Saturday, April 18, 2020

The News Just Keeps Eeeking Out.

Democrat Governors ban ALL Monogamous Sexual Activity over COVID-19 until further notice. Monogamy also declared permanently illegal in their state.  Only polygamous and homosexual relations allowed.  Moslems excluded from ban.

GM Slammed for badly timed retro "See the USA in your Chevrolet" marketing campaign during quarantine.  Also slammed for their absurd 'find new roads' idiotic marketing phrase.

Joe Biden explaining COVID-19 at recent virtual town hall as "Hey, this is like Aliens 5" and explains how threat can be mitigated by older men exposing their leg hair and groping young girls as they stroke the hairs.  It is unclear how that will be helpful.  
Media says "Well, that's just old Joe".

All of Joe Biden's potential VP picks accused of sexual assaults.  Well, it's not like any of them will get it for free!

Antifa terrorists threaten Americans with pulling hair, yelling, screaming, and throwing milkshakes at them.

Joe Biden claims pandemic will fix climate change 'problem' (pretty close to true story)

"I crawled into bed with Don Lemon and we cried like babies".  Brian Stelter laments pandemic life in newsletter to his 6 followers...

Class action University lawsuit wins 30 billion dollars after proving leftist indoctrination, vast majority of students donate money to 2020 Democrat election campaigns.

Google Home and Amazon Alexa listening devices now speaking to sleeping owners in order to get them to subliminally vote democrat in November.

House passes bill to give all of America to China for forgiveness of debt.

Joe Biden declares he identifies as not only 5 different races, but also 8 different genders.  Jill Biden confirms with "Ya, That's Joe" statement to press on Morning Joe program with Joe Scarborough and Mika the Communist agent.

China to test new Aircraft Carrier that won't catch fire.

Joe Satriani has new album out titled Shape shifting.  Pretty good imo.

Kitty Kat play biting me more now that we're holed up in the house all day. Fluffy little beast.

ABC's David Muir admits under waterboarding torture sessions that the show is total bullshit and only meant to be a Trump hit piece.

New bill gives tax credits for those who make Male Emperor Penguins in Antarctica more comfortable during the winter months while their female mates frolic in the ocean engorging themselves in order to feed their young chicks upon return. LGBT Groups enraged.

CDC declares that biological men cannot actually get pregnant or have the slightest use for tampons.  Democrats up in arms in opposition and widely featured on cable news programs defending they are opposing positions on the subject.  Sanjay Gupta weighs in with a report that is frankly too long to include in this post.  President Trump widely criticized for ignoring this issue.  Proctor and Gamble thrilled dumbass Democrat men think they need tampons.  Stock price surges.


  1. The greatest dogs on earth made up for all the rest.

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Kid

    1. She looks like a pretty young girl Adrienne. She has quite a talent.

      Thank you. I hope yours is also wonderful.

  2. "ABC's David Muir admits under waterboarding torture sessions that the show is total bullshit and only meant to be a Trump hit piece." And Cuomo did this last week but recanted when the DNC probably got to him!! Maybe the tide's changing? Rip tide would be good in their cases :-)
    WONDERFUL STUFF, DO have a talent!!!
    Make that kitty STOP BITING YOU!!!

    1. Thanks so much Z! Yea, maybe the tide is turning.

      I actually don't mind the kitty bites but she has slowed down on the play attacks.

  3. I have a solution for the problem with anti-fa thugs assaulting people with rocks, bricks, and milkshakes. Simple solution, really. Whenever one of these brownshirts throws a brick, throw back a .357 or two, or three. Ah heck, make it a full magazine. As for male tampons, the Moslems have been wrapping their heads in those for years. I'd leave you a comment about David Muir, except that I don't know who that is. Meanwhile, I agree with everything Adrienne says or mutters under her breath.

    One question: is it true that Joe Biden had sex with Kim Il-Un?

    1. Adrienne is one smart cookie Mustang. Agree on the .357's. Joe Biden will have sex with anything. I don't see Joe heading back to N Korea though.

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  5. Shut the hell up Fredo, . This is a national problem and if you can't handle your part, the president can't handle it just fine... Plain and simple. Stop making excuses...One of the things that whinny little Fredo is failing to consider is that a lot of the businesses that “HE” has shut down in the State of New York are engaged in Interstate Commerce. Hotels and particularly, Restaurants that have long been controlled by the Federal Wage and Hour rules, because they are "interstate commerce". The POTUS of America , Donald J. Trump, has control over interstate commerce, not the governors. And if the PRESIDENT orders the governors s to open them up, they really don't have a choice in the matter unless they want to misbehave like Fredo has been doing!

    President Trump is handling his part of the job just fine. Its Fredo who is coming up short. Maybe Fredo is more fit to be President of an Abortion clinic
    And one more thing.....Does Fredo think that Biden can handle it better?
    Cuomo has been a freaking disaster. The President's advisors put together a reasonable plan and Cuomo can't even handle it. People Conveniently, and intentionally FAIL to remember that when President Trump was instituting travel Bans, whining Cuomo, De Bliassio, and Nazy Pelousy were telling Americans to ignore the Chinese Virus. Only goes to shows how stupid the people of NY are for electing this guy in the first place!
    How is this guy even a governor? Andrew is definitely the weakest, whining crybaby of the entire Cuomo family

  6. ALL of China's Aircraft Carriers have the potential to catch fire - at least with The Donald in office.

    Nicely trained dogs... I would be satisfied if I could get my dog to walk beside me instead of pulling on the leash like he's a sled dog and I'm the sled...

    I wonder what Shaw thinks about that, over at Shaw's blog, whoever and wherever that is.

    1. Have never been to that blog Mr Blade, but my impression is it is full of inflamatory libtard crap meant to draw web traffic and anyone out on other blogs yapping about the creature is trying to increase the traffic.

      I believe China only has one carrier. They may have bought it from Russia, but Mustang won't confirm this in spite of my constant emails to him about this.

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  7. The GM story reminded me that the same brain trust marketed the Chevy Nova in South America.
    No va means won't go in Spanish!