Monday, April 27, 2020

The News Never Stops Comin At Ya

Who will replace Kim Jong Un?  Speculation that it will be some bigger POS.

Nana Pelosi applies to be porn actress. No One interested.  Not even in 3rd world countries.  Nausea now declared bigger problem than corona virus around the globe.

Three females being considered for Biden VP choice, All Chinese with very fragrant hair! - Ho Lee Fuk,  Some Ting Wong, and Bang Ding Ow.  Congress dismissing rules requiring natural citizens for these government positions.  China probably greasing some palms - lots of em.

Progressives calling for Joe Biden to drop out of race over sexual assault charges.  Want candidate with more solid and confirmed sexual assault evidence as well as more serious sexual charges.

Governor Cuomo pressuring mayor DeBlasio to get piercings on all sexually related body parts. And tattoos, don't forget the tattoos.

Facebook adds new suicide feature.  Just click.  Extra pain available for added shipping and handling fee.  Stock price jumps.  Twitter management in emergency meetings to counter suicide strategy.

Media members required to wear shock collars around neck and in crotch area during White House press briefings until further notice.  When one of the pukes attacks the President they all get the juice.  Like a Marine barracks blanket party.  Take That !

Cats have had enough of this crap - sharpening claws on tree bark, carpeting, and furniture in preparation for swamp draining and world domination.

Nana Pelosi endorses Joe Biden amid sexual assault claims.  In statement to press she testifies that Joe sexually assaulted her many times and she always enjoyed the hell out of it, says accusers are just in it for the money or are drunken lesbians.

First Graders required to demonstrate sexual performance techniques in front of class.  Teachers state "Don't worry, everyone will get a chance."

Chris Wallace in odd 5 minute moment on FOX TV segment declares "Look at my beady Eyes!  Look at em!"  over and over and over.  Wins pulitzer prize.

California bans all activity.  Marjorie Dorisin  fined $1,000 for waking up, created youtube video about this.  Fined another $10,000 for making youtube video.  Gavin Newsom splitting sides laughing. Fines himself 50 cents.

SpaceX's latest Starship actually Not a Strarship - Can't fly to another star.  Not Happenin.  Gen-Zers scream at sky upon revelation.

"Protests" determined by experts to be Colossal waste of time and energy.  Hey go clean up some litter instead you idiots they write!

Andy Cuomo blames wild sex orgies at nursing homes as reason for Covid-19 case escalation.

Daffy Duck and Sylvester the Cat banned from public spaces for history of spraying saliva into the areas they travel.  Tweety Bird still free to travel.

(blogger such a piece of crap...)


  1. That's quite a list. So, what did Blogger do now?

    1. Odie. Blogger deletes various formatting when I update a post. i.e. removes spacing between individual lines so it crunches it all down, then Good God, if you have video links, it just tosses all or most of them in the trash if you update a post. Like walking on eggshells.

  2. Let’s have a contest to see who the likely candidates are to replace Kim Jong Dong ...

    In order of precedence, I think:
    (1) Joe Biden
    (2) Hillary Clinton
    (3) Bill Clinton
    (4) Chuck Schumer
    (5) Nasty Pelosi
    (6) Dirty Dick Durban
    (7) Barack Obama and his monkey (tag team event)*

    *Rated last because he already has a good gig going with Lil Georgie Soros and Al Qaeda.

    Back in the 60’s there was some referral about biker chicks and “pulling trains.” In Pelosi’s case, no one lines up to be a box car.

    By three females of Chinese origin, you mean those who are still in elementary school, right? Otherwise, we’d have a Democratic VP candidate who is over-qualified for the position.

    I heard a rumor that Joe Biden has accused himself of self-sniffing and sexual assault ... while locked inside his wife’s three-room lavatory and drooling over pictures of women in the Penny Saver. Just a rumor, though. Something you might have Bradley Manning investigate.

    Marine Corps blanket party inside the WH press room wouldn’t be politically correct. I propose instead that someone wire all press corps chairs with a 400-volt connection and let the duty lance corporal decided when to activate it, and on which chair(s). The first lance corporal who zaps that puke Acosta gets a meritorious promotion and a 72-hour liberty in a DC whor ... um, cultural center.

    Kid, if you could elect a cat to the presidency, which one would it be? I was thinking Elvira ... oh, wait. Different kind of cat. Never mind.

    Sigh. Who is Marjorie Dorisin? Taylor Swift’s lover? Gavin Newsom’s poodle?

    Are you still working on the starship project that started by our friend Imp? Should almost be done by now, don’cha think?

  3. Mustang. LOL ! Let me try to answer your most excellent questions......

    You gotta pretty good list there for Kim Jong replacement, but I'm thinking deBlasio and skanky filthy wife once New Yoikers vote them out in favor of even more puke generating democrats.

    I'm afraid I dunno know how old the Biden Chinese VP chicks are... Like not that is matters when you had a president born in China and raised on Cheerios and moslem vermin call to prayer music.

    May I recommend a Silver Star and Navy Cross for the Lance Corporal ?

    I think the Giggle Cats (see right sidebar not too far down) should be elected President and Vice President.

    Marjorie? Yes.

    The Starship project is very close to virtual completion. 2 pierced and tattooed young females in the supermarket today were very impressed with test trials that I showed them on my smartypants phone. (It was actually footage of X-15 test runs...) Well, you can fake out kids with just about anything these days) Hey just go to youtube and type in X-15 tests. Interesting that Neil Armstrong was one of the test pilots Hot dang.

    1. I mean Kenya. See ya made me laugh too hard..

  4. Who needs anything other than Kid and Mustang being funny. Seriously - you guys are just too dang funny.

    California bans all activity. Marjorie Dorisin fined $1,000 for waking up, created youtube video about this. Fined another $10,000 for making youtube video. Gavin Newsom splitting sides laughing. Fines himself 50 cents.


    1. Adrienne, Thank You ! and LOL!

      Giggle Cats ! Lol!

    2. Adrienne, Mustang is in Comedy Training still but doing well !

    3. splitting sides laughing = fine of 50 cents. Where do I send the coin? actually, the laugh jar is getting full from the likes of Lewis and Martin here.

    4. Thank you Mr Blade. I'm sure Mustang will drop some coin into your tip jar. Madeline won't allow me to have a tip jar actually....

  5. Ilhan Omar says that she will be moving out of the United States if she is not re-elected.

    What I'd like to know is Can she take the rest of the Squad with her?

  6. With Biden how much of "Enough" is enough. His sons corruption and now this.
    When Biden says he doesn’t remember, we have to believe him.

  7. New York's Mayor De Blasio kept chalking up bigger and bigger infection rates and deaths. Trump think they are phony Numbers.

    1. Democrats are inflating the umber to receive more money.

  8. Some of the Female House members who opposed the nomination of the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Diane Feinstine, Sheila Jackson Lee, Barbara Lee, Lois Frankel, Carolyn Maloney, Lisa Blunt Rochester, Grace Meng, Where are they now with the Biden accuser?