Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

If you think Obama is going to give Hu Jintao a ‘hard time’ about Anything, or if you even Think they will discuss human rights, currency manipulation, trade imbalances, or anything else of interest to the USA, You need to see a doctor.  Cause your brain isn’t working properly.

Hu Jintao is going to meet with Obama and tell him what China wants of us, then he’s going to (wait for it…) Chicago! to meet with ‘Business People’.  Jumpin Catfish, can we figure out what’s going on here?  China is going to tell us where to jump and Obama is going to ask how high, then Hu Jintao is going to Chicago to do some deals with people on Obama’s IOU list.

Lieberman isn't going to run in 2012. That's interesting.

I Sure Do Miss Steve Irwin….. I hope his wife and family are doing well. Damn.

Does the world seem like All Politics All the Time ?  And I don’t even watch the freakin news.

Just stumbled on This Post from a year and a month ago. Still True !

My advice, given as humbly as I can, is to often close your eyes, imagine yourself at 85 years old looking back on your life and try to divine what you think you would have liked to have done better or even just different.  Then do it now while you have the chance.

You know, I didn’t spend much time coming up with the title to my blog a couple years ago, but I must admit I like it.  I think ALL of our blogs will be time capsules that people will look back on 100, 500, 1000 years from now in search of what society was all about way back when.  I will sometimes try to speak to those people.
Wouldn't it be great to be able to look at people's blogs from 2 or 300 years ago even? Imagine reading the blog of some of the people that built the pyramids...

If you’re working or have money coming in and all those you know are healthy, you have it good.  And I do.  All the best to anyone not in that category at present.



  1. Hey, why did you tag the post "naked women"?

    You know what's funny? I was totally thinking of Steve Irwin last night. How brave he was and how his shows were so much better than the rest. The animal guys now are pale imitations.

    Obama is a beta male. He will snuffle under Hu's neck, licking his chin from underneath. Then he'll lay on his back, exposing his belly, and might urinate on himself. It's what they do.

  2. I'm waiting to hear if BO tells Hu that he's secretly Buddhist (or whatever Hu is, he's a commie, so may be an atheist).

  3. Opus,
    I was just thinking about naked women when I was putting in the tags...

    Steve Irwin is Awesome. And if you don't know, this is a word I use extremely rarely. I think about that picture of Mrs Irwin with the sunglasses on and that look on her face when it happened. I've felt like that. I know how she felt. It's like being naked and duct taped to the wall at wal-mart and not being able to do anything about it. You have to just sit there and take it. You want to crawl out of your skin it hurts so bad. Somehow you manage...
    Steve was the REAL DEAL.

    Anyway - (Obama - HAHAHAHAaaaaa ahhaa OMG. Perfect !)

  4. Fuzzy, we'll have to wait for Wikileaky to tell us. :)

    Speaking of which, isn't it great that wiki now has account details of 200 people with off shore accounts ? 40 of them are politicians. Wouldn't it be Fantastic if a couple of those were the clintons and they have hundreds of millions of dollars in there while begging the public to help out Hilrod with her campaign bills ? I'd love that.
    Or generally speaking maybe people will get a glimpse into Reality. What a concept !

  5. Hey Kid - I like it when you're on a roll. Keep it up.

  6. Omg...this entry totally put a smile on my face!


    And awesome advice by the way! Thoughts to always hold onto...

  7. Chell, what was your favorite ? Mine is the closing your eyes and imagining your 85. I've been doing it about 20 years now and it's fantastic.

  8. It will be interesting to see what future generations will think of what we are doing.

  9. Trestin, And I sure wonder about what state societies will be in 300 years from now.

    It seems evil/oppression has the upper hand in a lot of cases. Way too many.

  10. HI Kid, I loved your random thoughts! O just pretended to get "tough" with his owner. The dog anology Opus gave was fitting, a little puppy, growl, show some over whitened teeth, then pee the carpet and run away when he gets swatted on the nose!

    I love your great advice too. I'm happy you have it good! God Bless you and your family. If our blogs haven't been destroyed and erased from history, it would be funny to see peoples faces when they read them 100 years from now, if America still exists, that is.

  11. Hi Bunni, Thank You! :) I love the Opus analogy too.

    Can people really not see what a dork he is? Well, if they are dorks themselves I guess not.

    True on whether google keeps the stuff around or not.

  12. The summit with China, at best, will delay the inevitable financial reckoning that's been on the horizon for quite a while now. But Geithner, to his credit, gave a good interview to NPR yesterday that put me somewhat at ease.

  13. AMW, Interesting. Well, one way to deal with this is to hyper-inflate, pay down the debt with 'cheap dollars', and then work on bringing up the value of the dollar again.

    I'll tell you though, it seems like people on fixed income, or those afraid of the market and have their money in cash, are going to be majorly screwed and already are to a large extent.

  14. wonderful-thought filled post-my friend--
    interesting - I've been contemplating -and had decided not to take things quite so seriously-and here are similar thoughts ...
    how great minds think :-)

    BTW-the illustrations that I just finished in December are for my book-_Random Thoughts_which will be self published ASA I get my act together---
    I decided on the title over a year ago!!

  15. Carol-CS, Thank you very much :)

    There is that "Give me the strength to change the things I can and deal with the rest".

    Very nice on the book !
    Life is circular and cyclical eh?

  16. It is easy to get the "all politics" burn out. Too much liberalism running amok.

  17. Admiral, yea, it's also one way to get you to stop paying attention.