Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sing It

On April 1, 1984, Gaye's father fatally shot him after an argument that started after his parents squabbled over misplaced business documents. Gaye attempted to intervene, and was killed by his father using a gun that Marvin Jr. had given him four months before. Marvin Gaye would have turned 45 the next day. Marvin Sr. was sentenced to five years of probation after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter. Charges of first-degree murder were dropped after it was revealed that Marvin Sr. had been beaten by Gaye before the killing.


  1. Hey Kid - I love Marvin Gaye. I have his Best Of Collection but Marvin has far more great songs then could ever fit on a Best of Collection. Marvin had simple tunes that would stay in your head all day.

  2. DeanO, :) Yes, in fact, Apropos to one of your recent posts, Inner City Blues was going through my head all day, as I headed downtown Pittsburgh to meet with my Dad when I was 18 for him to cosign on a loan for my first real motorcycle, a BSA Rocket III. I wanted to throw my hands up and holler.

    as I walked up 6th street to meet him in 1970 It hasn't changed an iota.

  3. The top song is one of my favorite all time songs. It is not about the hippie, love-in theme. But many of us believed these simple themes in our youthful innocence. Just talk to me, and you will see...

    Not a meme that goes over in the face is islam. Either defend yourself, submit or be killed. No talking, no negotiating.

  4. Opus, yes, song 1 is all about compassion, people living in at least tolerance with each other. Anti-Muslim in today's terms. I'm not sure what his focus was then though the Vietnam was was going strong at the time.

    Bigger problems today than in the 70's. Someone tell the progressives we are not making progress :)

  5. looked up Gaye via Google-a very complex life he had -sad it had to end so early--
    Thank you for the reminder-it brought back good memories...

  6. Marvin was a great talent. Too bad he had such a dysfunctional family. Thanks for the memories, Kid.

  7. Always loved Marvin Gays music...(since it was music during my day LOL) however toward the end he was pretty much psyched out on drugs and apparently totally paranoid. I don't know what happened in that house when he got killed but it was an all around tragedy.

    There will always be tragedies whether with guns, fists, knives...or whatever. I still believe strongly in the Second Amendment. And it's not the Governments job to take that away.

    I enjoyed visiting your blog and reading your posts....

  8. Carol-CS, the good die young?

    What does that say about me.. heh
    Glad to hear some memories were had.

  9. Bunni, Thank you. There was a lot of good music in those days. These two are timeless to me.

  10. Carol... Thank for stopping by. I try to keep it interesting. I love your profile pic.

    This is my day too.

    Removing guns is counter-productive. It only disarms the law abiding.
    Actually, after doing a little research, I've got an interesting gun control post coming up soon.