Monday, February 22, 2010

Man, the Chet Youtubes are Dwindling.

Here's Chet with a beard and a tune that people seem to enjoy, including me.

There's a studio version in the right sidebar that sounds a lot better and is well worth clicking on, but as Peter Sellers said in the movie Being There "I like to watch"


  1. I like both versions.
    Seeing is pleasurable also.

  2. They Say, Glad you liked it of course.

    I thought he may have written it while on a cruise, as he has told a story several times about being on a cruise and letting his beard grow out. While playing on deck by himself one day a gentleman came by and said 'You're pretty good, but you're no Chet Atkins'. Chet says it's one of the best compliments he'd gotten.

    And the tune gives me this vision of these lumbering ocean going vessels swaying side to side and steaming along to where ever they're going.

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