Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haven't Posted Music In A While and Had This Tune In My Head


  1. Hi Kid! I read about your little Beagle. You and your wife must be very worried about him.
    I am praying for him very much. Our pets are like our children, and it's very scary when they have surgery and such. Please let me know that everything turns out ok. My friend has a beagle, and they are just the sweetest dogs, and so smart too.
    Please try not to worry and take care.
    Prayers being sent your way.

  2. Thank you Bunni. Yes, our pets are like our children. I appreciate your assistance! :)
    There's going to be lots of home nursing at the least. Worst case is he gets one of those special wheelchairs for animals without use of rear legs. We'll do what we need to. There are lot's of folks dealing with bigger problems than this.

    We heard from the surgeon in the meantime. The Beagle had a ruptured disc. The surgeon has taken the pressure off the spinal cord with the surgery, so now it's whether it heals properly. we likely won't know for 2 to 6 weeks.

    I sure hope he regains though. He loves to play with our black lab and some of the cats..
    Thanks again.

  3. Hi Kid, Just checking in on your doggie, is he still resting at the vets? My prayers are with you and your family. I hope he is healed with the minimal amount of pain and trouble. Waiting is often the hardest part, as Tom Petty sang. Good Luck and when he gets home, give the little darling a cookie from me.

  4. Hi Bunni, Remind me if you don't see anything but it's my intention keep you updated. Especially given your generous white light in our direction.

    First his name is Webster. He came to us as in a foster situation. He'd obviously been abused, ran away, found his way to a shelter in Indiana. He heard the dogs barking is what they think. What they call a fear dog. The shelter brought him to a petsmart for adoption weekends where my wife works training dogs. She/we took him in as a foster. He was about a year and a half.
    He got along with our black lab like long lost brothers, but we weren't ready for another permanent dog, so we stayed as foster. He went out for adoption 3 times but no one was willing to work with him. After he came back the 3rd time we decided to keep him. He's been good for our older lab too as he was getting a little sedintary. Webster's taken 15-20 pounds of of him with the play.

    Anyway, we went to see Webster tonight at the 24/7 Care facility. He had surgery yesterday on a ruptured disk. He's on valium and and two pain meds. We spent some time with him and he ate and drank for us. They want to monitor him for another day or two, and we expect to bring him home Wednesday or Thursday.
    The neuro-surgeon told us we shouldn't expect to see much in the first week or maybe two, but if he doesn't regain the nerve connection to his back half within about 5 weeks, he'll be paralyzed for life. He has a 50/50 chance.
    If it goes that way I'll build him one of those two wheel (wheelchair) deals where he can motor around using his front legs and we'll nurse him as necessary.

    Apparently Beagles are commonly known for getting calcified spinal sections. These are the sections normally soft that act as shock absorbers for the bone segments of the spine. At some point between 3 and 5 years she said, they can do some movement that causes a small piece of that calcified segment to break off and wedge between the spine and spinal cord. The surgery removes that and this is what he had.
    The spinal cord is swollen as a result and requires a fair bit of time to return to normal size, then he either regains the nerve connection or not.

    Obviously we hope he does.

    Thanks for you good thoughts Bunni.

  5. PS - Yes, we'll give him some treats from Bunni :)

  6. Awww, Poor Little Webster! That is the sweetest story. He obviously found the best family he ever could hope for kid. Thanks for the update. Take Care! Lot's of prayers and white lites being beamed ur way ;-)

  7. Thanks Bunni, and we're happy to have him.

  8. Hi Bunni, We saw Webster again tonight of course.

    He is more active because he's off some of the meds and surely over the anesthesia. It will be a week or two before we can expect to see progress on the spinal cord according to the surgeon.

    We should be bringing him home Wed or Thurs. We'll see him every night of course and take plenty of treats. Gotta get the good stuff when your in hospital.

  9. Awww, I know he looks forward to your visits and he knows he will be coming home soon. I'm glad to hear he is progressing and I just know all will turn out well. Webster has come too far for it not to! Thanks for the Update, Kid.

  10. That's Exactly what I'm thinking Bunni ;-]

  11. Hi Bunni, We brought Webster home today. he's going to need a lot of attention, but he's got to be a lot more comfortable and happier here with his cat friends and Buddy the lab of course.

    No indications regarding recovery yet. It'll be a couple weeks we think at the earliest.

    He was sure happy to be taken from the torture chamber (hospital)

  12. That is excellent news, Kid! I'm so happy Webster is back home with the family he loves. Love and all the tender care from his human and kittie pals, plus Buddy will have his spirits soaring. I keep praying, and I
    know things will turn out great.

  13. I sure hope so Bunni, Today is same story. We take him out with a harness that holds up his back end so he can walk on his front legs.

    We have to help him with potty, so he doesn't do anything while he's out but it keeps up the routine and he gets some fresh air.

    He's pretty darn comfortable here. He's doing well otherwise.
    I gave him another Bunni treat.

  14. I'm happy and doing the Bunni Dance!
    It cheers my heart to read that little darling Webster is acclimating so well. It's nice he can keep to his routine and get air. God Bless you all.

  15. Bunni !

    Webster is starting to use his back legs a little !
    We pick up his back end and he holds himself up for a second or two, then gently lowers himself to the pillow again.
    It's only been 6 days since the surgery! I'm very hopeful. Thanks for all you've done. You must have good contacts. :)

  16. Ohhhh, this is a miracle!
    I know Prayer works!
    I'm so happy I stopped by to read this.
    God Bless little Webster!

    It's not me, It's the Good Lord, he
    works miracles when no one else can.

    I'll keep up the prayers and God Bless you all.
    PS: It's also all the loving care of your family, Kid.

  17. Hi Bunni, Well, I know you had some part in it too. :)

    It's still going to be a long time, but it's nice to see something going on.

    He'll go in for an evaluation and stiches out in a few days. I'll let you know what the doc says.

    Thanks for all. I'll make the updates more obvious for you. I'll stick them on your site.