Saturday, April 25, 2020

OK, A Little News...

N. Korea Leader Kim Jong Un reportedly metamorphizing into beautiful butterfly from coronavirus according to

Project Veritas discovers video evidence that Joe Biden is actually ISIS operative though he is not trusted to operate suicide belt activation button -  deployed with cell phone with unknown number.  Could go off at any time based on scammer calls.
Folks, the Real News is just too absurd to apply my spin to.  Honestly.  Just direct your browser to

- Over and Out.


  1. Whaaaaaaat

    I was looking forward to a long list of funny/not funny headlines.

    Kid - I'm worried about you.


    1. MANY LOVING HUGS Adrienne ! Honestly, it's hard to binky the latest's so screwy... Maybe I'm not feeling well.....

      I will try harder. Surely it will happen. I may have to consult the Giggle Cats..

      Best Regards You Beautiful Angel.....

    2. Speaker of the Stupid, inept, House Nancy Pelosi (as seen on National TV) on Thursday wiped her dripping nose with her bare hand, then took that same hand and wiped it all over the House floor podium used by other members of Congress!

      We will never be a Socialist or Communist Country. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY HERE, YOU CAN LEAVE! It is your choice, and your choice alone. This is about LOVE FOR AMERICA. And NOT HATE for our Country

    3. Once again, we find the stupid, un-American Progressive Socialist Democrats, Doing the Stupid things that the Don't want us to do.
      Do as I say, NOT as I DO!

  2. So sad to see Kid turning into a slacker, Adrienne.... I did warn him about an excess of M&Ms though.

    1. Mustang, I need some boot camp ! Good Gracious..... Just don't call me Lawrence...

  3. Our new “Il Duce” Andrew Cuomo has told us that
    The “new normal” means we can go back to work when we tell you!

    And I guess that we can live our lives how you dictate we can!
    Well I'm sorry Fredo, but I don’t ascribe to the One World Order conspiracy order that YOU do.
    But Thanks anyway for giving us that much needed lesson of YOUR wisdom.

    We’ve watched you on your Daily TV reality show. And we’ve read all about the Virus police issueing fines and arresting us, and our Kids for taking a walk in the park, and preventing us from traveling from one house to another, and preventing certain religions like Christians, and Jews from going to worship, but giving a Free Pass to others. Others who you are probably afraid to mess around with!
    And attempting to mandate that we wear masks in public when the Professionals tell us that they are USELESS! And now you seem to have a Crystal Ball to see what the future will hold for us.

    We’ve tolerated you, and your Progressive agenda for a long time in the past. But just listening to your BS on your daily Reality show is getting to be BORING, and NON- SENSIBLE. It’s time to say that enough, is enough.

    Your response based on the numbers and data coming from who know where is based on socialized medicine. You tell us things what are completely different from what we hear from the President’s team of experts, and you seem to rather rely on information coming from that cesspool of Progress’s in the House of Congress the same people that never get anything right.
    Just as Nancy Pelosi who wipes her running nose with her fingers and then wipes he fingers on the same podium they the next leftist stooge speaks from.
    You tell us about of deaths in New York, related to the virus whether actual or not, as many of those deaths are NOT coronavirus related!
    You throw all of that garbage into data models that are given to you by leftists with dealings with the same Chinese who brought that Lousy Virus here in the first place, and proceed to believe them.

    It didn’t occur to you until weeks later, when those models that predicted anything had FAILED! Just like the false about of Ventilators you requested for President Trump, your information was wrong. But like all Leftist’s you blamed the administration for the wrong information. And your answer to that was “We need them for the apex, the apex isn’t here, so we’re gathering them in a stockpile.” NO ANDREW, They were stocked and they weren’t needed! Basically, Cuomo was blaming Trump for not having enough when he had a warehouse full of them So the bottom lie is that Andrew Cuomo acknowledged that the state did have a Stockpile of Unused Ventilators, despite his complaints that the federal government (Trump) was not sending enough.

