Friday, April 24, 2020

Well, Slow News Day

Millions dying from bleach + ammonia drink challenge.  (Now we're getting somewhere).

Brassieres declared Major health risk.

John Durham found tossing 1 dollar bills of taxpayer money at nearly naked women in Baltimore strip club.

Harvard Professor demands all Republicans commit suicide.

Oklahoma Governor declares only strip clubs and whore houses as essential businesses.  Michigan governor Gretchen approves of measure.

WalMart to implement one way aisles.  Plan backfires. Customers slamming into each other walking in wrong direction.

Yale Professor states "Trump is using subconscious techniques to murder all non-Trump supporters".

University Professors and students disallowed from covering mouths when sneezing or coughing. $100 fine per occurrence.

Joe Biden not sure which country he is running for election in.  Mounts election challenge against Vladimir Putin and Ho Chi Minh.
AOC coming up with new gourmet recipe for boiling water.

Birds, reptiles, and insects splitting their sides laughing at antics of humans.
I Got Blisters On My Fingers !
Where Am I !?!


  1. I must admit that I’m a social Darwinist. I firmly believe that anyone who drinks bleach (with or without ammonia) probably doesn’t belong in a nation like ours and most assuredly we must not allow them to vote. The more bleach these people drink, the better for all mankind ... and this is as close to globalism as I can get.

    Let’s put that study on hold and await further data about brassieres. The study you refer to was of French origin by a professor named Jean-Denis Rouillan, subsequently arrested for cross dressing and visiting lady’s rooms in very posh restaurants. Remember France ... the country where women do not shave their legs or armpits? Yeah, let’s hold off on burning bras for now.

    I don’t know who John Durham is. Did he marry Taylor Swift? And what’s wrong with throwing taxpayer money at exotic dancers? It’s either that or thousands spend on defective hammers. You’ve got to learn how to prioritize, Kid. Seriously.

    Actually, I was in Wal-Mart the other day and found myself going the wrong way in a one-way aisle. A stock clerk chastised me severely but let me off with a warning on account of the fact that I’m a Wal-Mart shopper, old, and living in Florida. I’ll not make that mistake again, unless I come across another “one way only” sign that’s no more than an inch high, taped to the floor, which was heavily smudged with grime.

    Thanks to your wonderful coverage of the daily news, all that’s fit to print, I might add, I’ve dispatched an email to Joe Biden to explain that he’s running for president of Outer Slobovia. I expect he’ll be moving there soon to satisfy the residency requirements. Tick.

    Well done, again, Kid. You may be in for a Pulitzer Prize for internet reporting.

    1. Mustang, I re-read your comment and your stuff should be required reading in 2nd grade classes right after the anal sex lessons so the kids cnn get a brain cleansing.....

  2. I am not able to argue any of your points Mustang - Hell I can hardly type......

    Yea, I think anyone who is willing to consume a concoction of ammonia and bleach needs to move on..

    Bras are very dangerous my friend. Some internet searches will BEAR this out.

    I don't know who anyone is if you get down to it.

    I'm sorry to hear of you Walmart experience.

    All of you Joe Biden emails are forwarded to the clinton beast if you didn't know.

    Can I get a Peace Prize for doing nothing ? That'd be cool.

  3. Yale Professor states "Trump is using subconscious techniques to murder all non-Trump supporters".

    It is most all the Professors and the Media, then pointing a finger at Trump, and saying,
    that's him, man. Yep he wants to be a Dictator.
    The whole time the Democrats are stopping people from going to Church.
    Imposing $1,000 Dollar Fines and 18 months in Jail for not wearing a mask.
    Stopping people from buying seeds to grow their food.
    Using subconscious techniques to murder young girls babies.
    Now who are the Dictators?


      Why can't some people figure this out? Dems have been employing this technique for decades.

  4. Yale Professor states "Trump is using subconscious techniques to murder all non-Trump supporters."

    Yale professors –– and all other exponenets of the Poison Ivy League –– be DAMNED. if only this WERE true, I'd be all for it.

