Sunday, February 28, 2010

As Long as I'm Talking About it.

If you know any young folks attracted to the guitar, you might turn them on to Tommy Emmanuel. He is the best today and Chet was his Idol. He plays live shows all over the world every few days or so, so there's a good chance he'd be in your area at some point.

Lots on Youtube..

Notice he tunes the guitar a few times while playing.


  1. Nice!

    I'm going to have to listen to more of this guy!

  2. Arby, He is Always playing live somewhere.

    He does an unbelievable show. We saw him last September at McAuley High School in Cincinnati and he played for over a couple of hours.
    Very intimate setting. Very enjoyable.

    Personally, I enjoy his Endless Road CD the best so far.

    Again, tons of stuff on youtube.

  3. Guitar music is always so soothing, and it can also rock out. It's great to know about him Kid!
    Hope you and the family are having a nice week,
    I'm doing ok...what happened was I got laid off, so now I"m sorting thru options and trying to get my calm happy demeanor back! Thanks for your concern.

  4. Hi Bunni, Nothing but good thoughts for you from here.

    I hope you land on your feet soon.

    We're doing Ok.