Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ooooooh. Socialized Health Non-Care.

I say it like I say "Ooooooh.. Brocolli!"

Anyway, More Proof for the Libs to go into Denial Over.

Where will We go, should this evil monstrosity ever come to pass.


  1. This is very ironic. I wish the health care thing would be allowed to die, instead of it dragging on forever. Now obummer's dog and pony show is more crap. He wants the republican's to bail him out, when his own party wouldn't even pass it? What a tool.

  2. Bunni, Actually I think the Dems are trying to paint the Repubs as obstructionists.

    As in when incompetent people fail, the first and only thing they do is look around for someone else to point to and scream about how it's "Someone Else's" fault. Pathetic. Story of Oblama from day one.

    Yea, and a tool for sure.

    And as I commented on Fredd's blog, I don't know why the repubs are afraid of being labeled as Obstructionists. Massachewsits VOTED IN AN OBSTRUCTIONIST intentionally.

    It's what we want ! Obstruction of the Democrat Agenda ! Reaching across the aisle and punching Reid in the face is the only reaching I want to see.

  3. i don't blame the guy. obstructionist! you're right. that's what i want. they do have a great way of giving words negative connotations when there are none.