    The only GOOD leftists are DEAD leftists.

    1. There was a time in this country when most citizens stood in awe of professional men: lawyers, doctors, lawmen, college professors, and members of congress (to name a few). This is no longer true. Today, the average Joe thinks more highly of trash collectors than they do members of congress. The common man now views lawyers as untrustworthy, judges as crooks and idiots, doctors and scientists as ideologues, journalists as lying snakes (either by commission or omission), and professors as not having a single clue beyond their field of study, which is, as it turns out, is a very narrow band of questionable expertise in topics most people don’t care about. I’m not sure we can eradicate them as we once did the hostile Indians, but at least with the Indians, they were true to their own culture and everyone knew what to expect from them.

    2. Franco, Agree 100%

      Sam - Agree 100%

    3. A line from the movie "Shooter" comes to mind. "Sometimes what is really needed is some street justice". Hell yea.


  5. !

    Ok, you Lying, Vulgar, Bleeding Heart Liberals, I’m going to give it to you and Give it to you Straight, NOT like the stupid photo shopped pictures, and captions, and sayings pictured on Facebook by those feckless Progressives, and others like the Progressive, Socialists on these Facebook boards !
    Lets start with the BS about putting Children in “Cages”.
    When an American citizen is arrested for a crime. He is separated from his family and put in jail. And many times the children are taken from the offender's home and put in the custody of Child Services. So why should illegals who have committed a criminal act by sneaking across our border be treated any differently? What kind of parent would subject their kids to that?

    Here's are the facts, these people, these poor poor poor displaced people would rather risk losing their children to a country that will NOT harm them than stay in a country that will. Despite all the hoopla of separating these kids, and putting them in “cages” like the Progressives are saying, they are being kept in air conditioned housing, with TV, eating 3 healthy meals a day, and being kept warm, and safe....all this on the tax payer's dime.

    So as an American, and a tax payer I ask, at what point will this stop? As long as these parents don’t really care about their children that they have brought with them to cross our boarders ILLEGALLY, knowing that they might be separated from them, but hoping we would give them a free pass because of the children, then the outcome is on them, the abusive parents! NOT on us, and NOT on President Trump.
    These Kids are not going to be put in jail, or cages are you are being told by Nancy Pelosi, or by Chuck Schumer, These kids will get a free education, they will get housing, 3 square meals a day, they will get all the perks avoided a US citizen.. But how long do you think we can do this, or will do this?
    As long as these parents continue to bring these kids in, knowing that they ain't going no where and more and more and more and more families will make this move no matter what we do, so at what point do we say enough?
    But THANKFULLY President Trump’s WALL is putting an end to that nonsense.
    And even with the ILLEGAL’S slowing down because of the Wall the President is still being treated as if he was doing something harmful to our Nation. This President will never be treated fairly.
    But the Progressives, and the Liberal media is in love with creepy Joe Biden, who can’t even remember what day of the week it is, or what country he is in.
    In fact Only Now the Former Vice President and Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden is officially under investigation by Washington D.C. law enforcement for his alleged sexual assault against Tara Reade, a former staffer of his campaign in 1993. What in the world took them so long. Or did they wait until the DNC had someone else ready to replace him?
    And what’s up with his problem with liking to feel up little girls and sniff their hair?
    And getting back to the Immigration situation, I'm just being real here when I say how long do you think that the tax payers can afford to do this? At some point if we continue to take in all these Latin American kids along with their parents, this country will soon be another Mexico, and what then? With the current situation of the Coronavirus that is all but bankrupting our country Our welfare rolls are exploding right now, our jobs that have been being taken away from us because of the “Chinese Virus” are also being taken away from us by employers that use illegals for cheap labor.
    Our schools, and Hospitals are over crowed by these illegals. This was a “crisis” even before the horrific health problem that we are currently having.
    Already, town after town, city after city this country is housing more ILLEGAL’S than ever before. Already English is slowing being diluted because the older illegal’s never learn to speak to English. At what point does the tax payer who foots all this hardship say enough is enough?