Thursday, April 2, 2020

Warning, Maybe a Sad Tune For Some

But it has brought me some comfort over the years.


  1. nice tune. I wonder if Satriani is growing a quarantine beard or is he really an surfing alien with no human-like hair follicles? These are the things that keep me up at night...

  2. What bothers me is thinking that after this Coronavirus crap is over, I think that we Americans who have VERY short memories will go back to buying all that Chinese CRAP again.
    And forget what they did to us, causing Death, effecting our Health, and bringing down our Economy!

    1. DB - Well, anyone who votes democrat (and more no doubt) will certainly continue buying China. Plus no one is going to buy non-China if they have to pay twice as much for equal quality.

  3. JOE, Alas! is not TOMMY!

    Kid, you have confessed to me that you don't respnd favorably to "violins" by which I suppose you mean bowed stringed instruments in general, right?

    That's you prerogative, even though I regret your ruling out more than 90% of the great treasure that is clsssical music literature –– THOUSANDS of Symphonies, Concerti, Operas, Oratorios, String Quartets, and Sonatas.

    Well, I'm here to tell you that I can't STAND songs that depend on endless DRUMBEATS to give them momentum.

    And that's MY prerogative, I suppose.

    I hope these differences don't mean that we can't be friends anymore? };^)>

    1. No problem Franco ! :-) We all have our things. I've also pretty much moved away from music with lyrics. Why? Dunno. I guess that stuff gets old too fast. I like complex music.

  4. It is a sad time for everybody. Even sadder for us Americans who are stuck with a Bastard like Adam Schiff.Adam Schiff Vows to Investigate President Trump's Wuhan Coronavirus Response!
    I say that Schiff can investigate all he wants. He’s already proved himself to be a Clown, and now he want’s to double down on it.
    These whackjobs bug the hell out of me. They’d rather believe the Chinese Bastards that are responsible for making MILLIONS of us Americans Sick, and having Ten’s of Thousands of us Dead, and Tens of Millions of us Out of Work, having our Stores, and our Restaurants go out of business, and millions of them WILL BE going out of business. Then siding with our President who is doing his VERT best to get us back on track again.

    And this dumbass Adam Schiff want’s to do another round of impeachments which wasted months of time that we could have spent doing something useful for the country.
    No one wants to acknowledge that Trump was implementing a travel ban from flights from China while Cuomo, De Blausio, Pelousy were telling people to ignore the virus and go about your normal lives. De Blausio was even telling everyone to go to the Movies. Yeah the Movies where you sat six inches from the next guy, not the sixfeet away as they are telling us now.

    And while President was Trump was trying to control our borders, every single one of the Democratic candidates were whining, and crying and trying to get the illegal’s, and the criminal s to cross the boarder and promising them they would soon be throwing our borders wide open to the entire world, so that they could get them to vote democratic.

    This Clown Adam Schiff needs to stop. Nadler needs to stop. Pelosi needs to stop. The people in this Nation are getting sick, and dying, our businesses are going down the Toilet. These lefties need to become patriots for a change. All of this venom against President Trump needs to Stop! . The Hollywood, TV, and Athletics need to stop. It’s amazing how much time they spent trying to cripple our own President from making our nation great again. . We have a golden opportunity to get things done, and we are wasting it. .We are facing a disaster that is affecting our lives. Our relatives, friends, and neighbors are dying and getting sick, losing jobs, losing money and our livelihoods. We are facing a disaster that we never experience before and that will hurt us for a very long time and some of us are blaming our own President instead of the Bastards who are responsible for this. The Democrats are playing politics to use this crisis for an election
    Adam Schiff, and his ilk like Schumer,and Pelosi, are the bottom of the barrel, and are behaving like baboons !

    1. I hope enough voters are really sick of this crap DB. Time to shitcan these democrat or otherwise anti-American politicians. Course we need Americans to run for office.