Friday, January 7, 2011

Stories That Didn’t Make the News, Thursday, Jan 6, 2011

- DHS Chief Janet Napolitano cancels travel to Iceland because “it is all ice and our planes wouldn’t be able to land there”.  She also declares all birds and fish as Domestic Terrorists.  It's unclear if she meant to include non-flying birds such as Turkeys.

- Nancy Pelosi burst into flames during the reading of the Constitution by the House of Representatives.  She was quickly put out by aides and taken away for observation. One source who wishes to remain anonymous said it looked like "when you drag a vampire out into the sunlight".


  1. LMAO! Great tie-in's with the news Kid!

    Dennis Miller would be jealous!

  2. Hi Kid, you are funny, and I could see these happening.

    BTW, do you get the "Daily Kitten"! Today's group is so adorable, a bunch of fosters, and I thought of you and how you guys fostered so many cuties. I have a link on my sidebar, and you can sign up for a daily e-mail.

    I hope your New Year is off to a great start.

  3. @DeanO - Thanks :)

    @Christopher, Thanks, and I Am OUTTA Here !

    @Bunni, Me too ! I don't get the daily kitten. I'll take a look. I've gotta start posting some pics or video from those days myself.

    The New Year isn't bad. I'll tell you though, it is cold with a capital C, I can only imagine Chicago.

  4. Kid, turkeys fly - a little. It's just that the turkeys running our government can't get it off the ground.

  5. Sig, Yes, I thought of the wild turkeys later on. Well, I don't think they can get it anywhere :)

  6. :-)-you do have a way with words-my friend--