Monday, February 8, 2010

John Murtha

Too damn bad you didn't apologize to those Haditha Marines, that you condemned as Guilty, who never ended up being charged - (All charges Dismissed) - before you took the big ride. Supposed to be innocent until proven guilty in America.

That and your other criminal behavior(Abscam), dereliction of duty (working for the American people Not), and aid and comfort you provided to the Heathens of the enemy side of our latest fence with your constant blubbering about GW Bush and the prosecution of the war against creatures straight from freakin hell, should have you getting an attitude adjustment of major proportion in the afterlife even if only temporary.

C-ya C-ya hopefully not.

Lets hope the racist ignorant morons (Your Words) of Western Pennsylvania elect someone with some character, class, and conservative values.


  1. Thanks for giving Murtha a proper sendoff. I wish I lived in his district so I could vote in a moral conservative candidate that believes in the Constitution.

  2. He'll be getting his just due ... in hell, right next to Teddy Kennedy.

  3. Teresa. My Pleasure !

    Well, I used to live there. People seem to like crooks in that area.

  4. Snarky - Good Point !

    There's gotta be a former Democrat Politician holding tank somewhere down there.

  5. I'll betcha that Pusbag Murtha's seat goes GOP, as even crooks are getting the heebie jeebies about what Obama's doing.

  6. I say good riddance to the bum.
    They scumbags are dropping like flies!
    I hope his seat goes to a good person this tim.
    He was a disgrace to the uniform.

  7. Fredd. Dang, if Massachewsits can do it...

  8. Bunni. Yea, Good Riddence. He got a lot of people killed on both sides, and I'm sure he caused a lot of grief for wounded warriors at Walter Reed for instance by befriending Code Pinko.

    Not to mention military everywhere and plenty of Americans.

    And what did he do it for. Money? I honestly don't know the answer to that, maybe he believed his own bullshit.

    Either way, Screw him.

  9. I never enjoy piling on the dead. Let the dead rest, I usually say, as they can't talk back. So good for God's small favors.

    But Murtha really made me cringe.

    Let us not forget, however, that this whole sorry affair of blaming the US military for faux moral outrages is not limited to guys like Murtha. Hell on earth if it's not happening under the watch of the Pentagon's decorated suits as well.


  10. ..and like Forrest Gump said...that's all I have to say about that whole thing....

  11. Wakefield, I hear you loud and clear and respect your position.

    I am merely combating potential revisionist history here.

    The real ragging on him I did when he was still here.

    And yes, there are lots of bad buys out there.

    Thanks for your comment.