Earthquakes are the result of women not obeying their husbands.  Plus, if Nature was pissed off about global warming wouldn't it be killing massive numbers of people in high pollution countries like India and China?  I mean, how stupid is this pope anyway.

Stock Market Up, Down and Sideways today. Media explains it is because of soggy Oreo Cookies wrapped in women's underwear floating on the Ganges river in India.

Bill Gates talking about stuff no one is interested again.

Biden cuts hole in N95 mask so he can still sniff women's hair (from Babylon Bee)

CDC advises best way to avoid corona virus is to pet a fluffy pussycat or take a lonely dog for a walk in a cul-de-sac far away from NYC.

Literally everyone calling politicians "our leaders".  This is the beginning of the end folks.  Bring on the pitchforks !

What's new pussycat?  Pussycat, Pussycat You're delicious And if my wishes can all come true I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips! Pussycat, Pussycat I love you Yes, I do! You and your pussycat lips! You and your pussycat eyes! You and your pussycat nose!   Whoao oh Whao Oh Whoao (From the Tom Jones news network)

In spin-off of old TV show Brady Bunch, LGBT mafia creates show with 18 kids of various genders in house managed by 3 gay dads. In show startup theme song, viewers are challenged to guess which dad is going to be the "mommy" today.

Jobless claims now at 355 million (not counting illegal aliens)

CDC confesses to lying about Covid-19 death numbers (real one)

This just in - according to experts, infecting everyone with corona virus would eliminate the disease.

Planned Parenthood shipping free condoms to everyone in America pre-laced with powdered bodily fluid activated spermatoza.  What can I say, it's gettin real out there.

Joe Biden says COVID-19 helping his campaign by eliminating Trump Rallies.

Russia sends COVID-19 infected cosmonauts to ISS.

Attorney General William Barr says "I ain't prosecutin nobody.  What are you nuts?"

Good Luck Boris Johnson.


  1. Bill Gates had one really good idea in his entire life. Damn I hate that guy. Every other thing that he came up with is pure bull tacos. I keep waiting for him to be hacked to death by machetes by pissed off African Moslems because Gates keeps telling their women they can walk in front sometimes. It’s only a matter of time.

    Now then, if it’s true that politicians are leaders, then the only reason anyone should follow them is from idle curiosity.

    1. No doubt Bill Gates is surrounded by heavily armed people who vote for gun control Mustang.

      Imagine thinking of Hank Johnson or AOC as a "leader". "LOL" just doesn't even come close. Light years away in fact.

  2. This is a great roundup, Kid.

    I read the Pope story. It's very odd and goes something like this: humans hurt the planet with pollution and "exploitation." The planet lashes back in a kind of mystic grief/rage. We get earthquakes, the glaciers melt and a nasty virus.

    What is he on? Does he think nature has a sort of consciousness, is he a quasi animist/pantheist? Surely not but he reads that way.

    C'mon, Pope. Cut it out and while you're at it, fire the lib heretics that're making a mockery of the faith. Good luck with that, eh?

    1. LSP, Any intelligent person takes the long view. Hell, I can't say it any better than George Carlin Did. Outside of his atheist view, I think he's pretty much got it.