Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Pale Blue Dot........


Carl Sagan asked for one of the Voyager spacecraft to be turned back toward the Earth on it's way out of the solar system and snap a picture.

Here is the, or one of those pictures.

About lower center right, in the orangish colored sunbeam, is a pale blue dot. That's us. That is the picture of the Earth taken by a metal traveler carrying an ill-advised map back to where we are, leaving our solar system.

Kinda gets you right here. And if that doesn't, then here is what Carl had to say about it.



  1. Your use of the term "ill-advised" is causing me to worry.

  2. I'm regretful that I mad you worry.

    Well, it's a looooooooooooooooong way to any other part of even Our Galaxy where another civilization might be encountered. I expect it will be millions of years before Voyager encounters someone else.

    I understand radio and TV signals have barely made it out of our solar system...
    But I don't think it's a good idea at all to let potential other civilizations know we are here.

    One only need recognize the nature of our own pioneering and exploration. Scientists who think there is some race out there eager to expend tremendous amounts of resource to find US and then give us something and say bye-bye, are straight out of their freakin minds.

    Not going to happen anytime soon Opus. Not to worry.

  3. Kid... truly a controversial post.

    I agree with "ill-advised" until we can finally control our borders. What if the entire population of the Ratzass Galaxy would come here and register as Democrats? (shudder)

  4. "Ill advised" says it all. Some pretty deep thinking involved with this post.

  5. I agree w/ NG- you know --the open borders-and allowing the population of the "Ratzass" to come and be Democrats-ICK! :-)

    That being said-I found the video to be thought inspiring-
    small but mighty earth - the only place humans have and do live---

    Too bad we have not encompassed the TRUE WAY---

    Until we do- there will be war...
    I do hate war-
    I do know that it will be with us in the US and the rest of the world until the Way - the Truth and the Light - comes again....

    Great post - my friend..

  6. Nickie, now right there is again the Genius of the Right Wing at work again. By moving to digital, opposed to analog, the aliens will no longer be able to pick us up.. This was done under GW Bush's watch.

    We must keep the Dems from sending signals.

  7. Admiral, Thanks, though 99.9% of it is Carl.

    Hey, Here's a good one. I ready today again where the UN wants to setup a department strictly to deal with any aliens coming our way.

    Can you imagine that land in your yard, and you go out and tell them they must first check in at the U.N. HAHAHahahahaha Can libs get any more stupid or evil?

  8. Carol-CS, Thank you. You know the Ratzass galaxy may have already sent a scouting party and the Dems may be them ! They are ugly and barely act human ya know. :)