Saturday, June 3, 2017

More Recording Arriving From DPRK Palace. Kathy Griffin's Ties to North Korea

Kim Jong: Come Quick General Dong !

Dong: I come (ouch) Fast as can Great Leader (ouch)
Kim: Prease to sit down General Dong. 

Dong: I'm thanks you but no thank you Greatest Leader.  I must remain vigilant and ready to protect Greatest Leader of DPRK and Whirl !

Kim: Ok's then.

Kim: Dong, why you thinks Katty Griffith show me picture of severed head of Donna Trump?

Dong: I'm thinks this is greatest Insult to Brilriat Leader!

Kim: Go on Dong.

Dong: I'm thinks Griffith peanut person saying she can sever head of Donna Trump, while Greatest Leader of DPRK is powerless against Great Tweeter !

Kim: I'm thinks you have something there General Dong.
This is greatest insult.  Even more than communist friend John McLame call me crazy fat kid! Dispatch at once, most talented and physically fit North Korea Operatives to capture Katty Griffith and bring her back to DPRK for trial and sentence of 120 years hard labor in DPRK Gulag !

General Dong:  I'm on it Brilriant Reader !

Kim: Prease bring back donuts too. You know which ones.

Dong: Yes Dear Leader !  Klipsky Cleames Ones!


  1. "Go on Dong" ...I don't know why, but that cracked me up!
    I love it, Kid...The Great Tweeter is confounding EVERYONE around the world.!

  2. Kid: no, Fredd has not 'gone dark', as you previously shoveled dirt over my grave.

    Since the economic boom ushered in by The Donald, my business has been booming, and I don't have enough hours in the day to get everybody's work done. But since only three guys read my stuff, you among them, I figured I would devote most of my time taking advantage of Donald Trump's economy while the getting is good.

    I'm not just saying this because I am a Trump-omaniac, I am drowning in new business. God Bless capitalism, Kid. Once things die down, I'll be back.

    1. Ok Fredd, Good to know all is well and actually so much better. Enjoy. The three of us will await your return.

  3. My NSA under the DORD can confirm this report.

    1. Thank you for the confirmation Mr Hecht. I take it still nothing on Russians and Trump though I'll assume.

  4. Kim Jong Unsky has some great friends like Dennis Rodman and Kathy Griffin. Hope he's wearing a condom.

  5. HAHAHA!!! I love the Klipsky Cleames too!

    1. DaBlade, Those wascly wascles are someting elses.