Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama Speech in Tucson

Is this not just a person reading a speech someone wrote for him? As he has done for the last 4 years?

Is not a call for unity simply not just a method to put pressure on the Republican majority in the House into giving in to Democrats as they've been Forced to do for the last 2 years?


  1. Hey Kid, I don't get it but there seems to be a lot of Obama praise out there for this speech which is "supposed" to draw America together? Ya right

  2. DeanO, ditto.

    Show me with actions not words.

  3. DeanO, maybe this is the reason -

    "Glenn Beck praises Obama for Tucson speech."

    Again, I say, show me with actions.

  4. I didn't have as much of an issue with his speech as I did the Chris Matthews caption that I posted a little while ago. All in all, the politicizing of the entire event has been as ridiculous as it was predictable.

  5. AMW, I was just reacting to people praising him for saying some words.

    As far as the politicizing. Yes, it took them (The DEMS and their media arm) 2 seconds to attack: Palin, Talk Radio, Conservatives, the NRA, the Right Wing, and the Military. Which was about 12 hours before the lightest number of facts were available.

    I think those attacked reacted too strongly and for too long.

    The whole thing sounded to me like:

    The Left (3 year olds on temper tantrum): "YOU VIOLENCE FRIENDLY NEOCON WAR MONGERS CAUSED THIS!!!!"

    The Right: "Mommy, Mommy, They're Calling Me A Domestic Terrorist Again!!!!!"


  6. It was a good speech but...what kind of a memorial service speech was that? Weird...and you get a free tee shirt.

  7. It was a good speech-for him.
    The crowd messed it up.
    He told his side that no influence of what the public says was the cause.
    But, they can't let a crises go to waste. They are trying to force their way on the House. The hell with the last election results.
    Same thing happened in the 90's and 2,000's.
    The Repubs let the Dems redirect the subject.
    Here the subject is interjected by the Dems and they take advantage of having the Fascists' Media stay on their useless mind game.
    This is where the Repubs have to make a stand and tell them their subject is not the issue-SHUT UP and Start acting like clear headed Members of Public Servants. They asked for the job!

  8. Yes you are correct, that so called "memorial? was really a pep rally. These Progressive bloggers are not all the fools that we think they are, they know who's too blame, but they are also opportunists and want to take this event as an opportunity to bash and destroy the republican/conservatives.

    The Progressive SOCIALIST SLIME bloggers, the same ones that lost ALL their credibility are now on the bandwagon to discredit Sarah Palin and call her anti-Semitic for her use of the term "blood libel" in her video statement on the Arizona shootings.\Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Tea-party has been a thorn in their backsides for a long time now and here is their chance to destroy them all in one shot. They knew exactly what they were doing. But that shot has back-fired... didn't it!!!
    So now that that lying scheme has failed, they are going after Sarah Palin for being " anti-Semitic" what a crock!

  9. Gene, just words, and agenda based in my opinion.

  10. They Say, Excellent comment. I agree. As far as the speech, just words, you could look at any of them. How about the ones during the campaign. No lobbyists, no earmarks, transparency, etc etc. It's all been 180. Show me the money.

  11. Malcontent. Thank you. I agree. They know how to work these things.

    Also by calling for 'Unity' - they are pressuring the "Repubs to cross the aisle" so they can get shit on again. Anytime the repubs don't accept the Democrat agenda, it will be because they 'don't want unity'.

    I don't know how, but the dems have really gotten good at this shit. The repubs better figure out how to fight them and expose them for what they are.

  12. I watched about half of this garbage, because whatever Obama says is meaningless.

    Watch what he does, not what he says.

    The teleprompter was smoking hot at the end of this one, to be sure.

  13. He is moving to the center on this while the FCC seeks no limits on free speech

  14. FCC, no limits?

    Anyway, sad state of affairs isn't it - that so many people can see the games being played and too many cannot.

    You certainly have people who know what's going on but will vote Dem anyway, but then you have folks who actually believe there is substance to this nonsense.

    And again, a call for unity is a war cry that they and their media slaves will roast anyone who doesn't agree with them based on 'unity'. How bad does it have to get before people wake up.

    We have a lib at work. I mention today that Ohio is canceling the Estate tax. He asks "What's that?"
    I say - Inheritance tax.
    He says "I don't care, doesn't affect me."
    That's the mindset of the liberal. They don't care about anyone else and they don't have the insight to realize that allowing the heavy hand of government to operate without opposition will eventually cause the same heavy hand to come down on them.
    I didn't bother.. He's a lost cause. 35 yrs old beside.