Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In the News 1-26-2011

LA Times – “S. Korea may have overplayed hand with Pirates.” 

References to the rescue of a crew last week as part of a tougher anti-piracy policy are drawing pledges of retaliation from Somali pirates and raising concern about the safety of those who remain hostages.

Do liberals not even have enough balls to go up against some sleazebags from Somalia with speed boats and machine guns ? Holy Crap !   Liberals are such wienies… Watch out for those 3rd graders with Lead Laced Crayons !  Unbelievable…

CNN “Obama to take YouTube questions on SOTU.”

Jumpin Catfish, does anyone believe there will be ‘real questions submitted by ‘Regular Americans’.  Without screening?  It’s a setup.  Even if it wasn’t, who the hell is so desperate to hear the Imbecile tell more lies !  Unreal.

USA Today “DHS to replace color-coded terror alert system”

Well, Whoopdef*ingDo. Alternate reality.

Wall Street Journal “Deficit Outlook Darkens”

The federal budget deficit will reach a record of nearly $1.5 trillion in 2011 due to the weak economy, higher spending and fresh tax cuts, congressional budget analysts said, ...

Hahaha !  Ya Think ?!?

I don’t think the tax cuts are fresh.  They are the extended Bush Tax cuts.  What is actually “Fresh” is the 35% Estate Death tax tacked on for inheritance over 5 million. Seems fair? Hmmm. In a lot of these cases families have to give up family farms in order to pay the freakin tax.  Family lifestyles are being destroyed, it’s not just the government grabbing money.  This happens a lot in Ohio and the midwest.

Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook Page is Hacked.

I’m not going to touch facebook with a ten foot pole.  Not with a real ID anyway, so then what’s the point ?  No offense to many of you folks who I know like it.  Just sayin.

Violence Flares on Lebanon’s Day of Rage

Hahahhaa.. You can’t make this shit up.

(Can you imagine sitting around watching the news with me ?)

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  1. A North Korean defector who once produced propaganda for the Communist regime recently created a piece of art that placed Kim's head on the iconic shot of Marilyn Monroe holding her dress down in "Some Like It Hot." The moral was that KJ-i is hiding something, and he's right. Indeed, he tries to hide a lot about the hardships of his oppressed nation.

  2. Oh yeah, most of the common people are reduced to eating grass to survive. There was even a story on it not too long ago.

    He is one evil ----------------------

  3. Hey Kid - where do you find all these jewels. I love them! It's always an entertaining event to visit your blog.

  4. DeanO.

    Thank you so much.

    There are always 2 or 3 that raise the hair on the back of my neck, but often there are 4 or 5 and that is enough to reach Critical Mass and a Nuklar Bob explosion results. hahaha

  5. DeanO, wait til you see what is posted tomorrow. It blew my mind.

  6. UXG-thanks for the tip---
    as to the SoUS-could not watch bho-just could not watch a liar lie w/ a straight face..and an occasional smile...

  7. ugh wish there was good news KID..but hey snowed in again here..brrr!!!

  8. Carol-CS. Good luck whatever you do.

    And Yes, exactly, why would anyone be the slightest bit interested in watching or listening to someone who has been lying constantly for 4 years ! Unreal !

    The smart guys think gold is going to go down to around 1270 before heading back up. It closed at 1311 today, so that's 40 more bucks down if it comes true.

  9. Woman, there's got to be some good news out there somewhere :)

    Spring is out there somewhere too.