Thursday, February 25, 2010


What belongs to everyone belongs to no one.


  1. True - but you can share nicely ;) The road network's an obvious example - do you really want toll roads??

    Sorry, cheeky comment. I replied to your questions over at Fuzzy's ......

    Peace! Have a good weekend :o)

  2. Exactly, Kid!

    (I don't follow the toll road thing, CL, but it's late/early, and maybe I'm just over-tired.)

  3. Sorry Fuzzy, maybe you don't use the expression "toll road" in the USA. You could have a situation where everyone owns a section of road, maintains it, and charges people to drive over it - a toll. Clearly this would be an inefficient and expensive way to run a road network. I was using that as an example of where public ownership makes more sense than private ownership.

    Go to bed! :o)

  4. Oh, we have toll roads here, CL. They are set up (by the government) with the stated intention of earning enough money to pay for the roads. Guess what happens when the roads are paid for and there's enough toll collected to maintain them forever? That's right. The toll remains. Forever. And the toll funds go into the (usually state) budget and gets spent on stupid crap like signage proclaiming the greatness of said government. It's insanity (that's why I didn't follow you, toll roads are one of many ways that the government "taxes" us without calling it a tax).

  5. CL - Well, last years federal budget was 3 Trillion. One trillion is the Department of Defense, which I support.

    The other two Trillion?

    Obviously doesn't take much to build interstate highways. Eisenhower did it all back in the 50's based on the idea that if America were attacked, it would have no way to respond long distances in a hurry.

    Anyway, Obama's budget is 3.8 trillion. So far he hasn't spent a dime and gotten any return on investment.

    Also, I can share nicely, you can share nicely, but a hell of a lot of people in America or the world for that matter don't share well at all.

    I say all of this with a smile on my face of course.