Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here are Some Things I Hadn’t Heard Elsewhere

This is an article making another case for investing in gold, but it mentions the following notables:
1. Cheaper Dollar Opens Door for Chinese Investments in North American Natural Resource Companies covered China’s new move to make the yuan a world currency.
2. Boeing (
BA) has signed a pact to give the Chinese our aircraft technology secrets.
3. We have agreed to share nuclear secrets with China.
4. US and Chinese energy companies announced a variety of partnerships to share information. Involved companies include Alcoa (
AA), Duke Energy (DUK), Chinese Power Investment Corporation, and Shenhua Group.
5. General Electric (
GE) announced a joint venture to China’s Shenhua Group to sell clean-coal technologies.
6. The Chinese are entering the US sports apparel field and challenging Nike (
NKE) and Adidas.
7. China has entered the retail banking
industry where US citizens can invest in the yuan.

Just remember this is happening on Obama’s watch, just as Bill Clinton gave all Your jobs to China, (you idiot Clinton lovers' that run around in fear of your job telling everyone to buy American)
What concerns me most is China’s entry into the US Banking System.  If they buy Goldman Sachs, will they rename it Fu King Yu ?

Honestly, between the communists running the schools, the Mob running the unions –public and private- and stealing all the pension funds, the Chinese entering the American banking system, and the kids all voting for the biggest bullshit salesman to every hit the street (and still cheer like drunken monkeys whenever he shows up for a teleprompter reading), I feel like I’m surrounded by fire ants.  I say fire ants, because the fire ant’s tactic to defeat it’s enemy is to amass themselves on their victims body and when they reach critical mass they all bite in unison, like a miniature version of The Borg.

I feel real sorry for the following generations.  If we don’t turn this 14 trillion ton freighter around we’re all screwed.  Voting for Democrats or standard issue Republicans won’t do the trick in my opinion.


  1. Everyone was talking about the Euro as the world currency but I've always thought the Chinese Yuan was the money. Don't you just love all these back room deals - selling of secrets - and sleeping with the enemy. Things have changed not one iota!

  2. All about the money DeanO. But I do believe the Dems facilitate this kind of stuff as agenda.

    Imagine the Yuan becoming the world currency, or the US credit rating getting hit. Well, it would be good for my smallish investment in gold stocks.

    If China were to compete with Boeing, imagine the hunk of GDP we'd lose from that ? What else is there that we do ? Porn movies?

    The enemy within.

  3. I can't believe we'd be so foolish to sell our Boeing Technology. Kid - it's assinine

  4. Well, according to the article, which may be true or false...

    The hardware can be duplicated. They can just buy a 787 Dreamliner and go for it. I think the avionics software in aircraft today is where the money is at and surely that is encrypted and nearly impossible? to reverse engineer.

    Well, it's hard to come to hard conclusions based on "Boeing has signed a pact to give the Chinese our aircraft technology secrets".

    PS - I wonder how much of these deals China pressured us into because their investments into our dollar have gone very badly for them.. I have no trouble believing obama would roll over like a leaf in the wind.

  5. Kid, I know it sometimes seems like we are talking to a brick wall, but we must keep talking. Some voters are listening.

  6. "...will they rename it Fu King Yu..."

    May I quote you on that :-)!!!!!

    Since I am constantly in a roil over all of this - my mind had grab onto the above the above 'smile' phrase.. and thank you for it and for the list--
    knew about everything except Boeing's betrayal..

  7. Opus, Hope so. But I'll keep pluggin away; what else would I do ?

  8. Carol-CS, you can always quote me. I'd be honored.

    Thanks for the info. I don't watch any news, so I have no idea what they talk about, but a lot seems to filter through anyway..

  9. BTW-clicked unto the Derka video on your side-bar-
    off-spring was in the room-
    showed me another version w/ MY military aircraft-and introduced me to a new (for me) acronym -NSFW- guess it's been around for a long time-so-
    posted the video and also gave you credit for the heads up-

  10. posted the video he showed me-

    time to close down the blog world for awhile- :-)

  11. Carol-CS "off -spring was in the room" Sorry I don't understand.

    Have you seen Team America: World Police?

    I LOVE that movie. I won't say it has some language. It has ALL OF IT !

    over to check out your vid.