Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Orion Nebula is a Great Place to Explore With a Small Telescope

It's made up of many nebulas, such as the Horsehead. Here's a great photo that includes the Horsehead, taken by a digital camera attached to a small telescope, possibly one like our Celestron 8" mirror.

Horsehead Nebula - click this picture for a high resolution version which can be zoomed.

Then there's this close up taken by a large telescope in Hawaii and posted by APOD in 2003.


  1. You're a poet with your eyes toward the heavens. I should have guessed.

  2. Nickie, Thanks. My frequent escape is to the big picture.

  3. I always wonder what is out there.

  4. Opus, I can tell you what is out there. It is a land of unspeakable beauty where liberalism is merely a sick Earthling joke. Every living creature cares for its habitat as well as all other living creatures it shares their habitat with.

    There is no pollution, no disease, no hate, no fear.

    There is warmth, universal love, unlimited clean resources and everyone has a nice looking rear.

    Oh Dear.