Friday, June 30, 2017

Another Audio Release From the Kim Jong Un Palace

Kim Jong:​  General Wang, Come Krick !

GW: I'm here Great Reader, how can I help ?

KJ: I hacked into Great Tweeter's (Donna Trump's) Tweet machine last night and made bunch of tweets.  Tells me what you think!

@XiJingPing Hey fatso, why you have such ugly wife. Also you still owes me $150 from naked twister game in Mar-a-Lago.

@CNN  "CNNgirls are ugly. I wouldn't kiss any of them using lips of low I.Q.  katie couric"

@robertmueller "ex FBI guy crazy like rabid snake better hopes videos not available"

GW: Which videos Greatest Leader?
KJ:  There are no videos General Wang!

KJ: Here's more

@joescarborough @andersoncooper "I just found out psycho joe scarborough having sex with lying anderson cooper everyday in broom closet of CNN."

@HoleWhyWhirl "President Rouhani and supreme leader Khamenei of Iran having man sex every night. Rub each other with big feathers on bed."

@KimJongUn "I'm loves brilliant and very handsome Kim Jong Un Long Time!"

GW:  "I'm thinks that one best so far Brilliant Reader."
KJ: "Me toos".

@chucktodd "Chuckie have face like beaver.  I can't watch you anymore.  Also stop calling asking for date."

@nancypelosi "Nancy please stay, you're doing great job for me but please keep bag over zombie head all times. You reminds me of movie Weekend at Bernies"

@chuckshumer "Just found out lying chuckie shumer is really girl - really ugly girl."

GW: All so good Greatest Leader.  I'm tell all of DPRK how brilliant you are !
KJ: I'm knows it General Wang !  Take Brilliant reader compriment medal !
GW to self "Oh shit".

KJ:  General Wang, I'm just have new brilliant idea !
GW: Please Tells me Great One !
KJ: I want you to work on plan to shrink all poor people of DPRK to very tiny, then we will put in box and ship to Carifornia with package of grass to eat on way, then make normal size when arrive.  California will give them lots of money and they will send it to me !
GW: Fantastic Idea Brilliant One !
KJ: I'm knows it !


  1. I'm so solly...I can't follow this at all.

    1. IMP, I'm afraid you're not up on the news. No Prob.

  2. Very cute, Kid....that IS a lot to follow, for Imp OR me :-)

    1. Thanks you Long Time Z !

      Whirl getting more Compricated I'm afraids.

  3. It all make perfect sense when reading using lips of low I.Q. katie couric. Me laugh long time! Keep these transmissions coming, Kid. and take a compriment medal fo youself

  4. I think it's a DNA problem, Kid ...

  5. what more can I say - you and the commentors have 'said' it all :-) LOL

  6. GOVERNOR MOONBEAM to KIM JUNG UN: We welcome all the North Koreans you want to send to California –– the more the merrier. We need more Democrats to help us keep our job as governor. We'll be glad to pay you big bucks to get your votes –– plus Food Stamps, Free Medical Care for Life, a nice new House Tax-Free Completely Furnished, and all the Kim Chee you can gag down await you, if you'll just come. Pregnant women are especially welcome. They get double benefits if they're expectng twins. And don't let Donald Trump scare you. WE'LL have that DIRRY BASTARD OUT OF OFFICE in less than SIX MONTHS. And then it will be OPEN SEASON on Natural-Born American Citizens. Our taxpayers are so stupid it's unbelievable. There's nothng they lke better than being taken tothe cleaners by Big Government.

    KIM JUNG UN to GOVERNER MOONBEAM: Dat sounds leally GLATE. Owny Wun Klechun: KIN I PWEEZE GUM DOO?

  7. "Chuckie have face like beaver" Bwwwwwwhaaaaaaahaaaaaa. I hate his "beard." It's like the guy is wearing his pussy hat on his chin.

  8. Love it. That's some funny shit.