Monday, February 8, 2010

I Really Shy Away From Talking Obama

Because it's like shooting dead fish in a bucket with a shotgun. But let's do a quick review since it's been a little over a year.

- Virtually No Diversion from the plan and activities of our military in Iraq. None.
- Gitmo still active and full of filthy vermin.
- Escalation of the Afghanistan operation and more money 'down the drain' as far as the parasite liberals are concerned.
- Nothing happening with the climate change BS. HopenChagin was a waste of time and money. And WTF was pelosi doing there? And the other Dems who went to party and get laid on the taxpayer tab.
- Cap and Trade DOA even before the A.
- National Health Care. No. Way.
- OOOOH for Three on the elections so far.

That about covers the big stuff that all the morons voted this teleprompter Jesus into the White House to do. There is slim to no chance any of it will ever see the light of day and slim just kicked the bucket.

SO. Liberals ! What do you think of the boy genius ? I'd honestly love to hear your screaming, twisting, Palin scratching, spittle drooling variations on the Denial Theme right here in the comment section of my very own blog.


  1.'ll get no argument out of me.

  2. Kid:

    What can anyone say? There's really nothing to rebut anything in your rant.

    Perhaps other than Republicans are mean spirited, evil sumbitches gumming up the Mesiah's gig.

  3. I concur.

    Those who can write, write. The rest of us use pictures.

  4. Hi Kid!
    You have summed up obummer's EPIC failure and BIG destruction of America perfectly.

    He is like a petulant naggy teenager, trashing the house while the parents are away....they will come home then, and he'll be punished.

  5. I see no Liberals have commented yet :)

    Arby, hope things are going well for you.

    Fredd, Yes the Republicans are serious big meanies. I may send them some more gum. Not money, but gum.

    Admiral, Thank you sir. I like your pictures if that's what you mean.

    Bunni, He IS SO transparent isn't he. Accomplishing Jack and all you hear out of him is his pointing of fingers at everyone but himself to try to explain the failure.

  6. I whole wholeheartedly agree. But, the whole progressive movement is a lie, I'm sure it's followers have no problem distorting him to fit their reality.

  7. Trestin. Yes, and it's not the ignorance and fantasy induced stupor they (the followers) seem to be in. It's the Hypocrisy I hate.

  8. lmao, fun post, bummer that no one took you up on your offer. I'll slide into libby shoes and do it for you:

    These are all LIES because it's the republicans' fault for saying NOOOOOO and you're a RAAAAAACIST who hates poor people, black people, and everyone else because you're a hater and a rube and a redneck. And Obama is just suffering from what Bush did, too. So there. Damn you, you stoooopid person. Go back to your extremist cult and worship Beck, why don't you? You wingnut.

    All sewn up, clearly BO is the second coming (if we believed in God, anyway), and clearly he's going to change the world. He would have done it already but for Bush and republicans obstructing him at every turn.

    And don't ask for facts, either. I don't need no stinkin' facts. Or logic. Or common sense. Or a brain.

  9. Fuzzy. Heh. Looks like we both had a little fun.

    You didn't really mean the wingnut part did ya?

    Anyway, I'd say you're not too far off at all.