    Like they say garbage in, garbage out. And one main reason your models, or Information fail so completely is because the bureaucrats you put all your faith in never even bothered to wonder what it would mean if the Chinese communists were lying to us about the virus as anyone with an ounce of brains would expect. .

    And while we are on the Subject of Andrew Cuomo, would someone please ask him WHY with restaurants and bars, and so many other non-essential businesses being SHUT DOWN from New York to California in an effort to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. The liquor stores are being allowed to be opened? Are the people being allowed to wet their whistles and call that essential?
    Why is it so easy it is to get a bottle of booze considered to be an “essential business”and yet we can’t find a store to buy Toilet Paper, or Water or even Face Masks, and Gloves?
    Could it be that the liquor stores are being allowed to be opened so that Hillary and Nancy can get their Fix?

    1. Boy, you sure aren't the other DAVID MILLER! What a relief! :-)

  4. The Voice of ReasonApril 26, 2020 at 9:40 AM

    I remember when President Trump was accused of making people drink fish tank cleaner. Now it’s Lysol.
    Does the Leftist media really believe that the people are that stupid to believe what you Leftist Reporters say?

    1. or...does the Leftist media REALLY believe people thought a president actually said we should drink LYSOL??

  5. Franco, I hope that you haven't shut down your blog permanently.

    Please don't let those birdbrained, Idiotic Progressives force you to close your blog that so many of us love.
    Please return and give them the HELL that they deserve.

  6. At this point, the Leftist, Socialist’s are riding high right now with being House Arrest, and their Fake News is spreading faster than the coronavirus .And while President Trump is on a mission to restore ALL American values, and virtues and Make America American Again, have America go back to Churches, and Synagogues, the Democrats are more interested in winning elections.
    And I personaly am getting really sick of hearing about the New American Governor Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo who is having a bit of a moment in the Sun Andrew Cuomo, the man that was never able to win an election until he ran in heavily Liberal New York. Andrew Cuomo, whose name has been mentioned as a potential Democratic challenger to President Trump but said he isn’t running for president in 2020. Ah, ha in 2020, in other words 2024 would be his year?
    Run for the Presidency? Considering that Cuomo is loaded in controversy, and that he shut down the commission investigating Corruption when he found out the commission was investigating him.
    Yes,.there is a reason why Cuomo isn’t running for president against Hillary Clinton because Hillary knows where the closet is that hold’s Cuomo’s Skeletons.
    Andrew Cuomo actually dreams of being president. But it won’t happen, because he’s afraid to run against Donald Trump who can expose Andy’s dirty dealings.

    An lets not forget that Cuomo hasn’t exactly done such a great job as Governor in New York. The Cops hate him, ..Taxes are thru the roof..and New York City is a mess…And Trump knows it..Why did Trump move from NY to Florida..because..of the Taxes..The President is being super nice right now..but let Cuomo run..and you see Trump go into full attack mode, and Andy knows it.

    So no matter what the outcome will be with Biden, Cuomo hasn’t a prayer of being the Democratic nominee this year. But maybe in 4 years the Hatchet will be buried.

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  8. Dear Franco, I wholeheartedly agree with the others... The Progressive IMBECILES, and the Democrats and the Liberal Lunatics that post on these here blogs that we comment on hate him. They can't STAND that he's doing such a wonderful job at leading our country. And he WILL be re-elected in November by a LARGE margin. The dim ones, like that witch on a broom stick who authors that shitty blog and who post on here realize this. That's why there's so much hatred and desperation in their posts. So please don't shut down YOUR blog, we need you and people like you to help fight our cause.

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  10. Franco emailed me he was shutting down and I sent him both requests NOT to via nice!! And so true!!

    KID: I think maybe MORE M&Ms would help the creative juices flow again. :-)

    1. Z, I did take the M&M advice and I think my latest post shows promise.

      Well, up to Franco...