Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Many Dimensions Can You See ?

Part 1

Part 2

The Tenth Dimension (beyond the 1st through the 4th) seems to make the most sense to me.  Without beginning or end.  Infinity in all directions.

I read recently that it is proposed that each singularity – the infinitely small point at the center of black holes – actually each contain a universe or perhaps universes.  Given that Stephen Hawking has recently concluded that black holes simply ‘dissipate’ away, we can imagine that when the black hole containing the universe dissipates away, it is actually itself a big bang that creates another universe or universes.

Keep in mind that our laws of physics do not apply in a black hole.  Also the amount of time that it took our big bang to create our universe was about 1 billionth of a second from nothing to much of what we see now according to physicists (Or 6 days as counted on some clocks).  Countless galaxies with countless stars and even more countless planets and all the other things that make up a universe.

Self-generating/perpetuating universes.  The concept is so simple and beautiful, that according to many of the things Einstein thought, it must be true.

What do you folks think ?

Also if you go to You Tube to watch the videos, you'll notice a number of related videos in the right sidebar. Someone there is proposing 11 dimensions. I haven't watched that one yet.

Update - Disclosure: I don't really get 5 thru 9, which is why I jumped to 10.


  1. Only with a ship that is powered by a crystal like the one Spock grabbed and croaked; will we have a chance to Warp Speed through the Universes.

  2. They Say, Lots of problems to solve eh? Multiple light speed travel combined with gravitational pull and inertia as well as even running into dust particles at speed are pretty mind boggling. Star Trek never even tried to answer those questions. The ship had shields but they weren't on all the time.

    It seems like the ultimate answer is traveling through some other dimension from place to place where the physical problems of the 3rd dimension don't exist..
    Just a thought.

  3. My cognitive powers are now overwhelmed. Can we start from the beginning?

    1st dimension: a line
    2nd dimension: a plane
    3rd dimension: expand the plane in a direction perpendicular, creating volume.
    4th dimension: looking back through time in the empty space, such as starlight from 100K years ago.
    Am I on the right track?

    They say the fifth dimension equals choices? Now they are losing me.

    Folding it again just throws me.

  4. Opus, I"m having trouble with 5 through 9, which is why I jumped straight to 10. :)

    Though I think the 5th Dimension sang that song 'The age of Aquarius' ?

  5. Opus, PS, Yes, you have the first 4.

  6. Opus, the 5th dimension introduces timelines. Like what would reality for you be if you married that id from grade school instead of the bad boy from the high school in the adjoining area..

    This proposes that all possible timelines are real. Somewhere. Somewhere you are married to the grade school kid.
    Somewhere, all people individually made all variation of choices in their lives and all those alternate realities exist.

    Not to mention all possible physical events. Like that asteroid that missed us by that much decades ago, doesn't miss us and the timeline that is created from that event exists somewhere.

    In the end, sometimes, I think I'm on the wrong timeline :)

  7. What would seem to be missing from this discussion is the possiblity of multiple universe's or "multiverse's".

    Now these might be existing simotainiously yet unknown to us or others being all are on different fabrics of time and space.

    You ever have that "feeling" that someone was watching you or you caught someone out of the corner of your eye yet no one was there?

    It could be you gave the same feeling to someone else at the same time in another dimension/universe yet you will never know.

    Just adding some food for thought is all.

  8. I think Hawkins is way off. I don't believe in dark matter or black holes. The electric universe make much more sense in my mind.

  9. So we all have huge harems in multiple universes? I have a very hard time going along with that theory. I'll stay on this flat-ish Earth for now. ;-)

  10. Christopher, to me, I see the multi-verses coming into being at dimension 7, or the Timelines.

    Also, I've had not unexplainable feelings as you describe but unexplainable experiences as well. Very vivid, very sober, and that cause me to think I overlapped with another dimension for that brief moment.

  11. Trestin, I do believe in back holes, Dark matter not so much.

    I've seen actual time lapse photos of stars near the center of our galaxy moving 'around an object' at millions of miles per hour. Assuming they're not lying. I don't know how else to explain that.

  12. Opus, well, it's all 4th dimensional. For now, while you are mortal, none of those other relationships is available to you. Once you pass on to the next life, assuming there is one, is where I believe you will be able to move from one universe Opus to another and become the other Opus - with just a thought. I'm not sure how much harems will matter to us at that point, but who knows. I'm sure it's not the end all that the islamics hang on to. 373,248 women (72 virgins in each of 72 rooms in each of 72 harems) for eternity just doesn't seem like enough to me to fulfll an afterlife. Seems rather boring actually.

    Anyway, Like that cliche used by people with little chance for coming together in this life, "I'll see you in the next one".

    And if you're Jimi Hendrix, you'd add 'And don't be late'. :)

  13. Oops. not in 72 harems, - 72 Palaces. Is what they actually believe according to a reformed? Islamic I heard from.