Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My God, the Planet is in Trouble !

Thanks George. Beautiful Stuff.

I play this about every 6 months. I have it downloaded to my PC and backed up. The ending is a little funky, but I sure agree with the first 95% or so.

Language Warning


  1. I love George, he was way ahead of his time, he'd have a FIELD day with all that's going on now, Kid!

    PS: I have amended my "foamy" post and put the darling kitteh committee on it, under the rude cat.II made)..with a hat tip to you! I subscribe to LOL cats too, and I agree, can't improve on that caption.

  2. Bunni, I'm thrilled you enjoyed the pic and George. Man, those kittens sure look like they are mulling their options... hahaha

    George would have a field day for sure. ;-)

    Thanks for the tip-O-the hat.

  3. He makes some nteresting points, but I'd hate to be in shoes on judgement day. He was quite the humanist.

  4. love george. still can't believe he's gone. arrogance!!! yes. that's all it boils down to.

  5. Thanks for putting this George Carlin link on my rant, Kid, it could not have been more relevant. How did you put the link into your comments?

    Looks like a handy little skill. Let me know, OK?


  6. Arby, My favorite little section I guess is "We don't know how to take care of ourselves, We don't know how care for one another and we're gonna save the F* Planet???"

    Now there is some perspective.

  7. Opus, Glad you liked it.

    And no I wouldn't really nuke the world. Certainly not the kids and animals anyway.

  8. labcat. Yes, so self important...

  9. Fredd. 1st off, make a post on your blogger site, cut and paste a link from your address bar, and hit the little green icon with the chain picture and paste the link in the input box that comes up. I think you've put links in your posts before..

    Anwway, after you have it in there switch from the Compose window to the HTML window and you'll see how that link is configured. Good reference until it becomes second nature..
    But here it is. There are two characters I can't actually type in because when I post my comment it will be translated into HTML and won't appear. Those two characters are the left and right angle brackets, above the comma and period on the keyboard in the shift position.

    So, I'll just spell those out. To make a link to yahoo.com for example, with the clickable text that says "Hi Fredd", you enter:

    (Left angle bracket)a href="www.yahoo.com" (right angle bracket)Hi Fredd(left angle bracket)/a(right angle bracket)

    So if I use parentheses instead of angle brackets it looks like this
    (a href="www.yahoo.com" )Hi Fredd(/a)

    That's it.

  10. I love this bit. I've seen it before and it never gets old. Best of all, he was a flaming Lib who made fun of environmentalism. You gotta give him props for that!

  11. Pasadena - He was a lib of a different color for sure! His bits always had the stench of common sense and reeked of all the things I was aching to rag on myself.

    Weathermen, 7 forbidden words, etc. etc. Always put a lot of work into his routine. Always seemed to get everything right for my sense of humor anyway.

    And it never gets old. "and we think some plastic bags and aluminum cans are going to make a difference?"

    I'd love to hear his hypothetical bit on the 'CO2 scourge' of today.

  12. Amen, Kid. Thanks for putting this up.