Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Step in the Right Direction

Obama supports Nuke plants.


Now if we'd get our heads out and do breeder reactors, which consume their own fuel, we'd have no problems at all.

The 'problem' with breeder reactors is that half way through the process of consuming their own fuel, the nuclear material is weapons grade. So what. There are so many rogue scientists milling around the middle east that make it so easy for people like Iran to get nukes if they want, the prospect of some group attacking a nuke plant in the USA to steal weapons grade nuclear material is absurd.

The material could be booby trapped - and tracked - so easily it would make your head spin. Try crossing the border after you've had a medical test where they inject you with a small amount of radioactive material to proceed with the test. You'll be talking to them to get across.


  1. This appears to be a move of desperation at best.

    The intent is to show "bi-partisanship" by offering an energy solution that is typically undesirable from his partisan perspective, and he gets to add jobs to his numbers too.

    However, just this weekend the WH announced a new "messaging platform", which is said to include plans for new "backdrops" for his speeches.

    I heard today when he made this announcement he has two White guys and a Black guy wearing hard hats. Union diversity.. woo hoo!

  2. I gave you all something you want- now give me MY Health Care Bill! Says 'O'.

  3. It's nothing more than a trap. He is offering Nuclear plants that he knows will never get built, in return for cap and trade.

  4. Trestin Meacham is correct. The nuke plant will never get built. Right after the Republicans cave and give Obama what he wants, there will be a reason the plant plans will be scrapped. And the Republicans are still stupid enough to get conned by this ploy.

  5. Yeah, Arby and Trestin are indeed correct: this move on Obama's part is shrewd politics. And the fact that it is so obviously disingenuous is distubring owing to the Republican's willingness to take it at face value (to their peril).

    When will they learn? This nuclear move on Obama's part is so obvious, it's much like crotchity ol' Uncle Fredd urging naive and innocent little 5-year old newphew Billy to 'go ahead, pull my finger...'


  6. You folks are exactly right.

    And they'd never get it past the EPA anyway.

    Oh well.

    As an aside it sure is depressing to see this nation flopping around like a 3/4 dead fish. Wind farms... solar energy, algae, corn, banana peels and farts..

    Man we're the laughing stock.

    Right around 10 years from now, the collective we will once again figure out this is all pie in the sky can't work nonsense just like we did in the 70's.

    And we'll be using oil and coal and natural gas. Those wonderful gifts from past failed mutated species with large bodies.

  7. Trust the conman-in-chief? Er, no.

  8. Opus, it was one too many the night I posted this one.

  9. This is a Barackhoax. These power plants wouldn't even be built for another 2 decades; it's political theater, plain and simple.

  10. Snarky, When you're right you're right.

    And when you're left, you're a mental case.