Monday, February 15, 2010

Now Here is Something

You're Not Going To See Everyday.


  1. Yep we need to enjoy this while we can. Soon Obama will have NASA fighting global warming, instead of exploring space.

  2. very nice! did you used to watch carl sagan on pbs?

  3. I agree. very cool pic, and I do not remember learning that fact about Saturn... but then, I could never find those rings using my binoculars :P

    labcat, Carl Sagan: wasn't he the guy that used to say BILLIONS AND BILLIONS
    all the time?

  4. Trestin. Entirely possible. I hear libs whining all the time that 'we' could do something much more righteous with 'that money' than go look at rocks on other planets.

    No doubt that other thing would be giving the money to them somehow.

  5. labcat. yes I did.

    I also subscribe to his theory that the universe extends to infinity in terms of scale in both directions.

    Meaning that in one frame of reference, our solar system is little more than an atom, and what we view as atoms are solar systems (so to speak) in another frame of reference.

  6. Pierro. Saturn has some very interesting features.

    I plan to post one of them before long.

    We were able to see the rings pretty good with our small telescope about 8 years ago, but I guess it will be a while longer before we see them again.

  7. yeah pierro... billions and billions. carl sagan and bob ross were my heroes. ;)

    kid ...whenever we studied the universe it always made me feel so insignificant and wonder what the heck is it all for.

  8. labcat. Well, it is OUR universe ya know. heheh