Monday, January 17, 2011

This Mass Murder in Tucson by One Evil Person

A lot of folks were giving BO some praise for this speech/event, so I had thought I might be going off in a “blinders on” kind of way and decided to keep my comments minimal.  After a week or so, and I’ve also heard some variety of analysis, so there may be some plagiarism here, I am still stuck with my ‘nothing good’ about BO’s event whatsoever mindset.

The pep rally was approved by the WH.  Do you really think that the situation wasn’t scoped out prior to BO showing up and reading the teleprompters.  And if it wasn’t, what would be wrong with him asking the crowd for some composure at ‘such a painful time for the victims and their families and friends’.  Better yet, do it televised from the Oval office where you have total control and don’t take a chance on having your spittle mouthed – sociopathic leftie base screwing things up.

I won’t comment anymore about the pep rally, because I lay blame for that for the very most part on the howling monkey sociopaths of the left who showed up to what I think may have been Obama’s dismay to some extent unknown.  Anyway, when you sleep with the far left…

Obama making so many comments alluding to vitriolic politics is Endorsing the Idea that Politics, and Right vs. Left was responsible for this on some level.  It wasn’t.  The murderer was driven to blood lust and simply needed an excuse and a trigger.  It just happened to be Mrs Gifford.

If we get any insight into this from the psychological professionals who will no doubt be a part of his trail, I believe this will be proven out.

Back to Obama.

Saying, Let’s have Unity, and lets all get along is saying the Right should shut the hell up and put up with whatever the democrat agenda shoves down our throats or up our .... No thanks.  Someone point me to a period in America’s history where serious conflicts of ideology were sorted out over tea and crumpets with smiles and handshakes.

No, let’s NOT have unity, let’s have discussion, debate and heated exchange because the events in progression are changing America into something it was never envisioned to be and something it Cannot Be and still offer Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness !

The left want full blown Socialism.  The Conservatives want Constitutional Conservatism, minimally described as low taxes and extremely low federal government involvement in our lives.

There is nothing trivial here.  There is no reason for both sides to work together.  They are diametrically opposed ! Bipartisan is a concept embraced by Idiots at this stage !

Shove the Unity.  This isn’t kindergarten where the prime directive is we all need to get along.

Show me where the unity was when the Dems shoved the HC bill up our ass when 70% of the public disapproved.  I think we can all agree that the other 30% of the population is so In the Tank for Obama or just plain morons, that we can consider the disapproval percentage as 100%.  Not One Republican voted for it.  Show me some Unity Mr. Teleprompter Reader by repealing your own pure evil HC bill and we’ll go from there.

I honestly wonder what the events would have been had it been a Republican congress person.  Unfair?  I think not.  What was the imbeciles response to the murders at Ft Hood?

As far as Lounger, I don’t subscribe to him being ‘insane’.  I subscribe to him being evil.  How, in the process of shooting those you have a political gripe with if that’s what it was about, do you point your pistol at a 9 year old girl and pull the trigger ?  Blood lust was in play.  Pure evil.  If some puppies had been on hand, I’ll bet he’d have shot them as well.  Beside being in a homicidal lustful state of mind, he also wanted to be taken out.  He planned to be taken out.  This was a combination homicide-suicide mission.  I’m glad he failed the 2nd half, though I wish he’d be sitting around now nursing some serious injuries while he contemplates a long trial ending in many years in prison and a pathetic death administered without fanfare, danger, politics, glory, or anything else this evil vermin craved for his last moments.

Which group (lefties, Conservatives) went to DC by the millions on a couple of occasions, and created not one act of violence nor left one scrap of litter ?

Want to really turn the left into a self destructive infantile cluster ?  Don’t engage them.  Don’t feed the monkeys.  Just come out and vote in 2012 and 2016 and purge them from the power positions.  Send them back to the kiddie table where they belong and where they will be most happy.  Giving them power only causes them consternation.  Removing their power will redirect them to less societal violent activities like ‘saving the planet’.

Do I sound angry?  I’m not.  Quite the opposite.  I’m disappointed that so many people Still think Obama is the One.

I’m disappointed that so many don’t seem to be able to see America slipping into a place of no return.



  1. Do I sound angry? I’m not. Quite the opposite. I’m disappointed that so many people Still think Obama is the One...wll I am angry my friend..because it can one day kill us all..sigh.

  2. Woman, I hear you. Ultimately, our 'resolve to not accept this turn of events' will win the day. As we vote in the next election and the next and the next.

