Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Speech

I’m not going to watch.  I’ve been watching obama lie for 4 years now. Why do I want more.  It’s boring at best, maddening at worst and I don’t want to injure my TV.

Unity.  When the bully in the school yard gets his ass kicked what does he want… ?  He wants Unity.  He is still a bully, he just wants you to be friends with him now because that is the last modus operandi he has at his disposal to try to continue to get what he wants.  And when he doesn’t get it he will accuse You of being the problem.  Watch how the obama situation is a direct parallel going forward.  They started the day the Repubs got majority in the House.

If obama wanted Unity, he’d say, ‘Ok, I recognize 70% are against the Health Care bill, and that’s a Huge Number.  I will ask Congressional Democrats in the House and Senate to repeal it poste haste.”  He’s not talking anything back.  Whether you realize it yet or not, you’ve been raped with telephone poles for 2 years and where was the Unity then?   Where was the Bipartisanship when not One Republican voted for the HC Bill, or was allowed to have 1 Gram of Input into it. ?

No.  This unity concept is total bullshit.

Spending Freeze.  We are operating at a 1.4 TRILLION Deficit and he wants to freeze that.  What good is that ?

Stop Earmarks. It won’t happen but even if it does, it's not even pocket change.  100 Billion is not even pocket change.

We pay 400 Billion a day in interest on our debt. (Maybe it's 40 bln)  We have to borrow money to pay the interest !  Imagine if you had to do that to pay your credit cards. Who is responsible for that going forward? You if you pay taxes, and your kids and their kids and their kids. What kind of life are we leaving them? Slavery, that's what. Either that or a banana republic where the Fed prints up so much money to pay for this thievery that the dollar isn't worth squat. Check out a chart on the US Dollar. It's down by a poverty inducing amount just since 2003....

What’s with Dems and Repubs sitting together.  This is Kindergarten now?  Where everyone has to be nice with everyone else’s crayons ?

Go sit in on Parliament in England.  They scream at each other !  They should !  Important things hang in the balance.  It’s insane to act like it’s all some academic exercise and we can be socialist one day and something else the next.  Our way of life hangs in the balance.

We have one party advancing Socialism and one party that claims to be wanting to Continue on the system that made us the greatest nation in the world and the longest lasting political system Ever, Capitalism. And people want those two sides to work together ?  That’s insanity.  Bipartisan should not even be allowed in the dictionary today.  It’s Insane.

Pick a side.  If you want Socialism, I disagree, but let’s defend our chosen opinions with reason and rationality instead of pretending that oil and water can mix.  It Can’t !

Some things Can’t Co-exist !  It’s time to grow up. School’s over.  This is the big leagues.  We have enemies on all fronts and we are war with each other like Waring Kindergarten Classes !  Pick a side and let’s see who wins the day !

Which is why I’m not going to watch obama read a teleprompter spewing out a bunch of stuff that sounds like it’s feel good kumbaya crapola while a bunch of Congress people, which have been reduced to a kindergarten class, hop up and clap like trained seals every 20 seconds.  I’ll read about the highlights tomorrow.  After lunch.

Anyone disagrees, please listen to it and tell me what was good about the content or the plan.  Because it’s going to be Same old same old, just with a new label.  Money flying out to friends of the administration called Stimulus will simply be called Investment now.  Maybe it’ll be called the ‘daily orgasm investment program’ which wouldn’t surprise me given how the Dems name their censorship and other fascist programs.



  1. DeanO. I don't know actually. :)

  2. Well said, Kid. You should have given the speech. I'm glad I didn't torture myself this year. The clips I saw on the news were bad enough.

    I think I'll go watch Leno now, maybe he'll have some jokes about it. Most all the online reviews I've looked at give it a massive fail. Have a great night.

  3. The sudden mania for civility exists for the one reason to shut Republicans up. If they fall for it, they are as dumb as posts.

  4. Bunni, Thanks. I also heard it was quite the snoozer, full of idiotic platitudes and cliches, and of course bold faced lies.

  5. Opus, don't you know it. How obvious can it get. I mean, it's like a little kid covering his head with a blanket thinking he's hiding.

    And he doesn't even bother doing that. We know it's BS, and he knows we know it's BS and we know he knows we know it's BS.
    It's all BS :)