Sunday, June 25, 2017

Food For Thought - South China Sea Dispute

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  1. We were discussing EMP on the radio yesterday.
    I doubt the Fitz saw EMP.
    The Chinese would be tipping their hand.

    1. Ed, I tend to agree. Especially with 'strong' American leadership in place. But then again. They (Chinese) are on something here.

  2. Replies
    1. We HAVE no "friends" –– only ungrateful objects of our charity, who resent the hell out of our ascendancy –– and make no mistake about it –– that includes ISRAEL.

      Worst of all "we" are no longer "friends" with OURSELVES. The country is divided now as much or more as it was when Stinkin' Lincoln took office, and you know where THAT led –– the DEATH of 635,000 of OUR men and untold millions broken, maimed, made ill, driven insane and cast into dire poverty. –– and that doesn't begin to accunt for the widows and orphans.

      We cannot trust our lying, cheating, stealing, inept, venal, thoroughly corrupt, downright treasonous GOVERNMENT or anyone in the ENEMEDA or gthe ACADEMIC Community to tell us the truth about ANYTHING, so how in God's name could we hope to win a war against CHINA –– the land of barbarians who torture hundreds of thousands of little puppies and kittens to death making sure they suffer as much and as long as possible to satisfy the appetites of their BARBARIC population?

      We've grown SOFT. We've grown STUPID. We've grown INDOLENT. We've grown WEAK-MINDED, SELFISH, SELF-INDULGENT and DISHONORABLE. We've lost the concepts of HONOR, LOYALTY, PATRIOTISM and FIDELITY.

      If we decide go to war against Chine, we will be ANNIHILATED. We've lost touch with ou[r CORE VALUES and most CHERISH:ED BELIEFS. Look at the fuckin' mess we've made of the Middle East and our relations with Britain, Europe and Russia!

      What makes you think we'd be any more successful i an attempt to reign in the meastasizing power of RED CHINA?

      We have been HOLLOWED OUT by the relentless assault on our natiinhood and sense of mission by –– the LEFT.

    2. C-CS, No one is our friend when it comes to protecting us over it's own interests. Natch.
      Maybe I'm an idiot, but I find myself wondering why we are batting away at China and Russia - who Could be great allies in the war against the truly evil - moslem savages vs why were are loading and reloading America's best into cannon's and shooting them at the cockroaches of the middle east.

      Somehow I think mcStain plays a big part in this.

    3. FT, AGREE. Just did a new post to this effect before reading your comment. :)

      I'll leave it at that but agree and more with your comment.

  3. Thanks for a good followup.... I share your concern,,

    1. Thank you for bringing these things to light. I was thinking more philippines terror attack.

    2. That thank you comment to you Bunkerville.

    3. Something stinks about the USS Fitzgerald incident, but I think it's too soon to tell. The Navy better get off it's butt and complete the investigation before speculation becomes rampant.

      The kittie porn was too cute.

    4. Cube, I doubt we'll ever know. The last thing I will believe though was that this was a total accident.

      I've got hours of that kitten porn back from our orphan kitten fostering days. Funny stuff. I even built them one of those carpet castles to play in.