Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Liberals Unintentional Strategy to Muck Things Up

It's called Uncertainty. Business hates uncertainty.

Business isn't going to do any robust hiring given the uncertainty of Health Care, Taxation, and Cap and Tax.

Not gonna do it. Wouldn't be prudent.

On the other hand, if the milquetoast morons who call themselves democrat politicians could actually force themselves to come to a decision about anything, even if these main agenda items of theirs ARE hand picked, custom designed, and incredibly capable of putting the screws to any of that evil capitalist growth that we used to know as 'the economy', business people would find some way to deal with it and press on.

Can't have any of that !

So the stupid bastard senators and congress critters float around the halls of the house and senate making noises that They Are definitely, maybe, probably, depends, but most assuredly going to bring this counterproductive snake oil inspired crap to bear on the world. Maybe.

What useless, incompetent, but purely evil little bastards they are.


  1. I'm not sure it's unintentional, Kid. :(

  2. Fuzzy. PS. Someone once said that if you give someone the final answer they will reject it. But if you lead them to discover the answer for themselves, they will embrace it.


  3. These guys know exactly what they're doing. It's not unintentional.

  4. They are lying, sneaky snakes. I believe they know EXACTLY what they are doing...they just pretend to be dumb morons, so when they are found out, they can claim innocence "oh, I didn't know, it was that"? On and On with more lies.

    They suck, snake oil salesmen union would kick them out! Have a Happy Thurs. Kid. Thanks for the pic.

  5. i work with a person like this. she plays dumb. so i decided that two can play that game...i can act just as dumb as she can....except oh wait..i can't. they're too good at playing dumb. that's their greatest achievement.

  6. These guys DO know what they are doing. They just haven't had the majority clout since the Johnson administration, and can't remember how they behaved back in those days (badly, but they at least gave it their best shot in trying to hide it).

    Now they don't even care that their bad behavior is splashed across Fox News TV screens daily. They truly think that there's nothing we can do about their shennanigans.


  7. Fredd, yea the leadership knows. I sure wonder about the rest of them.

    And they sure aren't trying to hide it. msnbc keeps the mob mentality happy and secure in the knowledge that whatever obama says it what is really happening, and pay no attention to facts. The more factual, the more suspicious.