Friday, January 29, 2010

KSM Trial

There is no aspect of the KSM 9-11 situation that can possibly be re-classified as criminal versus warfare.

The planners and the executing suicide members of the 9-11 attack did nothing for personal gain, nor were victim to momentary insanity or any other ridiculous excuse for murder and gross imposition upon a people that could be shoehorned into a 'criminal' classification in the wildest stretch of the imagination.

They executed a plan based on their ideology to do murder and as much harm to the innocent civilians, and America itself (destroying the financial system was the stated goal) as possible using stolen aircraft, loaded with innocent people, as missiles against the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a failed attempt (thankfully to some brave men that removed the bastards control over the aircraft close to Shanksville PA) at probably the White House.

These people and this organization - Al queerda, radical islam, (whatever label you want to put on it) did this in an on-going operation designed to force their ideological will (Islam and Sharia law) upon the whole of the United States. That can only be classified as war. And the war is on going regardless of the current collection of buffoons in the White House and administration who choose not to recognize it as such. Compare that to Hitler taking on the world in 1940. He wanted to force his ideology upon the rest of the world. Was that something that should have been responded to as a police action ? Arrest German soldiers, bring them to NYC and put them on trial? Absurd. KSM on trial is equally absurd.

The current administration should resign and go do something they might be capable of like baking cookies or playing with their shoestrings while they hum Kumbaya, and leave such matters to people who actually have rational thoughts bouncing around in their brains instead of their heads being completely full of an odoriferous, highly undesirable, brown in color, waste substance.


  1. Excellent Post!! Your right, this is a war, and not merely some criminal act, like someone robbing the candy store. The terrorists must be stopped!! And, these pansies in Washington are clueless and aiding the terrorists in the process. I think singing kumbaya and holding hands are probably the only two things these yahoos know how to do.

  2. Teresa, Thank you. It's insane isn't it?

  3. Don't sweat it, Kid. This dipstick decision by Obama (not Eric Holder) can be defunded, or just plain ridiculed into oblivion. From a legal standpoint, Judge Andrew Napolitano also sees the same legal view Obama does. Essentially, he argues that since we haven't declared war on these dirtbags, they are criminals, not soldiers.

  4. Fredd, essentially I don't sweat anything. I can't control the universe, I'm just an observer.

    Another Napolitano eh?

    But I do think this was intentional on the part of obama to facilitate the transfer of intelligence information to the Islamics.
    We were at war when we picked him up. That's kind of like saying that a kid is old enough to be tried as an adult even though he committed the crime as a minor. That doesn't fly. These vermin make it up as they go along.

    This administration has no respect for the law. At the least.

  5. This is a super post, Kid and I agree with everything you wrote, this is war, and obumbles wants to invite them here for milk and cookies....HE should be tried as an enemy sympathizer, cause that's what he is.
    God Help America...I hope what I'm reading is true,that New York wants no part of this.

  6. Bunni, Thank you. Yes, NYC is completely off the table.

    Obama should be tried for a lot of things !

  7. These guys won't resign. These thugs will require some sort of Mussolini-style impeachment.

  8. Nickie, it'd be great if obama would one day have to say "I'm not a crook!", so we could have something more to laugh at as time goes on.

  9. Damn, that's the best way I've ever heard it said that Obama has shit for brains.

  10. Why thank you Snarky. heh

    This is a PG-35 blog after all.