Saturday, February 13, 2010

From Jim McMahon's Blog

Language Warning Of Course.

How did I miss this George Carlin Vid?

As I commented over there, I believe every word with the exception that a person can still do quite well, but that's quite an exception.


  1. I loved the video! I agree with you, although its becoming increasingly harder and harder to afford to go to college and even if you do, you come out with this huge debt. That needs to be fixed.

  2. Nope, God rest his soul, George Carlin was just going for populist laughs on this one.

    Those owners of the country he spoke of, they got there through hard work, an entreprenurial spirit and gumption despite the government road blocks. And he erroneously lumps those fat cat owners in with the educational establishment; wrong, wrong, wrong. Big Education is all under the liberal thumb now, and those guys hate the 'owners' too.

    What he doesn't cover, because there's no laughs to be had, is what he suggests doing about those owners; what, behead them? Imprison them? Take all their stuff?

    Then what? George doesn't believe any of that, he's just going for the laughs, that's his business and he was very good at it.

  3. George Carlin is so funny, I miss him.
    He would have been great to have around w/ obummer wrecking everything. I would have loved to hear him rag on that bum.

    Happy Valentines Day Weekend to you and your whole family, Kid.

  4. Bunni, Yes, I'd love to hear George on today's 'issues'.

    Happy Valentines to you and yours. I'm heading over your way in a minute.

  5. Fredd. Excellent points indeed.

    I think the lobbyists have a lot of power from the money. Folks like the unions have a lot of power from money and other coersive means.

    What did organized crime just disappear the last 40 years, or did it infiltrate.

    In the end I'd say everything from greed, to fear, to pure stupidity affects our path. I most certainly believe the communist infiltration story. I just don't see the liberal politicians as being that focused to be able to actually accomplish various agendas. I think there are forces driving them, so that part rings true to me.

    Will we ever know and will it matter? Human existence has always been defined by classes very soon after 'Adam and Eve' took place. Strong - weak. Smart - Dumb, Driven - lazy. In the end we define our own lives and happiness.

  6. Fredd. PS. Many someones are running the show and it ain't us. And yes, these rich arrogant pieces of liberal garbage people vote in to office that affect hundreds of millions of our lives with their greed and stupidity couldn't care less about us. Nada.

    That's the main point I got out of the Carlin rant.

    As a side note, all the young people I talk to are pretty much convinced that's the way it is and that's the way it will always be. I tell them 'Well, vote the bastards who you know have screwed you out and let someone else have a chance. Maybe if they're not in office very long they won't get so good at screwing you."
    The kids are not focused on the problem at all.

  7. If Big Corporations owned all the judges then there would never be a successful lawsuit against corporate America, and yet we can all thank 79-year-old Stella Liebeck and hot coffee lawsuit for putting our litigious society on lawsuit steroids. Old George became cranky, cynical, and very unfunny in his later years, a questionable direction to go for a man whose chosen profession was making people laugh.

  8. Kid: I agree that those at the top, or as Carlin probably should have said, 'the Man,' really does not give a shit about Joe Sixpack (me). True, now that 'the Man' is mostly represented by Democrats. When Ronaldus Magnus was calling the shots, Carlin's schtick wasn't really accurate.

    I still think he painted everyone at the top with a broad brush when we should be a little more discriminating on who gets slapped with that brush.

    I'm just sayin'.....

  9. Arby, yea, I saw him in Vegas around 1998 and the show was terrible. He was pissed off about losing his wife and calling for 'God to strike him down if He really existed.' That was a waste of money.

    Yea, I certainly don't think anything like this is all encompassing, but it doesn't have to be. A supreme court ruling here - a ruling there, a smackdown on this piece of capitalist America, and the car slips a little further down hill.

    And it's a lot easier to push downhill than up.

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