Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Socialized Medicine Failing - Especially for Those Who Need it Most

And Obama and his Idiot Tools in Congress, Like Pelosi say "Yeah, Let's Do That !"

Same deal in Canadia.

America is/was the Greatest Country on Earth and the current administration strives for guaranteed failure. They are breathless to achieve failure like it's some orgasmic candy machine.

Of a service critical to the health, physical and emotional well being of 300 Million Americans in their twilight years, AFTER having their retirement money stolen.

- BEFORE trying - or simply IGNORING perfectly good strategies set forth by the Republicans that could Easily fix health care and leave it in the hands of private enterprise, the only environment that promotes improvement of products and services.

Profanity falls short.


  1. Gene, the only consolation is that obama is so far left even his own party members are afraid to stand with the buffoon. It would seem.

    But man, imagine what could be accomplished otherwise with some sensible things happening.

    Yet, we can accomplish things personally and for those around us, and that's where the genuine good stuff happens anyway.