Monday, January 24, 2011

Random Thoughts

If you bought 1000 shares of Apple in 2003 for 8 bucks, you’d have invested 8 grand.  You got a 2 for 1 split in February 2005, so now you’ve got 2,000 shares for 8 grand.  Recently, you could have sold the 2000 shares for $350.00 each for a total of $700,000.00.

If Obama/the Democrats have such good ideas, why do they only target young people with them ?  Why do they not have broad appeal across the population ?  And to the young people, if the ideas were so good, Wouldn’t they have broad appeal?  Or is everyone over 30 stupid somehow.

Note to people living in the year 3011.  No, the Israeli Peace Talks will not be successful.

How did Halliburton Double their profits without Bush/Cheney in the White House, And with a Democratic Congress from Jan, 2007 to Jan, 2011 ?  How will be media address this ?

Information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, wisdom is not truth, truth is not beauty, beauty is not health, health is not music, music is not Love.  Love is the best.  - modified Zappa



  1. Zappa...that's the way to say it Kid

  2. I bet our blogs will be required reading in 3011. Ancient history of the American patriot movement.

  3. Note to people living in the year 3011. No, the Israeli Peace Talks will not be successful...luv it KID!!!