    I'm angry on some level. I'm just saying my words are calmly thought out and expressed is all.

  3. Hey Kid - I've been bewildered with the same thoughts. How can it be? America is crumbling, the great Obamination is doing everything he can to encourage the destruction and the masses are clapping. What gives - where does this mass delusion come from? Great post. I hope this isn't posted twice because something went haywire on my pc for a minute. I certainly agree with Woman

  4. I think you're right that the best thing to do is to simply ignore the left, but I do think that there are things that we need to push back on, too. Like the attacks on our freedom of speech, 2nd Amendment, Christianity, etc. Being silent didn't get us much, and so far, pushing back is working. Look at all the back peddling that has happened since people started refusing to be cowed and silenced by the shrill shrieking hacks on the left. That kid was told he couldn't fly his flag on his bike, a hundred bikers showed up to escort him to school--flags flying. The Fed tries to force a bank to stop displaying Bible verses and Christmas decorations, and we spoke up, they retreated. A nursing home banned prayer before meals for seniors because the home received federal funding, we pushed back, and they backed off.

    I don't think we need to or should respond to every foolish statement burbled by the brainless, but I do think we shouldn't let that indifference slip into complacency. (I know you're not saying that, but it's a real danger.)

  5. I agree Kid.

    It was nothing but an evil person driven by his on version of reality who decided the time was right to inflict himself upon the world. The left chose to make it political. That is all they have in their bag of tricks.

    If this had been a Republican house member would be be still getting daily updates? My guess, we would not.

    The left is only about power and exerting it over every facet of the tax payers life for their fake feel good social programs. It is the heart of socialism after all.

  6. DeanO, look at the schools. The teachers unions took over and pressed their Communist friendly agenda. What was black is white, What was up is down.

    All under the guise of 'fairness', 'equality', class war, and the demonization of the Conservative.

    It's a couple generations now.

    It's that simple.

    If we will accomplish anything we must take the schools back. Then we need to figure out how to deal with two generations of infected.

  7. Fuzzy, thank you for adding this. Yes, absolutely. No complacency. I'm thinking in terms - simple terms - that when they accuse Conservatives of baseless nonsense, we need to simply say that it is nonsense. More accurately, They need to Prove what they are saying, as opposed to allowing ourselves to be put in a position of Disproving their lies. In doing the latter, we give substance to their absurd claims.
    Each situation would need specific tailoring as far as a response, but as a general concept, I think the above does a good job of explaining.

    We need to Boldly stay Partisan. We need to explain why we're not going to apologize for it. We need to point out that the two major forces in America want to take us in opposite directions so Pick a Side and go with it. But Accept that in a Democratic Republic, Majority Rules. It is the Core of our society in the US.

    But you know, if you want to take up arms over major societal issues, such as the country did over slavery - Democrats fighting to Keep slavery, then bring it on Cletus. Just abandon this stupid bullshit idea that Conservatives should be working or compromising with Socialists in any form or fashion. Delete the word bipartisan until both or all major parties are working to maintain America as it was designed and how it has gotten us to the pinnacle of the world in living standard an many other metrics.

  8. Admiral.

    Wouldn't change a word.

  9. That's an excellent point, Kid, about making them prove their (baseless) accusation rather than our giving it validity by defending ourselves against it. I'll probably be blogging on this idea in a day or two, so will link to you. That should generate a whole extra page view for you, given my vast readership. heh

  10. Fuzzy, Thank you. (and same here on the traffic ;-) Heh

    I (or someone) came up with that concept regards the global climate thingamabob. We shouldn't be trying to disprove something that hasn't been 'proven' to the satisfaction of more than 'the Democrat media'.

    Prove it or at least put in the old college try before I'll put any opposition effort into it myself.

    So, circling back to my comment about not engaging them - If they don't put up a reasonable argument that "my libtard idea has merit", then the less said the better.

  11. did you hear that newt gingrich has exclaimed that bho's approval ratings should be at 54%!! h/t Gateway Pundit..
    the r party is no different than the d party AFA the protection of our Republic is concerned...
    I never though I would state this-it is time for another party..


  12. Carol-CS, I agree of course.

    But, like the Commies did with the Democrat party after they killed JFK, we should not kill anyone, but take over the Republican party from within, by replacing the trash RINO's with tea party member until we get to critical mass.

    I don't think the country is ready to vote tea party as a separate party, nor will it be anytime soon.