Sunday, April 12, 2020

Little Bit of News

Abortions now count as Cornavirus deaths.

Apple, Google, Tweeter, and Facecrap have developed way to infect you with COVID-19 through your smartphone.

All deaths now count as Coronovirus deaths.

All Fraudulent votes in November will count as Coronovirus deaths.

Donald Trump Jr should shave. Thoughts?

Joe Biden tells us that at least 475 million Americans have died from Coronavirus at nursing homes.  Puts blame squarely on Donald Trump's shoulders.  Vows if elected president he will travel back in time and kick Donald Trump's ass behind the gymnasium on some warm summer day.

Jodi Arias temporarily  released from jail, fatally stabs entire church full of patrons to death who refuse to date her.  Bill DeBlasio signs off on no bail required. Arias released into general population of Long Island residents.  Residents vow to vote Democrat in next election.

AOC claims drag queens are the answer to all of America's problems.

With rest stops closed, truckers are forced to urinate on precious trees drawing the scorn of environmentalists world wide.

obamacare website predicts 357,800 % more people will die of Coronavirus than would have under free market health care system.

Businesses leaving China like rats off a sinking ship.


  1. Men can grow beards if they want to ... we still live in a partially free country. I'm just not sure why any American would want to emulate some Middle Eastern mullah. Besides, I read somewhere that most women detest beards ... so if one's mission in life is to pursue the fairest sex, what is the point in having one?

    AOC has a beard. I only know this because Kid told me so.

    Will I contract COVID from eating peanut butter?

    I don't think we have to worry about Little Joey kicking anyone's ass. His problem is that when he was a kid, he never got his ass kicked by anyone. No one likes to lose a fight, but they are important life lessons. My guess is that Joe might have grown up to be a normal person had Billy taken him into the school yard for a lesson in how to keep his damn mouth shut.

    Will I contract COVID from eating Chinese food?

    I see that Vietnam has stepped up and is providing the USA with 450,000 PPE suits. Not because they like us, but because it pisses off China. Another silver lining ...

    BE WELL everyone. HAPPY EASTER to all of Kid's normal readers/commenters.

    1. Kid has "normal" readers? Asking for an imaginary friend :/

    2. Kid has two categories of readers/commenters. (a) Normal, and (b) Deleted.


    3. Kimberly Guilfoyle is the only one he'll pay attention to on the beard.

    4. @Mustang, I don't want to tell anyone what to do, I just think beards for the most part look dirty. Especially that 3 say stubble variety. That's gotta be painful to the women right?
      You will not contract COVID. Yep 2 categories of readers !

      @Ed, Ding Ding Ding !

  2. I've read that Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has a larger body count than any major Hollywood film ever made, and these deaths are now classified as due to COVID-19. And the presumption that they WOULD HAVE voted for Sleepy Joe, so their votes will now be in his column.

    As for shaving, I say no. In fact, I have quite the ponderous quarantine beard going myself. Like Bob Marley tells Scrooge in the classic, Christmas Carol, I wear the beard I forged in quarantine. “I made it link by link". It may never reach Rosie back mat proportions, but I passed Michael Moore's wispy presentation on Day one.

    Following in order to learn Mustang's answer regarding the peanut butter. And a follow up question regarding how long it stays good after drying in one's quarantine beard.

    1. Mr Blade, I'll put you down for a 3rd No. Which is fine of course. Actually, I have a 4 day which is coming off poste haste as I need to do a little shopping (wine and R rated Valentine cards..). I'm not sure why the genius Mustang thinks peanut butter might be dangerous. Maybe he is still reeling from the Jimmy Carter years when he was unable to buy gas to take Martha Sue Lynn to the drive-in and engage in kissing and other stuff.

  3. Okay - the Jodi Arias one made me snort and snicker. It shouldn't, but it did. Sigh

    Don Jr. shave? YES! I hate his beard. Cruz, on the other hand (once I got used to it) looks a bit better with a beard.

    Have a wonderful day, Kid, and remember -- you are not at risk.

    We have left over premium ham from Christmas that was vacuumed sealed and is now ready for our Easter feast along with my mom's recipe for creamed corn casserole (a tradition), baked sweet potatoes, and a salad. Also in deference to my mom's 1950's presentation the ham will be surrounded with pineapple rings fried in butter. I will be skipping the maraschino cherries plopped in the middle for decoration. Mom said it was okay.

    @Mustang/DaBlade - there is nothing, nothing normal about this kitteh loving reader. I'm as bent as they come. And a word of caution - Kid is pretty dang bent too.

  4. Adrienne ! Finally some one in My camp on the Don beard. Yes some do look Ok. I'm gonna hold you to that risk thing my lovely platonic friend.

    I hope the sweet potatoes have a brown sugar and butter topping A.

    Maraschino cherries only good in flaming Cognac.

    I love my not normal readers ! Yes, I'm as bent as a wing tip or propeller of an RAF Spitfire after a Prang Event during landing or take-off.

    And I like it that way.

    1. Did I just see a pilot dolphin on takeoff rather than landing?

      Son looks very swarthy with a beard. Not good!

    2. True Adrienne. That was a takeoff mishap.

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  6. Confuses Says; The way to deal with the crazy progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions.

  7. Ok, look...if I can't mention THE BEAST's real name, you can't mention Michelle's husband's real name :-)

    1. It's a deal Z but I never use the first name only a non-capitalized last name. You're certainly free to use the last name of the beast.

  8. I believe all thinking people should STOP referring to Dumb-Mock-Rats as "LIBERALS."

    The term should be retired, because there ARE no true "LIBERALS" in positions of Power and Authority anymore.

    Our FOUNDERS were true Liberals. Do you now anyone today who closely resembles THEM?

    Dumb-Mock-Rats would be called Leftists, Statists, crypto-Marxists, Tyrannists, Dictocrats, Control Freaks, etc. –– anything BUT "Liberals.

    My favorite term for them would be SH-THEADS, but I know it would never fly in ths Nightmare PC-World.

    1. Agree that the founders were liberal conservative libertarians.