Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Islamic Threat

Terrorism is misdirection.

Their main weapons are not explosives. History proves that mankind and any culture can withstand carpet bombing.

Their main weapons are political correctness and anti-racial profiling.

They must be in agony from splitting their sides open laughing at our idiocy of stealing some 5 year old kids playdoh as he goes through airport security. I could go on all day with these kinds of idiotic stories. As well as the total dysfuntionality of the current administration's ability to deal with the reality of the threat.

They don't need cartoons. Just play clips of Biden, Napilatano, Holder, Clinton, Timmy Giethner, Pelosi, Reid. On and on.

The problem is not Israel. Again misdirection. Remove Israel and nothing changes regards their obsession for worldwide sharia law. It's In The Koran ! The Koran say Nothing about it being dependent on an 'Israel'.

The way to fight them is for a unified voice to tell them to assimilate into the cultures of where they want to live, like John Howard Did when he was PM of Australia.

Note: A search of this subject will include sites such as snopes and hoax slayer down playing it - to say the least. Note however, this article appears in Australia's main media outlet, the Sydney Morning Herald. The hands of Islamic propaganda reach far.

The Muslims cannot assimilate. It's against their Religion !

Why is there a CAIR organization - Council for American Islamic Relations. Is there one for Japanese Relations? German? Icelandic? Russian? Hungarian? Mexican?? Chinese?

The people who came here from China after WWII didn't ask for anything. They were pleased beyond their dreams of having the opportunity to prosper in the free United States where anyone can achieve their dream. No, their first order of business was to learn to speak English. Imagine how hard that is. In contrast, most Muslims already know how to speak English when they get here. They don't need anything from us.

The CAIR organization needs to be dis-recognized. The American government needs to say what John Howard and Mr Costello did - that the Muslims desiring to practice sharia law need to move to a country willing to allow it. At the least.

It's not going to happen with this administration. This is very dangerous. The state run media has only begun to squeak out information about the Islamic threat. People know nothing of it. They think it's just like any other migration of a people. It is not. Therefore, most people go around in some frontal lobotimized state of blind acceptance, worrying about offending a Muslim and being accepting of having anything stuffed down the throat of the American culture; a cluture which they have not learned to appreciate because the liberal education system has told them Little to Nothing About It !

With all the education the president supposedly had, he did not know how many states there are.
I'll just stop here.


  1. I'm sick of these bastards! They have become even worse and more emboldened since their bowing
    brother became pResident.

  2. Yes, and obama and his court of buffoons will most definitely embolden them more.

  3. Great post! I wish that people would stop burying their heads in the sand on this one. Alas, though, they are so loony that it will take something truly massive to make them see the light. And apparently, this administration is all for allowing something massive to occur. What the heck happened to America?

  4. Thanks Fuzzy,

    They won't know or care until it bites them.

    What happened to America? Damn good question. I don't have all the answers but it sure isn't a set of bullet points.